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Atari Lynx - Atari - Flat Cartridge Style

Atari - Flat Cartridge Style - Front
When Atari released the Lynx in 1989, there were five games available: California Games, Blue Lightning, Electrocop, Gates of Zendocon, and Chip's Challenge. These first five games are the only cartridges available in this particular flat cartridge style. These cartrides have a row of dimples on the end of the cartridge and a tiny ridge on the same edge. The dimples allow these cartridges to stack quite well, but unfortunately they were often quite difficult to extract from the original Lynx. The tiny lip on the end of the cartridge might have been useful had it been facing the opposite direction. Atari would soon forego these flat cartridges by adding ridges to the bottom to make them easier to remove.
TitleModel #Cartridge NotesYearCart Rarity TV 
Blue LightningPA2020 1989
California GamesPA2025 1989
Chip's ChallengePA2028 1989
ElectrocopPA2021 1989
Gates of ZendoconPA2023 1989
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Curved Lip
Curved Lip