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Escape From the Mindmaster - Starpath - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Escape From the Mindmaster by Starpath

How to Play




How to Use the
Starpath Supercharger

  • Set up your Atari Video Computer System (or any similar game system that takes Video Computer System game cartridges) according to manufacturer instructions. Use joystick controllers.
  • Make sure power switch is OFF, and insert the Starpath Supercharger with label up. Be careful not to force it or to insert it crookedly.
  • Connect the plug on the end of the Supercharger cable to the earphone jack of any cassette recorder/ player.* (This jack may also be labeled "monitor," "mon.," "ear," or "output.")
  • For best results, keep the cassette player at least a few inches away from the TV set.
  • Turn the power switch of the game ON. The TV screen should read "REWIND TAPE PRESS PLAY." If not, turn the power off and check to be sure the system is properly hooked up and the Supercharger is fully inserted.
  • Insert Side A of ESCAPE FROM THE MINDMASTER. Side A of the cassette is quick load side; Side B is the standard load side. Some cassette players may not load reliably on the quick load side. If so, flip the tape over and use Side B.
  • Set volume and tone controls near high or maximum.
  • Press REWIND and wait until the tape stops moving. Now press PLAY.
  • In a few moments, you will hear the sounds of the game loading and see colored panels fill the screen. A moment later "STOP TAPE" will appear, and you'll be ready to play ESCAPE FROM THE MINDMASTER.

If you have trouble...

  • If the tape player makes a screeching noise, you have not plugged the Supercharger cable into the earphone jack.
  • If the tape doesn't move, check the batteries in the cassette player.
  • Rewind the tape completely and try again.
  • Try Side B of the game cassette if Side A won't load properly. Set volume and tone controls at high or maximum.
  • Move the cassette player farther from the TV set and try again.

* If you use a large cassette deck with a "phone" type earphone plug,
you may purchase an adapter at most electronics specialty stores.


The Situation You've been abducted. Kidnapped. Snatched in your sleep, right out of your bed. Right in your own home town.

Nobody could stop him. His proton beam made you glow like a Christmas tree. A few seconds later you disappeared.

You never even woke up.

Until now.

You slowly awaken. Surrounding you are giant walls, smooth as glass. Endless corridors, with no apparent escape.

As you explore your strange prison, you encounter various games. You realize that these games are tests--of your intelligence, memory, coordination, and reflexes.

It slowly dawns on you that you're the subject of an incredible experiment. Then you realize that you're not alone.

The MindMaster looms above you, watching your every move. You must use all the brainpower you possess. Not only to be able to solve the maze-- but to preserve the honor of the human race.

The MindMaster's Mazes
To escape, you must pass through a series of six mazes.

Each maze is more difficult than the last. The first five mazes have problems to solve and surprise intelligence tests. The last maze is something special.

The Multi Load Feature
ESCAPE FROM THE MINDMASTER is too complex a game to be "loaded" into the Starpath Supercharger'" at one time. So the cassette tape is divided into four sections, each of which is loaded separately from the cassette player into the Supercharger.

Load 1: Mazes one and two. Load 1 is the first section on the cassette.
Load 2: Mazes three and four.
Load 3: Mazes five and six.
Load 4: Your final evaluation.

Important Be sure to press the STOP button on your cassette recorder as soon as the "STOP TAPE" message appears on the TV screen. If you're too slow, you may let the tape run past the beginning of the next load.

If the beginning of a load is missed, or if a loading error occurs, a "REWIND TAPE" message appears. No problem. Just wind the tape back to the beginning, then press PLAY. The Supercharger will find the correct load automatically--and once again the "STOP TAPE" message will appear. Be sure to wait for the tape to pass through any unwanted loads.

Clues to the Mindmaster's Maze

  1. Human's Eye View This is how the maze looks from where you stand. As you move, the maze approaches or recedes in 3-D perspective. As you turn, you can see all around you.
  2. Puzzle Peg One of your tests is how quickly you can locate a number of colored pegs and place them in their corresponding holes. In this case you have a wing-shaped peg and are looking for a wing-shaped hole.
    Pick up a peg or insert a peg in its corresponding hole by pushing the joystick button. Note that you can carry just one peg at a time.
  3. Maze Map The map shows you the general layout of the maze. The bright square is you. You won't see any pegs, doors, tests, or aliens on the maze map though. You'll have to find those for yourself.
  4. Direction Finder The arrow tells you which way you're facing. You'll find this feature useful, because after a few minutes in the maze you won't know which way is up.
  5. Chances Left If you use up all your chances, the game is over. And the MindMaster will dismiss you as an inferior intelligence.

    There are two ways you lose chances.

    One is to bump into the Alien Stalker (A). This little creep is also trying to escape from the maze-- and at your expense. Every time he bumps into you, he gains a point--and you lose one. You can't defeat the Alien Stalker, but you can avoid him.

    You can hear him coming. When the beeping sound is high pitched, he's close. If there is a wall between you, you're safe. The Alien can't pass through doors. But be careful, and get ready to retreat when you hear the warning.

    The other way to lose chances is to run into a sliding force field (B). You won't find any in Maze 1. But from Maze 2 on, watch out. If you see a big moving square panel directly in front of you, stop. Let it pass by before advancing.

    Note that when you lose a chance, you'll return to the spot where you began the maze.
  6. Scoring Countdown You start with 60 points in every maze. Every few seconds, a point is taken off your score. The number of points left when you leave a maze is added to your total score.

Moving Through a Maze

Joystick Control Push the joystick forward and back to advance or retreat. If there is a door in front of you, you may advance through it, but you may not "back" through a door. When a "beep" sounds, you're trying to walk through a wall or a locked door.

Pushing the joystick left or right lets you turn 90 degrees in that direction.

One-Way Doors From Maze 4 on, you'll notice that some doors are one-way only. Pass through them, turn around, and they will seem to have disappeared. Keep this in mind as you plan your solution to these mazes.

Leaving a Maze Each maze has a door to the next maze. This door stays locked until all the pegs are in their proper holes. As you mount the stairs to the next maze, your total score will be displayed near the bottom of the screen.

Passing the Mindmaster's Tests

Listen for a fanfare. It signals a special test the MindMaster has devised to probe your intellect and coordination.

There's a test hidden in each of the first five mazes. The better you do, the higher your final score. As you leave each maze, your test score is added to your total.

Test 1: Agility Dance from side to side to avoid the falling bricks. The fourth collision is a knockout. Slip between the bricks and impress the MindMaster.

Test 2: Reflexes Watch for the flashing arrow. Follow its movement as quickly as you can with your joystick. Baby MindMaster's even score high on this test.

Test 3: Recall Memorize the sequence of arrows on the screen. Then recreate the pattern with your joystick. The MindMaster wants to see if you qualify as an intelligent life form.

Test 4: Dexterity Scamper through the stream of bricks without touching any. The MindMaster can do it with three legs tied behind his back.

Test 5: Coordination Here's a test especially for space-traveling species. Make a nice soft landing on the platform without using too much fuel. You get five attempts. The MindMaster can do it with his eyes closed.

Special Features

Difficulty Switches You can increase the MindMaster's patience with his human experiment by placing the difficulty switches in the "B" position.

The left difficulty switch controls the number of chances you start with. "A" gives you 5 chances. "B" gives you 9.

The right difficulty switch controls the speed of the Alien Stalker. "A" makes him fast. "B" slows him down.

Note that the difficulty switches only count at the beginning of a game. Changing them in the middle won't help you at all.

Starting A New Game You can get a fresh start by pressing the game reset switch -- except if "PRESS PLAY" is on the screen or if the cassette is loading.

Press the reset switch while you're in Maze I or Maze 2, and you'll start again in Maze 1. Likewise, if you're in Maze 3 or Maze 4, the reset switch will take you to the beginning of Maze 3. Or if you're in Maze 5 or Maze 6, you'll go back to the start of Maze 5.

To start a whole new game after you've left Maze 2, flick the power switch off and on, rewind the tape all the way, and reload the cassette.

Load 4 When you complete Maze 6-- or lose all your chances--the "PRESS PLAY" message appears.

Do so, and you'll learn your final score-- as well as the MindMaster's impression of you and the human race.

Live Action Previews Because of the extra length of this Multi Load cassette, there is no room for live action previews of other Starpath games. Note that all single load Starpath cassettes do have previews of many other exciting games.

Changing games To load another Starpath game, just flick the power switch off and on, replace the cassette with another, rewind, and press PLAY.

Limited 90 Day Warranty


STARPATH CORP. warrants to the original purchaser of this STARPATH product that it will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for ninety days from the date of purchase. If this product is discovered to be defective within the warranty period, return to place of purchase for replacement. This warranty is limited to electronic and mechanical parts within the product. It is not applicable to normal wear and tear and is not applicable and shall be void if the defect has arisen through, or the product shows signs of, misuse, excessive wear, modifications, or tampering.


Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the limitations or exclusions set forth may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.

Repair Service
Should your SUPERCHARGER require service after the ninety day limited warranty period, a charge of $15 will be assessed to restore it to full working condition. Send the SUPERCHARGER unit, shipping prepaid, to:
    P.O. Box 209
    Santa Clara, CA 95050.

STARPATH takes pride in providing you the finest,
most challenging video games available today.  We
welcome your comments and suggestions for ways to
make our game selection even more enjoyable.  Please
P.O. Box 209, Santa Clara, CA 95050




Atari and Video Computer System are trademarks of
ATARI, INC. STARPATH CORP. is not related to ATARI, INC.

(c) 1982 STARPATH CORP. Printed in USA.
(c) 1982 STARPATH CORP. (Game Program)

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