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Crash Dive - 20th Century Fox - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Crash Dive




Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to score as many points as
possible by destroying enemy ships, helicopters, planes, giant sharks, sting
rays, squids, angler fish and lobsters before running out of fuel or crashing
the flying sub. You may also acquire points by picking up the treasures that
lie on the bottom of the sea.


Set up your video computer system and joystick controller as indicated in
your manufacturer's owner manual. Turn the power switch OFF and insert the
Crash Dive cartridge.


Turn the power ON. Use the Game Select lever to choose a one or two player
game.  Use the Difficulty Switch to select a level of play.
  • Left Difficulty Switch A: Creatures appear in random order
  • Left Difficulty Switch B: Creatures appear in set order
  • Right Difficulty Switch A: Missiles are steerable
  • Right Difficulty Switch B: Missiles fire straight ahead
Press the Game Reset lever and get ready to start your deep sea adventure.


The Sea Hunter, your flying submarine, is entirely under your control.  Tilt
the joystick up to rise and down to descent. Move the joystick right to
accellerate and left for quick deceleration. Each flying sub is equipped with
a missile launcher, which is activated by the joystick button.


Reinforcements: You begin each adventure with three flying submarines in
reserve. If you are able to fill the prize indicator at the bottom of the sea
with six treasures, you will be awarded an extra life.

Fuel: The fuel gauge is located at the bottom of the screen. Keep your eye on it. Refueling is asccomplished by docking with the mother ship, the Sea View (the submarine at the top of the sea). The fuel supply gained is proportional to the amount of time docked with the Sea View.


  • Plane - 300
  • Helicopter - 100
  • Bird - 0
  • Boat - 50
  • Sting Ray - 20
  • Shark - 100
  • Angler Fish - 200
  • Squid - 100
  • Lobster - 25
  • Sea Monster - 1 (for stunning)
  • Mines - Indestructible


  • Sword - 200
  • Wine Bottle - 400
  • Sunken Boat - 500
  • Crown - 1000
  • Chalis [sic] - 2000
  • Pot of Gold - 3000
  • Key - 5000


Prize Indicator: The Prize Indicator is located in the lower right hand
corner of the screen. The prize displayed in the far right position is the
prize that will be found under the mine field. The prize to its left is the
random prize that will be found under the sea monster.

Mines: The mines cannot be blown up. You must dodge them to acquire the main prize.

Movement: Your maximum speed and freedom of motion is determined by your vertical position.

  • Air: Fastest way to travel
  • Water: One half air speed
  • Sea Floor: No horizontal movement


So you'd like to search for sunken treasure with me. Well, it's going to take
a keen eye, a good ear and quick reflexes to grab these treasures from the
creatures of the deep. Before you hop aboard the Sea Hunter, let me give you
a few navigational pointers.

Obstacles always travel in groups: one in the sky, one on the sea, two in the water and one on the sea floor. Always approach these groups from the sky.

During sky travel, you can hear the bird, helicopter and plane before you see them. (The refueling ship can be heard in any position.) If it's the bird, skip it. If it's the plane, boat or helicopter, disable it before traveling underwater. Then you'll be safe from missiles when you enter the sea.

The seventh group of obstacles is always the mine field. If you survive, there is always an opportunity to refuel before advancing for the next treasure.

Now that you have the knowledge of a fine sea captain, it will only take time and practice to become the finest sea hunter that ever lived. Good luck and happy treasure hunting.


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Fox Video Games, Inc.
4701 Patrick Henry Drive
Building Number 9
Santa Clara, CA 95050
A game by: Bill Aspromonte
�1983 Fox Video Games, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Crash Dive is a Trademark of
Twentieth Century Fox Corporation


This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance