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Atari 2600 Catalog - Activision (AG-940-02)

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Company: Activision
Part Number: AG-940-02
Year: 1980
Titles: 6

This is one of Activision's earliest catalogs, and the earliest we presently have on display at AtariAge (if you have an even earlier one, please let us know!) This catalog displays Activision's initial six titles and depicts the boxes with the black "A New Game Cartridge" stripe on the bottom right corner. It appears when this catalog was released only four of the six games were available, with Bridge and Skiing listed as being available in early 1981. Unlike Atari, Activision actively promoted their designers, as evidenced by portraits and bios in their catalogs and game manuals. In this catalog, Alan Miller, David Crane, Larry Kaplan, and Bob Whitehead are featured. Gotta' love how those guys on the cover are holding those Atari joysticks!

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Fishing DerbyAG-0042