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Encounter at L5 - Data Age - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Encounter at L-5
                                   DATA AGE
                               ENCOUNTER AT L-5
                                 Battle Orders

Beyond the orbit of the moon, a defenseless space colony is under heavy attack
from the ruthless Megalytes.  You are their only hope.  Armed with packets of
antimatter, you take control of an Antimatter Launcher.  Suddenly the sky is
ablaze with Megalyte war ships.  You must destroy them before their formidable
particle beams destroy you and the peace-loving colonists of L-5.  It will
take every ounce of skill and cunning at your disposal to blast the evil ones
out of orbit.

                           A Date Age(tm) Video Game


                            How To Stop The Invaders

1.  Hook up your video game system according to the manufacturer's 
2.  With game console power OFF, firmly plug in your ENCOUNTER AT L-5(tm) 
3.  Turn game console power ON.  If no picture appears, check to make sure 
    your game unit is hooked up correctly to your TV, then try steps 1-3 
4.  For the best contrast, turn the "Brightness" control switch on your TV to 
    a low setting.
5.  Plug your paddle controllers into the left receptacle of your game 
    console.  Hold the controller so that the Fire Button is to your upper 
6.  Select the game you wish to play by depressing the "Game Select" switch on 
    your game console.  The game number will appear in the score block section
    of your screen.  ODD numbers are single player games, while EVEN numbers 
    are for two players.
7.  Select the difficulty level you find most challenging.

     Left Difficulty      Right Difficulty           Approaching
         Switch                Switch                   Speed
           b                     b                       slow
           a                     b                     moderate
           b                     a                       fast
8.  To start (or restart) the game, depress the "Game Reset" switch on your 
    console unit, then press the red Fire Button on your paddle controller.



You will score points for every Warrior Ship you hit--the farther away the
ship, the more points you receive.  You'll also score 10 points for each death
ship you destroy.

      [Picture of scoring ranges and identification of on-screen stuff]

Keep the Fire Button on your paddle controller depressed, which locks the
Antimatter Launcher in one spot and sends Antimatter Packets continuously
toward the Aiming Cursor.  Using the control knob on your controller, position
the aiming cursor so that the invading ships fall into the line of fire of
your Antimatter packets.  By releasing the fire control button, the Antimatter
Launcher momentarily disappears and immediately changes to a new position
directly under the Aiming Cursor.  Begin firing immediately.  You begin each
game with four Antimatter Launchers.  Each time you're hit, or if a Death ship
reaches the colony floor, you will lose one launcher.

As each red Death Ship plunges toward L-5, an early-warning radar system will
sound a special alarm to signal its approach--a special feature of ENCOUNTER
AT L-5 (tm) that will help you rack up an astronomical score.  When you hear
the signal, position your aiming cursor so that the Death Ship will cross your
Launcher's line of fire.

There are 26 game variations of L-5.  For each accumulated score of 800
points, the game will automatically advance to the next level.  As you
progress to each level, Megalyte ships will appear with varying frequency, but
will increase the speed of their descent.  They will also have a wider evasive
range, making them harder to hit.


                              Space Raid!

You must destroy the attacking Megalyte Warrior Ships before they get you.  At
the same time, you must be on the lookout for the large red Death Ships that
will periodically dive toward the surface of L-5 trying to knock the power out
of your Anti-Matter Launchers.


All Data Age(tm) Video Games carry a limited one year warranty--our guarantee
that if you find your cartridge to be defective in materials or workmanship
within 12 months of your original purchase, Data Age, Inc., will repair or
replace (at our option) the cartridge free of charge upon prepaid receipt of
the cartridge and proof of the date of purchase.  (This warranty is limited to
the electronic circuitry and mechanical parts of the cartridge, and does not
apply to normal wear.)

                          ENCOUNTER AT L-5
Look for other Data Age(tm) Video Games wherever video game cartridges are
sold.  If you can't find our games in your area, drop us a line and we'll send
you a list of stores near you.

                             DATA AGE

  Data Age, Inc., 62 South San Tomas Aquino Road, Campbell, California 95008
                   Game Code Number DA1001
   (c) Copyright 1982 Data Age, Inc.  Printed in U.S.A.  All rights reserved.


Manual typed in laboriously by Dr. Inferno (Jason Dante Bardis) on 5/25/96
[email protected]

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance