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Atari 2600 Catalog - Data Age (136)

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Company: Data Age
Part Number: 136
Year: 1983
Titles: 7

We're impressed that Data Age actually released a second catalog given the small number of titles (8) they produced for the 2600. It's strange that given their small library that they completely neglected their first five titles that appeared in their first catalog. Perhaps they were trying to improve the quality of their games and didn't want to look back? This catalog only contains three games that were released and four games that were never released (although the binary for at least one of those games, Secret Agent, has been found). Given the titles that never saw the light of day (Smokey Bear, Mr. Bill's Neighborhood, and Mr. T) it appears that Data Age set their sites on getting the licensing rights to hot properties. Unfortunately this proved disastrous for them after Journey Escape did so poorly that they couldn't afford to pay the licensing fees.

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System TitleModel #Page
Bermuda Triangle1160076
Frankenstein's Monster1160084
Journey Escape1160068
Secret Agent10