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Earth Dies Screaming - 20th Century Fox - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

The Earth Dies Screaming

The Earth Dies SCREAMING

20th Century Fox™
Games of the Century™

Game Instructions
Games of the Century™



Set up your video computer system and left joystick controller as instructed in your game system owner's manual. Turn the power OFF. Insert the game cartridge and then turn the power ON. The Difficulty Switches and Color/B�W Lever are not used. The Game Select Lever can be used to end a game in progress. Press the Game Restart Lever or joystick button to start. Get ready to beat the Trillians or bite the dust!


Save the Earth from the diabolical Trillians. They have set up Attack Bases which launch Kamikaze Satellites and Trillian Fighters. You must stop them! Every Satellite that gets by you will explode on Earth and drain your energy sources. Every time your Space Destroyer is hit by Trillian Fighter fire, more energy is lost. To regain energy, you must seek out a Trillian Attack Base and destroy it. It is very important to keep your energy level high. If you lose it all, the Trillians will have a celebration as the Earth dies screaming.


RADAR SCANNER: You are at the control panel of a mighty Space Destroyer armed with a powerful Laser Cannon. The Radar Scanner at the top of your television screen can detect approaching Trillian Fighters and Satellites which are not yet visible to the human eye. The Scanner is unable to detect Trillian Attack Bases at any distance. Trillian Fighters and Satellites are shown on the Scanner as small white dots. Your Space Destroyer is shown as a large white diamond. The Radar Scanner shows the battle as seen FROM ABOVE.

JOYSTICK STEERING: Using the Radar Scanner as a guide, steer your Space Destroyer toward the approaching enemy by tilting the joystick in the appropriate direction. The "scrolling" pattern of the Earth's surface, the stars visible through the Destroyer Window, and the Radar Scanner show which direction you are traveling.

DESTROYER VIEW WINDOW: When Trillian craft get closer to Earth, you will be able to see them through the large Destroyer View Window located in the center of your television screen.

The white "Crosshairs" on the Window is your Destroyer's gun sight. The Crosshairs show where a laser blast will hit if fired.

Every time you are hit by Trillian fire, the View Window will flash blue.

Every time you hit a Trillian, the View Window will flash red.

JOYSTICK FIRING: Once you can see a Trillian through the View Window, your Laser Cannon's automatic tracking system (located near the bottom of the screen) is activated. Two tracking arms will AUTOMATICALLY follow the enemy's vertical movement. The Crosshairs will automatically stay "locked in" to the height level of the enemy.

You must steer the Laser Cannon to the right or left to aim at your target. Press the joystick button to fire. Your Laser Cannon has an unlimited supply of ammunition, so don't be shy about blasting away.

GAME STATUS BAR: Your current score is shown in the center of the Game Status Bar at the bottom of your television screen. After each game, the high score since the cartridge was last inserted or the power last turned on will be shown there. The two blocks on either end of the Status Bar change color during the game to show your Destroyer's and the Earth's energy levels.


   GREEN = Energy level high
  YELLOW = Destroyer's energy level is critical
     RED = Earth's energy level is critical

When either energy level is critical, you will also be warned by an alarm. At this point, you must either get more energy by blasting a Trillian Base or prepare for the end.


KAMIKAZE SATELLITES are programmed to explode upon reaching Earth. If any of these winged bombs get past you and reach their target, strength will be drained from the energy field which is protecting the Earth.

TRILLIAN FIGHTER are headed toward Earth for some heavy duty bombing. They are programmed to destroy anything that gets in their way. This means you! If you are hit by enemy fire, you will lose energy. Dodge the blasts whenever you can. If a Fighter gets past you, it will bomb the Earth and drain strength from Earth's energy field.

RETURNING FIGHTERS have a white bar across the back of the ship (not shown in the screen illustration). If you can keep a Returning Fighter in your View Window for five seconds, a Trillian Base will appear.

Destroying a TRILLIAN ATTACK BASE is the only way you can GAIN energy. If you lose track of a Trillian Base, you will have to follow another Returning Fighter to another Base.


     TRILLIAN FIGHTER =  975 Points
    RETURNING FIGHTER = 1250 Points
        TRILLIAN BASE = 1500 Points


The Earth Dies Screaming gets more difficult as you continue to play. Even so, a skilled player should be able to dodge enemy fire.


Keep your thumb on the fire button. Once you have a Trillian in the View Window, TRUST the automatic tracking system to keep the Crosshairs at the same height as the Trillian. Then all you need to do is tilt the joystick right or left to aim your fire.


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A game by Dan Thompson
The Earth Dies Screaming is a trademark of
Lippert Films, Ltd.
Program and audio visual (c) 1982 Sirius Software, Inc.
Packaging (C) 1982 Fox Video Games, Inc.
All rights reserved

Fox Video Games, Inc., P.O. Box 797, Saratoga, California 95071

PRINTED IN TAIWAN                                82-FOX-2116

Manual typed in by Albert Yarusso, [email protected], 11/19/98