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Atari 2600 Hacks - Rescue Bira Bira

Original Game:Jungle Fever/Knight on the Town 
Hacked By:Chris Cracknell
Type of Hack:Graphic Hack
Year Created:1997
Download ROM:
Rescue Bira Bira is a non-pornographic hack of the X-rated game Jungle Fever. The adult themes of the game have been replaced with elements from the Bira Bira mythos. Bira Bira is the god of classic video game collecting. He even has his own Official Bira Bira Webpage where you will learn everything about the cult of Bira Bira and then some.
What's New
Player and Enemy sprites have been changed to resemble characters from the world of Bira Bira.
Before and After Screenshots
Original GameHack
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