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You're second in the grueling com-
petition of an all-day MotoRodeo.
Your customized truck, a cherry
little number, speeds through the
dangerous obstacle course. You
quickly break through a brick wall,
rumble through a muddy ditch,
and jump high into the air. You
grin widely as you land on a
Plymouth, crushing it beneath the
weight of your monster truck.

Up till now, you and your oppo-
nent, Trucker Tom, have been neck
and neck throughout the competi-
tion, but you've just pulled ahead.
Your truck paid its dues during the
early part of the competition, but
you're confident that you've got
the skills needed to outmaneuver
Tom as you race for the finish line.

Your adrenalin pounds. You psych
yourself up for the few remaining
obstacles. You're only slightly
ahead of Tom, but there are still a
few more walls and cars to crush.
Good thing you learned quickly to
jump the mud which is slowing
Tom down.

You rev your engine, add a burst
of acceleration, and jump the last
mud hole as you race for the
finish line. Trucker Tom has finally
met his match!

Getting Started

1. With your 2600 (or 7800) game
   system switched off, insert the
   MotoRodeo cartridge into the
   cartridge slot as explained in
   your owner's manual.

2. Plug a controller into the left
   port for a one-player game. Plug
   another controller into the
   right port for a two-player

3. Switch on your TV and game
   console. The MotoRodeo title
   screen sppears.

4. Select between point scoring
   and timing. Move the left player
   difficulty setting switch on the
   game system to position A
   for point scoring and to posi-
   tion B for timing. If you are in
   timing mode, the first player
   to cross the finish line wins.

5. Move each connected controller
   forward or backward to select
   player or computer. Then select
   the type of vehicle, truck or
   blazer, equipped with either
   tires or trax. Tires allows you to
   go over obstacles easier. With
   trax you bounce higher, making
   it easier to fly over obstacles.
   Then press the fire button of
   either controller.

6. The second selection screen
   offers either competition or

   Competition. You play against
   another player or the computer.
   A competition includes all
   obstacles. Move the controller
   forward or backward to high-
   light Easy, Medium, or Hard and
   press the fire button to begin
   the competition.

   Practice. Move the controller
   forward or backward to high-
   light Jump, Platform, Car Crush,
   Wall, Spring, Ramp, Mud, or Spin.
   Press the fire button to begin a
   practice run of the obstacle you

Optional Game Controls

The following optional game con-
trols allow you to pause and
restart the game:

* To pause the game on a 7800
  game system, press PAUSE.
  Repeat to resume play. There is
  no pause option when you play
  MotoRodeo on a 2600 game

* To return to the opening screen
  and restart the game with the
  currently selected options, press

Playing the Game

MotoRodeo is a multi-obstacle,
split screen trucking extravaganza.
When you compete against an
opponent or the computer, each
obstacle you encounter requires
speed, timing, and maneuvering
skill. So, before you enter the com-
petition, practice maneuvering
through each of the eight


Use the fire button and controller
to speed up and maneuver your
truck or blazer.

Press the fire button to accelerate.
If you picked up a nitro unit (an N),
tap the directional control for-
ward to use the nitro for a quick
burst of extra acceleration and a
small jump.

Wriggle the directional control
right and left to move quickly
through muddy bogs.

/* Here comes a picture showing some obstacles. */

Move the directional control left
or right to control spin while you
jump. Move the directional control
right for clockwise and left for

Move the directional control
backward to do a wheelie if you
are on flat ground.


Use the practice sessions to gain
experience with each obstacle
you'll find during the competition
runs. You gain points during each
practice run.


Learn to jump and control your
truck or blazer in the air. Landing
upright gains extra points. Practice
racing up a short triangular ramp
as you learn to jump and land.

During this practice session you'll
find some mud to plow through,
jumps to make, nitro to get, and
50 point bonuses to earn.


Platforms are as long as your truck
or blazer and are suspended in
mid-air. You can use platforms to
extend your jump or gain extra
points by bouncing on a platform.

You'll also find muddy ditches to
plow through, jumps, nitro, and 50
point bonuses to earn as you
move from one practice platform
to the next.

Car Crush

Learn to crush the white cars.
After landing on top of a car, wrig-
gle the controller left and right to
crush the car again. If you do a
wheelie when starting to crush a
car, you will jump instead of con-
tinuing to crush the car.

Combine your car crushing skills
with your abilities to drive
through mud, use platforms, pick
up nitro, and earn 50 point


Ram the wall to knock it down.
You may have to hit the wall a few
times to knock it down. The faster
you drive, the faster you will
knock down the wall. If you are
doing a wheelie and driving fast
when you hit a wall, you will knock
down the wall and jump.

Besides breaking down walls, you
will also need to make daring
jumps, use suspended platforms,
collect nitro, and grab bonus


This is a platform on the ground
that throws your truck or blazer
into the air as you drive across it.
You can use the spring to gain
nitro and fifty point bonuses
suspended in the air. You will also
find plenty of mud and several
platforms to help you hone your


Ramps move from verticle, to
jump position, to flat on the
ground. If vertical, the ramp is a
barrier. Knock it down! If in jump
position, use the ramp as you
would a regular jump. When the
ramp is flat on the ground, it isn't
a barrier and you can't use the
ramp to jump.

During this practice session you'll
find ramps and platforms to use,
walls to break down, nitro to col-
lect, and bonus points to earn.


Learn to jump or quickly maneuver
your truck or blazer through
muddy bogs by wriggling the con-
troller left and right.

Besides mud, you will find jumps,
walls, platforms, springs, nitro, and
bonus points to challenge even the
best driver.


This ramp is fixed in a curve. When
you hit this ramp it spins your
truck or blazer into the air and into
a spin. This is another obstacle
you'll need to learn how to control
if you expect to win a competition.

During this practice session you will
find spin ramps, cars to crush, walls
to break down, mud to drive
through, nitro to collect, and
bonus points to earn.


Once you have mastered the skills
needed to complete the obstacle
course, you are ready to go head-
to-head against an opponent. Com-
pete against a friend or the com-
puter. The goal of the competition
is to outscore the other driver. Col-
lect points as you drive through
the course. But don't take too
much time! A bonus awaits the
first driver to cross the finish line.


Do a wheelie when you hit an
obstacle. You will fly a little higher
and further.

Only use nitro when you are on
the ground and in an upright

Wriggle the controller left and
right to get out of the mud faster.


   Landing upright and flat from a jump .....................  5
   Each time you hit a wall ................................. 10
   Each time you crush a car ................................ 20
   Bouncing on trucks tires on the platform ................. 25
   Jumping to a collapsing ramp ............................. 25
   Touching 50 on the screen ................................ 50
   Finishing the track first ............................... 100

/* copyright and guarantee text */

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance