Jaguar Emulation

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Your computer Atari Jaguar!

Game ROMs:
Since various companies are still producing and selling Jaguar games, we are not going to make Jaguar ROMs available on AtariAge at this time. Even if we did make ROMs available, there are still no viable Jaguar emulators available, although we are aware of at least one emulator being actively worked on at this time. Also, Jaguar ROMs are quite large compared to 2600, 5200, and 7800 ROMs and at the moment we can't afford the bandwidth impact of having Jaguar ROMs online.


Recently there has been a surge in Jaguar emulator development. The most promising emulator actively being developed is the Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL Emulator. Other emulation efforts seem to have stalled.

Virtual Jaguar GCC/SDL Emulator - Best Jaguar emulator to date and still seeing active development.
Project Tempest - Was looking promising, but hasn't seen new development in some time.
Virtual Jaguar Emulator - Another up and coming Jaguar emulator.

Emulator Tutorials:

Tim Warner has written several emulator tutorials to help you get started playing games on your home computer, including a tutorial to get you up and running with the Project Tempest Jaguar emulator:

Project Tempest Tutorial