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Montezuma's Revenge - Parker Brothers - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   

(Featuring Panama Joe)


  • PANAMA JOE. That's what they call him 'round these parts; though no one knows his real name or where he comes from. But one thing's for sure, PANAMA JOE's a daredevil from the word "go!" No risk's too great if the reward's large enough. Winning. That's what's most important to him. And more times than not, that's exactly what he does. Because he's tough, clever and resourceful. And sometimes, downright pig-headed! Though occasionally (ah-hum), he's been known to get in over his head. Luckily, he's got a knack for getting himself out of hot water as quickly as he gets into it! Let's hope MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE is one of those times.


  • To help PANAMA JOE safely reach Montezuma's fantastic treasure by guiding him through a maze of death-dealing chambers within the emperor's fortress.

  • Along the way, PANAMA JOE must avoid an array of deadly creatures while he collects valuables and other tools which can aid him in mastering the evils of the fortress and escaping with the loot!


    1. Place the cartridge firmly in the cartridge slot.
    2. Turn the ON/OFF switch into the ON position.
    3. Select Difficulty Level 1, 2, or 3 by pressing the corresponding number on the joustick keybad. (See DIFFICULTY LEVEL section)

  • To begin a new game at any time, simply press the START key (Atari 5200 and follow instructions for selecting a Difficulty Level.


  • Plug the joystick controller into JACK #1. use your joystick to move PANAMA JOE through the emperor's fortress. To make PANAMA JOE walk left or right, move the joystick in those directions. To make him climb up a ladder or chain, push forwards on the joystick; to climb down, pull backwards on the joystick.

  • NOTE: You'll discover that a combination of left/right and backwards/forwards joystick movements will make guiding PANAMA JOE on and off ladders and chains easier.


  • Press the FIRE button any time you want PANAMA JOE to jump. If PANAMA JOE is standing still, he will jump up and down. If he is moving left or right, PANAMA JOE will leap in that direction.


  • In the upper left-hand corner of the screen there is a box called the INVENTORY WINDOW. Each time PANAMA JOE collects a special tool (e.g., sword, torch or key,) that tool is displayed in the Inventory Window until he finishes using it.

  • At the bottom of the Inventory Window are 5 hats representing your remaining number of PANAMA JOEs. Each time you lose a PANAMA JOE, one hat dissapears from the Inventory Window. You'll begin the game with 6 PANAMA JOEs, including the one on the screen. If you accumulate more than 6 PANAMA JOEs, extra hats are displayed below your score.

  • The number to the immediate right of the Inventory Window indicates the game level currently being played.

  • In the upper right-hand corner of the screen is the SCORE BOX. Throughout the game, points will be accumulated and your score will be displayed in this space. (see SCORING section)


  • Once your start this game, you ARE PANAMA JOE - winding your way through MONTEZUMA's fortress! That's mean you've got to be ready to handle lots of action. Like climbing ladders and chans. Sliding down poles. Jumping over (and under) deadly creatures. And grabbing precious jewels an special tools along the way. No sweat, right? You'll probably be ready for anything because, like PANAMA JOE, you thrive on the spirit of adventure and exploration. Maybe you'll need to backtrack through certain chambers. Or perhaps forge ahead blindly. Even test your memory to remember the location of a room you fought through earlier. Just be sure to keep a cool head. use your special tools wisely.And please - try not to let greed blind you as you snatch up MONTEZUMA's fabulous treasures. Happy hunting, PANAMA JOE!


  • As you guide PANAMA JOE through Montezuma's fortress, you'll encounter 3 major groups of elements. They are:

    - Room Fixtures
    - Killer Creatures
    - Special Tools & Rewards

  • Various combinations of these elements are found in all the chambers throughout the fortress. Each is described as follows:


    Laser Gates - Destructive laser gates intermittently appear and disappear in various parts of a chamber. PANAMA JOE must avoid these gates, and pass through ONLY when they disappear. IF PANAMA JOE HIT A LASER GATE, YOU LOSE HIM.

    Conveyor Belts - Conveyor belts force PANAMA JOE to speed up or slow down, depending on the direction in which he is moving. In general, if you move the joystick IN THE DIRECTION OPPOSITE to which the conveyor belt is moving, PANAMA JOE will slow down while moving against the conveyor. If PANAMA JOE is heading in the SAME DIRECTION as the conveyor, he will speed across to the other side where, at times, you must safely jump him off. IF PANAMA JOE MISSES JUMPING ONTO OR OFF OF AN ELEVATED CONVEYOR BELT AND FALLS TOO FAR, YOU LOSE HIM.

    Disappearing Floors - In some chambers, there are certain sections of the floor which look different from the rest. These sections intermittently appear and disappear. You must time PANAMA JOE's crossing of these sections just right or...IF THE FALL'S TOO GREAT, OR THERE IS A FIRE PIT BELOW HIM, YOU LOSE THAT PANAMA JOE.

    Doors - Throughout the fortress you'll encounter 3 different colored doors: red, blue, and grey. These doors can ONLY be opened when PANAMA JOE approaches them with the corresponding color key. (Displayed in the Inventory Window) YOU GAIN 300 POINTS FOR OPENEING ANY DOOR.

    Fire Pits - Occasionally, PANAMA JOE will come across a blazing fire pit as he maneuvers through a chamber. Fire pits must be avoided at all costs! Guide PANAMA JOE around them, or jump over them whenever possible. IF PANAMA JOE FALLS INTO THE FLAMES, YOU'LL LOSE HIM TO A PUFF OF SMOKE.

    Ladders - Ladders allow PANAMA JOE to travel up to, or down from one level to the next. Simply move the joystick in the appropriate direction. PANAMA JOE CANNOT JUMP ONTO, OR OFF OF A LADDER.

    Poles - Poles allow PANAMA JOE to slide DOWN ONLY from one level to the next. Simply jump PANAMA JOE onto a pole - he'll handle the rest. BUT IF PANAMA JOE MISSES THE POLE AND FALLS, YOU LOSE HIM.

    Chains - Much like ladders, chains offer PANAMA JOE a way to travel from one level to the next. Simply jump PANAMA JOE onto a chain, and guide him up or down using your joystick.


    Skulls - In his travales, PANAMA JOE will come across bouncing and rolling skulls. he must jump over the rolling skulls, and walk under the bouncing ones. IF PANAMA JOE IS HIT BY A SKULL, YOU LOSE HIM. But, if he has a sword (displayed in the Inventory Window), PANAMA JOE can eliminate a skull by simply walking through it. YOU GAIN 2000 POINTS FOR ELIMINATING A SKULL.

    Snakes - Watch out for snakes! Though they don�t move, they have a deadly bite. Whenever PANAMA JOE meets up with one, he must jump over it. Not even a sword will eliminate a snake. IF PANAMA JOE IS BITTEN, YOU LOSE HIM.

    Spiders - Unlike snakes, spiders do get around. They�ll even climb ladders! IF ONE BITES PANAMA JOE, YOU LOSE HIM. So PANAMA JOE muset either jump over spiders, or slay them with a sword (displayed in the Inventory Window). YOU�LL GAIN 3000 POINTS FOR SLAYING A SPIDER.


  • As PANAMA JOE works his way through the fortress, he�ll encounter special tools and rewards - all there for his taking. When possible, PANAMA JOE should jump up and grab a special item, which will then be displayed in the Inventory Window until it is used. The Inventory Window can only hold 5 items at a time. Once it�s filled, PANAMA JOE cannot collect any more special items.

    The 5 special tools and rewards are:

    Amulets - These hammer shaped objects help PANAMA JOE evade killer creatures. Whenever he grabs an amulet, all killer creatures turn grey and are disabled for several seconds - allowing PANAMA JOE to safely walk through them. he can even travel into another chamber during this time. Once this time is up, the amulet will disappear from the Inventory Window and the killer creatures will return to their nasty, normal-colored selves. COLLECTING AN AMULET IS WORTH 100 POINTS.

    Jewels - These dazzling beauties are worth 1000 points apiece! PANAMA JOE simply jumps up and plucks them as he goes by. However, if the Inventory Window contains 5 items, PANAMA JOE cannot collect more jewels - even though the jewels are not displayed in the window.

    Keys - To every red, blue, or grey door in the fortress - there�s a matching key. A door can only be opened with the correct corresponding key which PANAMA JOE must grab along the way. Keys will be displayed in the Inventory Window until used. YOU GAIN 300 POINTS FOR OPENING A DOOR.

    Swords - A SWORD IN THE HAND IS WORTH 50 POINTS - so be sure not to pass up too many of them along the way. More important, a sword enables PANAMA JOE to eliminate spiders and skulls on contact.

    Torches - Don't underestimate the necessity of a torch. As PANAMA JOE travels deeper onto the fortress, he may encounter dark chambers. Only with the torch can he illuminate these hazarddous rooms. Once PANAMA JOE has a torch, he keeps it throughout the current game level. Without a torch, there is no light at all - and you must rely on your memory to guide

    PANAMA JOE safely through these chambers. GRABBING A TORCH EARNS YOU 3000 POINTS.


  • If PANAMA JOE safely navigates through all of the chambers in the fortress, he'll eventually reach his ultimate goal - The Treasure Chamber. Herin lies the fabulous treasure of the emperor, Montezuma. To enter this final chamber, daredevil PANAMA JOE must leap into the darkness! Once inside, he'll find several chains - and the infamous jewels - all awaiting his grasp.. In just a few seconds, PANAMA JOE must jump from chain to chain trying to collect as amny jewels as possible. But Beware! If PANAMA JOE misses a chain and jumps onto a pole, he immediatly slides to the next Difficulty Level and misses the chance to collect more jewels. When time's up, you'll automatically advance to the next Difficulty Level.


  • The game ends when you have lost all of your PANAMA JOEs. When this happens, PANAMA JOE will disappear and the action on the screen will stop. If the game ends while playing Difficulty Level #1, simply press the FIRE button on the joystick controller. You'll receive 6 PANAMA JOEs and begin the action (with a score of zero) at the same point at which the game ended. Refer to SETTING THE CONSOLE CONTROLS section for starting a new game.
    Collecting Special Tools & Rewards
    Keys             50   points
    Swords           50   points
    Amulets          100  points
    Jewels           1000 points
    Torches          3000 points
    Eliminating Killer Creatures
    Skulls           2000 points
    Spiders          3000 points
    Room Fixtures
    Opening Doors     300 points
    Bonus Panama Joes
    Levels 1-3
    Extra PANAMA JOE for every 10,000 points 
    Levels 4 & up
    Extra PANAMA JOE for every 20,000 points 

  • In this game there are 9 Difficulty Levels. You may choose any one of the first 3 to begin playing, the remainder must be earned through game play. As you advance from one Difficulty Level to the next, the following things happen:
      -- New barriers may appear, or old ones disappear, changing the best paths to the treasure room.
      -- More (and faster-moving!) killer creatures appear in each successive Difficulty Level
      -- More dark chambers
  • Each time you successfully complete one Difficulty Level, and have a remaining PANAMA JOE, you'll automatically advance to the next Difficulty Level.


    Typed by Todd DuBrey

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters