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Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Death Star Battle - Parker Brothers - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   




  • Your ultimate goal is to destroy the sinister DEATH STAR before the EMPIRE completes its construction! But, reaching this powerful space station won't be easy. First, shoot down a restless swarm of TIE INTERCEPTORS as they pursue your ship, the MILLENIUM FALCON, across the galaxy. Then, with split-second timing, slip through one of the random openings in the DEATH STAR's energy shield! Blast as much of the space station away with your lasers as possible-while avoiding the destructive, heat-seeking DEATH RAY. Then, one quick shot to the DEATH STAR's energy core and POW! The DEATH STAR turns into an incredible burning mass, bursting into hundreds of blazing fireballs. And the heat's not off until you escape their fury! But if you do, then you're ready for another round with the infamous DEATH STAR!


    1. Place the cartridge firmly into the cartridge slot.

    2. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON.

    3. You'll see the playing field displayed and the number "1" appearing at the bottom of the screen.

    4. Press the "#" button on the keypad to select a game number and difficulty level (See Game Selection Box).

    5. Press the START button to start the action


  • Use the joystick on the hand-held controller to guide your ship left, right, up, down, and diagonally.


  • To fire your lasers, simply press down either one of the bottom "FIRE" buttons on the joystick. Each time you press a button, your ship will fire one laser shot. To achieve rapid fire succession, hold down a "FIRE" button.


  • At any time during the game, you may "freeze" the action. To do so, simply press the Pause button on the joystick controller. To continue the action, press the Pause button again.


  • Before pressing the START button to begin the game, you'll notice that the TIE INTERCEPTORS are flying away from your ship. They're heading back to the DEATH STAR in order to regroup for thr forthcoming battle. When you press the START button, your first of 5 MILLENIUM FALCONS will appear in the lower, center portion of the screen. The remaining FALCONS are shown at the bottom of the screen. Try to shoot down as many TIE INTERCEPTORS as possible before they blast you with their lasers, or speed off and circle back for another attack. And keep a lookout for the ever-searching DEATH RAY! Eliminate TIE INTERCEPTORS and you'll notice random openings appearing in the DEATH STAR's energy shield. When the shield's outermost white energy band is deactivated and there is an opening in the shield, guide your ship through it. Upon penetrating this opening, you'll enter into hyper-space and arrive at the DEATH STAR. Fire your lasers at the DEATH STAR in order to knock out pieces of its outer wall. But beware of the DEATH RAY! It will track your every move, trying to destroy your ship. Eliminate as much of the DEATH STAR as possible (to maximize your bonus points), before you finally aim and fire on the energy core. When you hit it, be ready to outrun the explosion of fireballs before they reach your ship!


  • As the game begins, you'll see that the DEATH STAR is rebuilding itself piece by piece. If it is completed, all will be lost. The DEATH RAY will become fully operational and will destroy all of your remaining MILLENIUM FALCONS.


  • Out-flying and out-shooting these IMPERIAL warriors is no small task. They approach your ship in droves, firing their lasers one after the other. If your ship is hit by their fire, you lose it. But if you blast them with yours, you gain 50 points for each one you shoot down. When the game is over, the TIE INTERCEPTORS head back to the DEATH STAR to regroup.


  • This is what stands between you and the DEATH STAR! But penetrating it is not impossible-just tricky. You'll notice that at the edge of this shield there is a thin white band of energy. This band will intermittently appear and disappear. When it does disappear, and there is a black hole in the energy shield, guide your ship to the opening and slip through it. Beware! If you hit the white band while it is activated, you'll lose your ship.


  • Aboard this shuttle rides a well known figure- THE DARK LORD! Eliminating this transporter won't be easy. But with the right moves and good aim, you can beat it at its own game! Randomly throughout the battle, you'll hear a "warning" sound. This means that the IMPERIAL SHUTTLE is approaching. If it collides with your MILLENIUM FALCON, your ship is destroyed. But one well placed laser shot to its upper body and you'll vaporize this SHUTTLE in its tracks! YOU GAIN 1000 BONUS POINTS!


  • Always be on the lookout for the DEATH RAY! It's that small green shape that's continually moving about the DEATH STAR. While you're busy fighting off TIE INTERCEPTORS outside the energy shield, or knocking out pieces of the DEATH STAR itself, the DEATH RAY ruthlessly tracks you. If this evil ray strikes your ship, you're a goner!


  • Hold on tight! Once you make it through an opening in the energy shield, your ship streaks across the galaxy to the DEATH STAR-now many times larger than it looked before!


  • Finally, your chance to rid the galaxy of this evil fortress! But keep your wits about you. There are still TIE INTERCEPTORS pursuing your ship. And there's the IMPERIAL SHUTTLE, too. Fire your lasers at the DEATH STAR's walls, knocking out as many pieces as you can. For each piece you hit, you gain 20 points. The more you knock out before you hit the energy core, the more points you gain when the fireballs start flying. Knock out all of the pieces, except the core, and you gain an extra MILLENIUM FALCON. Hit the core and the DEATH STAR becomes a glowing red mass with fireballs spewing out in all directions.


  • These fireballs are more than hot-they're DEADLY! It only takes one to blow your ship apart. But the trick is to avoid them for as long as possible. The longer you do, the higher your bonus points.


  • As you progress from round to round, the following will occur after each 10,000 points are scored:

    A. TIE INTERCEPTORS will fire more often.
    B. The DEATH RAY will seek more rapidly.
    C. The rate of construction on the DEATH STAR will increase.
    D. The number of openings in the energy shield will decrease.


  • The game ends when you have lost all of your MILLENIUM FALCONS. To begin the same game again, press down the START button. To play another game, press the "#" button to choose a game number, then the START button to begin the action.


    Games 2 and 4 are two-player games.

  • The left player goes first; players alternate turns. Your turn ends when you lose all of your MILLENIUM FALCONS.
    Game Number   # of Players   Difficulty Level
    1             1              Easiest.  
    2             2              Same as Game 1. 
    3             3              More difficult.
    4             4              Same as Game 3.

    TIE INTERCEPTORS..............50 points each
    IMPERIAL SHUTTLE............1000 points
    DEATH STAR....................20 points per hit


  • The longer you avoid being hit by blazing fireballs, the more bonus points you'll accumulate for destroying the DEATH STAR!

    NOTE: In this game, the difficulty level is automatically increased every 10,000 points scored and you are awarded a bonus FALCON at that time.


    Typed by Robert "Ferg" Ferguson

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters