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2003 Austin Gaming Expo Pictures - Page 3

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Neko Neko Anime had a Super Famicom system setup running Super Bomberman. Neko Neko loaned their DDR Extreme machine to the show, which drew large crowds for the DDR tournament.
Pinball Medic was one of the many arcade vendors who brought machines to the show. On top of the table is a special dolly designed to make moving pinball machines around easier!
Joe Grand mans the Pixels Past table. Joe was displaying the PCBs he's created for several classic game systems, the new Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter, and more.
A close up shot of some of the items on display (and for sale!) at the Pixels Past table.
A picture of the Redemption 5200 Controller Adapter. The Redemption adapters allow you to use Atari 2600, Sega, 7800, and PC joysticks with the Atari 5200. had information about their growing website, as well as game systems setup for play.
The Quick Microsystems table. TI 99/4a, CoCo 3, and Atari 800 computers were setup and enjoyed by many attendees.
The Student Game Developers Association raffled off a GeForce Ti 4600 video card.
Paul Slocum brought several systems to show off his latest creations, such as the well-received Homestar Runner RPG and his Commodore 64 Cynthcart.
A closer look at the systems Paul brought to the show. He also had a system demonstrating the new CVDRUM cartridge for the ColecoVision, and was showing off his printer synth as well.
Paul announced the Homestar Runner RPG for the Atari 2600 at the show. This demo was running at Paul's booth and AtariAge, and looks to be an exciting release when Paul finishes it!
The Commodore 64 Cynthcart, which sounds pretty damn impressive. Paul demonstrated this firsthand for me and the SID chip in the C64 can produce some great tunes!
CVDRUM for the ColecoVision made its debut at the Austin Gaming Expo, and is seen running at Paul Slocum's table.
SS Electronics and Hassell Castle Amusements brought a wide variety of pinball and video arcade machines to the show.
Snackbar Games was onhand promoting their website and holding a raffle for an Xbox system.
Another view of the Snackbar Games table.
Mark DiLuciano of Sunmark Products had a wide variety of Atari 2600 and 8-bit games and hardware for sale.
A view of some of the products Sunmark had available for purchase.
Many people challenged Dr. Mario Kart in his Super Mario Kart Challenge for $1,000, but no one was able to wrest any money away from him!
South by Southwest Interactive, one of the Austin Gaming Expo's premier sponsors, was giving away a free registration to the 2004 SXSW (and these are not cheap!)
The Texas Gaming Association managed the hectic DDR Extreme Tournament
Two of the many Texas Gaming Association members who were in attendance.
Matt Reichert of next to two of the Video Game Bible staff members (Andy Slaven is on the right).
The display case contained a large assortment of rare prototype cartridges for the Atari 2600 and 5200 game systems. To the right you can see copies of the Video Game Bible.
VidPin Amusement came all the way from Houston and brought a wide assortment of arcade games for the AGE Arcade.
Vivendi Universal had games setup for play and was giving away a large assortment of items to those stopping by their table.

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Pictures by Albert Yarusso and Joe Grand.