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Atari 2600 - M Network - Black Label Variation

M Network - Black Label Variation
MNetwork labels only cover the end of the cartridge, there is no main label. It is a small black label with light blue lettering for the game title. The casing is made from an Intellivision cartridge mold with a 2600-size adapter on the end. This is almost identical to the INTV label/case except for the colors.
TitleModel #Label NotesYearCart Rarity TV 
Tron: Deadly DiscsMT5662 
Super Challenge FootballMT5658 
Super Challenge BaseballMT5665 
Star StrikeMT4313 
Space AttackMT5659 
Masters of the Universe - He ManMT4319 
Lock 'N' ChaseMT5663 
Kool Aid ManMT4648 
International SoccerMT5687 
Frogs and FliesMT5664 
Dark CavernMT5667 
Bump 'n' JumpMT7045 
Armor AmbushMT5661 
Air RaidersMT5861 
Adventures of TronMT4317 
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