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Flash Gordon - 20th Century Fox - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Flash Gordon

        20th Century Fox
        Games of the Century

        [Flash Gordon movie poster.]

        Game Instructions


TO SET UP: Set up your video computer system and left joystick controller as
instructed in your game system owner's manual.  Turn the power OFF.  Insert
the Flash Gordon game cartridge and then turn the power ON.  The Game Select
lever and Difficulty Switches are not used in Flash Gordon.  Press the Game
Reset lever or the joystick button to leave the game demonstration and
prepare for a daring mission through Spider City!

You can use the Color/B-W lever to pause and restart the game at any time
during play.

THE CONTROLS: Tilt the joystick to maneuver your Rocket Ship through the
city's tunnels.  Use the joystick button to shoot the enemy.

THE OBJECTIVE: Many dedicated Spacemen have entered Spider City but none has
ever been heard from again.  It is up to you, Flash Gordon, to rescue any
surviving Spacemen and to conquer this hideous city of tunnels.  Spider City
is conquered when all of its Hatching Pods are eliminated.  It doesn't hurt
to blast a few Generators or enemy Patrol Ships while you're there.

SCREEN DISPLAY: The lower half of your screen shows a map of the city's
tunnels.  The city is a closed system, so when you move through the
passageways at either edge of the screen, your Rocket Ship will reappear at
the opposite side of the map.  Your Ship is represented on the map by a
small horizontal line.  The vertical lines on the map are Hatching Pods
which contain the Spider Warriors.  The crosses represent Disrupters.

The upper portion of the screen is a close up view of what is happening in
the city.  Your score is shown at the top of the screen.  Extra ships are
displayed at the bottom left and in the bottom right corner the number of
cities conquered is shown.

10 points = Debris
25 points = Patrol Ship
70 points = Rescued Spaceman
100 points = Disrupter Generator
100 points = First Spider Warrior shot from any hatching.  You receive 200
points for the second, 300 points for the third, and so on.
-1000 points = Penalty for shooting a Spaceman

Each time a City is conquered an extra ship is awarded.  Up to nine bonus
Ships can be shown on the screen at a time although you may have even more
than nine in reserve.  Bonus points are also awarded after conquering a
City.  You will receive 10 points for each Spaceman rescued by the current
Ship, multiplied by the number of Cities you have conquered.  If a Ship is
destroyed before the end of any level, any bonus it has accumulated is lost.

Hatching Pods, Spider Warriors & Shields: Your primary task is to destroy
Warriors.  First you need to touch one of the Hatching Pods shown on the map
with your Rocket Ship.  This causes the Pods to hatch, releasing the
Warriors.  The young Warriors will try to fly and so you must shoot them
before they escape.  If you succeed in shooting five Warriors from any
hatching, you will absorb enough power to establish a temporary shield which
protects you from harm.  When the shield is on, you can run into the enemy
to destroy them.  Two beeps will warn that the shield is about to disappear.

Also, whenever a Ship is destroyed, the replacement Ship is given temporary
shields.  This gives you a chance to escape any tight situation you may find
yourself in.

DISRUPTERS: These are represented on the map by large crosses.  Disrupters
cannot be destroyed.  Although you cannot see where a Disrupter begins or
ends in the top portion of the screen, you sure can tell when you are in the
middle of one!  You will find yourself surrounded by deadly Debris.  Avoid
contact with the Debris and try to get out of the Disrupter as quickly as
possible.  Shooting one of the Disrupter's Generators will help you to
escape safely.  This temporarily freezes the Disrupter so that you can
continue on through the tunnel without being followed.

PATROL SHIPS: Lone Patrol Ships in the tunnels are hazardous to your Ship
should you accidentally collide with one.  Shoot as many as you can.

SPACEMEN: Part of your mission is to rescue Spacemen who have been stranded
in Spider City.  To rescue a Spaceman, touch him with your ship.  Avoid
shooting them.  A true hero like Flash Gordon would never do a thing like that!

The Flash Gordon game play gets more and more difficult as each new City is
destroyed.  As soon as you have eliminated all the Hatching Pods from the
City Map and reach a place in the tunnel free of enemy objects, you will
advance to the next level.  You cannot advance while inside a Disrupter.  Up
to 39 conquered Cities can be displayed on the screen at once, although you
can continue to rid the universe of Spider Warriors for as long as you wish.

The key is to try and maintain shields at all times.  Once you have shields,
go to another Hatching Pod right away.  You can use the shielded Ship to
quickly destroy the Spider Warriors.

When the Disrupters speed up at the higher levels, it is almost essential to
shoot a Generator in order to escape.

Learn to use both displays.  The City Map is your only clue to where you are
and to where the Pods are.

Name                            Cities Conquered                        Score

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A game by David Lubar
Program and audio visual copyright 1982 Sirius Software, Inc.
Packaging copyright 1982 Fox Games, Inc.
Copyright by King Features Syndicate, Inc.
Copyright 1980 by Universal City Studios, Inc.
Flash Gordon is a trademark of King Features Syndicate, Inc.
All rights reserved

Fox Video Games, Inc., Saratoga, California 95071
Printed in Taiwan  82-FOX-2068

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance