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Atari 2600 Catalog - M Network (0007-4290A)

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Company: M Network
Part Number: 0007-4290A
Year: 1982
Titles: 11

This catalog is virtually identical to M Network's 0007-4290 catalog, with one exception. The last page contains a white box for a dealer stamp, whereas the 0007-4290 catalog contains an M Network Purchase Seal. This catalog was available at dealers who sold M Network games and therefore pretty hard to come by these days.

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SystemTitle Model #Page
Armor AmbushMT56613
Dark CavernMT56674
Frogs and FliesMT56644
Lock 'N' ChaseMT56635
Sea Battle5
Space AttackMT56596
Super Challenge BaseballMT56656
Super Challenge FootballMT56585
Tron: Deadly DiscsMT56626