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Condor Attack

Condor Attack

� Ultravision


Earth Base Command Directives

Earth base has evoled one million years into the future. An intergalactic dispute erupts into an all out spacial explosion time warping civilization back to the stone age. Pitted against each other in a fight for survival is the CONDOR... Released from a thousand millenium of extinction... Larger and more ferocious than ever imagined, and mankind... In his most primitive state.


Defense Command Briefing

You are in command of the only sophisticated weapon to survive the "Millenium Warp"... You will be alone at this remote firebase and face a critical and difficult mission. You must use the galactic disintegrator and all your skill and energy to defend against this deadly invader. Carefully review these instructions, engage your equipment and concentrate your entire attention on the battle to follow.

Difficulty switches may be at either level and should not be moved during game play.

Select the difficulty level that your skill and courage allows:

Left difficulty switch Right difficulty switch Earth firebase dimension
A A Large
B B Small

The larger your galactic disintegrator firebase dimensions, the harder it is for you to avoid being destroyed by the Condor's Attack on your weapons arsenal.

Small firebases will alow quick evasion of enemy fire... This difficult decision is yours.

Select the game you wish to play by depressing the "game select" switch in your game console. The game number will appear on the lower left hand side of the screen.

When the great Condor was released from extinction, two smaller but deadlier nemesis were also thrown back into pre-historic time. The Nirobean Spider known for its speed in traversing great expanses of space and the vulcanian bat, venomous and destructive, with lighting agility... you can determine your choice of challenge, each has its own cunning and skill in directing its destruction upon your firebase.


Command Objectives

The object of this pre-historic cosmic battle is to defend Earth and mankind from being taken over by these deadly enemies and to allow the few remaining scientists to develope a way to reverse the time warp and return mankind 1000 milleniums into the future to resume normal life.

To defend Earth use your joystick controller. Push controller forward to materialize the firebase.

The enemy will begin attacking and bombing firebase. With controller you can move firebase to avoid being destroyed by attackers. Press the red button on your joystick to return fire and disintegrate the enemy.


Scoring damage upon attackers

There are 6 galactic disintegrator firebases at your disposal. Points are scored by destroying the enemy as they soar above or swoop in to attack you. Different points are given for size of enemy destroyed and the level of difficulty which you have obtained in your defense of the firebase. As your progress to each level, Condors, Spiders and Bats will appear with varying frequency, but will increase the rate of descent and greatly vary the pattern of attack, even disappearing on one side of the screen and reappearing on the other side.

Points are scored in values as follows:

Upper Steady Attacker (small) 3

1. Level of Difficulty (large) 10

2. Level of Difficulty (large) 20

3. Level of Difficulty (large) 40

4. Level of Difficulty (large) 50

5. Level of Difficulty (large) 60

6. Level of Difficulty (large) 70

7. Level of Difficulty (large) 80

8. Level of Difficulty (large) 90

9. Level of Difficulty (large) 99

Extra firebases can be earned by achieving consercutive 1000 points levels (1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, etc.) up to a maximum of 9 additional firebases.