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Robotron: 2084 - Atari - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



5 JUNE 2084


  • At first, it was a technological breakthrough. Mankind created the Robotrons -- a species of robots so advanced they no longer needed their human creators to think and act. But the Robotrons have turned on their creators! They're now determined to destroy humanity -- or reprogram the survivors, turning them into destructive mutants!


  • Recently intercepted Robotron communiques reveal that only a few clones of the last human family remain alive on earth!


  • Prepare immediately to step up the counter-attack. Save the surviving humans!


  • Insert the Robotron: 2084 cartridge in your Atari 5200 SuperSystem as explained in your owner's guide, and turn on your system.

  • You can play with either one controller or two. For a two-player game, simply trade the one or two controllers back and forth between players. To use one controller, plug it into jack 1. Fire your anti-robot laser gun by pressing the bottom red button on the controller.

  • To use two controllers, plug one into jack 1 and another into jack 2. Use the plastic tray from your Robotron: 2084 package as a dual controller holder. Set the controller plugged into jack 1 into the left side of the holder and the controller plugged into jack 2 into the right side. Maneuver with the left joystick. Use the right joystick to fire -- your laser gun will shoot in the direction you move the joystick. Press the * button on the controller to set the level of difficulty. Level 0 is the easiest, level 5 is the hardest.

    - Press the # button to choose a one- or two-player game.
    - Press START to begin your mission.
    - Press PAUSE to pause during a game. Press it again to resume play.
    - Press RESET to return to the beginning of the game if you want to select a different level of difficulty or number of players.


  • The Robotrons know of you -- the only one immune to their reprogramming. They will stalk you relentlessly.


  • Your only weapon is your anti-robot laser gun. With it you can destroy all the Robotron species except the Hulk.

  • The Robotrons attack in waves, with different species of Robotrons in each wave. A new wave appears each time you destroy all the Robotrons on your screen -- except the invincible Hulk. You have five lives, but for every 20,000 points you score, you earn another chance to complete your mission.


  • By saving as many of the remaining humans as you can, you'll rack up the most points. To do this, quickly get clear of the middle of the screen at the start of each wave of Robotrons, but avoid the corners. Concentrate on wiping out the Spheroids and Quarks first. Eliminate most of the rest of the Robotrons -- leaving a few Grunts alive. Then pick up the remaining humans before you destroy the last Robotrons. Good luck!

  • Commit this data to memory. You are the only hope for saving humanity.

    16:23 MOONBASE



    The Mindless Grunts:

  • The Grunts are beastly robots. they have one mission: to do you in. Annihilate the Grunts for 100 points each.

    The Indestructible Hulks:

  • Alone of all the robot species, Hulks cannot be destroy but can annihilate the human clones. Your laser gun only slows them down. Avoid the Hulks at all cost.

    The Giant Brains:

  • Launched every fifth wave, the brains can electrocute you where you stand. Destroy the Brains for 500 points each. If a Brain catches a human, it reprograms the victim, who turns against you viciously as a mutant PROG. Blast the Prog immediately with your laser gun for 100 points. The Brain also fires deadly Cruise Missiles that seek you out mercilessly. Zap them for 25 points each.

    The Sinister Spheroids and Their Deadly Spawn:

  • Explode the Spheroids for 1000 each before they bring forth the Enforcer Embryos, which grow into evil Enforcers. Stop the Enforcers for 150 points each. Those that survive will heighten their attack by launching Enforcer Sparks. Destroy the Sparks for 25 points each.

    The Galvanizing Electrodes:

  • The Electrodes block your path, changing form with each new wave. They're not worth any points, but you must vaporize them with your laser gun or they'll destroy you.

    The Cubic Quarks and Torturing Tanks:

  • Blast the Quarks for 1000 points, or face the beastly tanks they swifty beget. Tanks are worth 200 and the Bounce Bombs that arise from them are worth 25 each.


    Man, Woman and Child:

  • Only a handful of human clones remain on earth. Touch as many as you can to place them under your protective powers. In each wave you earn 1000 points for the first human you save, 2000 for the second, 3000 for the third, 4000 for the fourth, and 5000 for each human you save after that.


    Typed by Keita Iida

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters