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Ms. Pac-Man - Atari - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



  • Insert your 5200 game cartridge so the label faces you and reads right-side-up. Be sure the cartridge is firmly seated in the center slot of the console, but do not force it. Then press the POWER switch on. See your owner's manual for further details.


  • Here she is...the Queen of Video Games, MS. PAC-MAN! The object of the game is to score as many points as you can while trying to clear the mazes of dots. Use your 5200 controller to guide this fearless beauty around the maze as she gobbles up dots, fruit, pretzels, energy pills, and ghosts. Move your joystick up, down, right, or left to guide MS. PAC-MAN in the same direction.

  • Watch out for four feisty ghosts. They scurry around after MS. PAC-MAN, trying to gobble her up. If one of them catches her, you lose a life. When MS. PAC-MAN eats an energy pill, the ghosts turn blue with fright. At this time, MS. PAC-MAN can gobble up the ghosts, racking up even more points with each ghost she gobbles.


    You choose from the following eight skill levels which progress in difficulty:

    Teddy Bear
    (See GAME SELECTION.) Each time you clear a maze, game play progresses automatically to the next higher skill level.

  • After MS. PAC-MAN clears the maze in the Banana skill level, the game difficulty progresses, but the fruit is chosen at random, and the mazes alternate. The random friut ranges from the fruit level at which you start. If you start at Cherries, you could encounter any fruit, but if you start at Bananas, you will only encounter Bananas, since that is the most difficult level.

  • There are four different maze patterns and three different cartoon intermissions in the ATARI MS. PAC-MAN game.

    Maze 1

  • This is the easiest maze. It is used in the Teddy Bear, Cherries, and Strawberry skill levels. The first cartton intermission begins after you clear the screen at the Strawberry level

    Intermission 1

  • PAC-MAN and MS. PAC-MAN meet and it's love at first sight.

    Maze 2

  • This is a difficult maze with long twisting corridors and an escape tunnel at the top. Maze 2 is used in the Orange, Pretzel, and Apple skill levels. The second cartoon intermission begins after the Apple level.

    Intermission 2

  • PAC-MAN and MS. PAC-MAN alternately chase each other across the screen.

    Maze 3

  • This is the most difficult maze with a trap at the bottom and only one short escape tunnel. Maze 3 is used in the Pear, Banana, and first two random fruit skill levels. The third cartoon intermission begins after you clear the random fruit maze twice.

    Intermission 3

  • A visit from the stork delights PAC-MAN and MS. PAC-MAN.

    Maze 4

  • This easy maze is used with random fruit(see GAME PLAY).

  • The game then continues to progress in difficulty with random fruit, and four screens of maze 3 that alternate with four screens of maze 4.

  • Each game starts with five MS. PAC-MAN lives, indicated at the lower left corner of the screen. You score points when MS. PAC-MAN eats dots, energy pills, ghosts, and fruit which appear twice on each screen. Each time the maze is cleared, the screen flashes momentarily, and a new maze of dots appears. The game ends when you lose all your MS. PAC-MAN lives.

  • When MS. PAC-MAN eats an energy pill, the ghosts turn blue, and she can gobble them up for more points. Then the eyes of the gobbled ghosts float back to the reincarnation chamber in the center of the screen. Because the effects of the energy pill only last a short time, MS. PAC-MAN has to move fast. The ghosts flash and the music changes just before the energy pill wears off. Then the ghosts return to their original colors, and MS.PAC-MAN loses her ghost-gobbling power.


  • Plug your 5200 controller firmly into jack 1 for one-player games; plug a second controller into jack 2 for two-player games.


  • When the cartridge is inserted and the POWER is switched ON, the program automatically plays a MS. PAC-MAN game. Use this opportunity to see how the game is played. Press RESET to view a game selection screen with a MS. PAC-MAN billboard at the top. Press the left * key to choose the skill level you would like to play. The skill levels are indicated by fruit symbols on the screen. Press the right # key to choose a one- or two-player game.

  • To START, PAUSE, and RESET a game
  • Press START to begin playing a MS. PAC-MAN game.

  • Press PAUSE to freeze all game play. Press PAUSE again to resume game play. Press PAUSE and START to start another game at the same skill level. Press PAUSE and RESET to return to the game selection screen.

  • Press RESET to reset the game back to the game selection screen.

    Joystick Control

  • Use your joystick to move MS. PAC-MAN around the maze. She moves in the same direction you move the joystick. For a quick escape, guide MS. PAC-MAN out an exit and through an escape tunnel. She'll re-enter the maze on the opposite side.


  • This ATARI MS. PAC-MAN game contains eight skill levels which are represented by symbols at the lower right corner of the screen. Each skill level progresses automatically to the next highest level when you clear the maze of dots. The easiest level is indicated by a Teddy Bear, and the most difficult level is indicated by a Banana. The Cherries level is the same difficulty as the arcade version of MS. PAC-MAN.


  • The score for player 1 or a single player is displayed in the upper left side of the screen. The score for player 2 is displayed at the upper right side of the screen. The current player's score is white; the other player's score is red.

  • You score 10 points for every dot and 50 points for every energy pill that MS. PAC-MAN eats. You score extra points when MS. PAC-MAN eats ghosts, floating fruit, and pretzels. The longer MS. PAC-MAN survives, the more valuable the bonus treats will become.
    DOT               10
    ENERGY PILL       50
    TEDDY BEAR        50
    CHERRIES         100
    STRAWBERRY       200
    ORANGE           500
    PRETZEL          700
    APPLE           1000
    PEAR            2000
    BANANA          5000
    FIRST GHOST      200
    SECOND GHOST     400
    THIRD GHOST      800
    FOURTH GHOST    1600
    BONUS LIFE at 10,000 points

    * For a high score: Wait until the ghosts are close to MS. PAC-MAN when she is near an energy pill. Then eat the energy pill and gobble up all the ghosts.
    * Get to know the different mazes. Each has its own escape tunnels which can often save MS. PAC-MAN at the last second.
    * Practice clearing the maze of dots before trying to gobble up ghosts. Eventually you'll learn which techniques work best.
    *When the ghosts start catching up with MS. PAC-MAN, try one of these tips to outrun them: (1) Dots slow down MS. PAC-MAN, so travel on a clear path. (2) MS. PAC-MAN can "cut corners" by turning before she actually reaches them. (3) Use the tunnels; the ghosts don't move as fast in them.
    * All the ghosts have different personalities and speeds. Watch and learn how they each chase MS. PAC-MAN.


    Typed by Robert "Ferg" Ferguson

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters