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Frogger II: Threeedeep! - Parker Brothers - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Frogger II: Threedeep!




by Parker Brothers

c 1984

Look who's resurfaced in an all new adventure. It's Frogger! Three distinctly different screens take our fearless frog on another homeward bound journey, but this time it's underwater, over water, and through the air! Frogger must swim against strong currents. Whisk over whales and hippos, sidestep submarines, spring from cloud trampolines to high-flying birds and so much more. So, Frogger lovers, kiss your lily pads good-bye and get set some fast and frantic fun!

Setting The Console Controls

1.  Place the cartridge firmly into the cartridge slot.

2. Since this is a one-player game, plug a joystick controller into the LEFT CONTROLLER jack.

3. Flip the POWER switch to ON.

4. Set the DIFFICULTY switches. The LEFT switch controls the level at which you start.

    A = level 3 (Hard)
    B = level 1 (Easy)
The RIGHT switch controls the wrap around in the surface screen only:

    A = Loss of Frogger off screen (Hard)
    B = No loss of Frogger off screen (Easy)

5. Press RESET to begin.

At any time during the game you may start over again by pressing RESET. In addition, you may change the wrap around option during game play. The level option, however, cannot be changed once game play has begun.

The Joystick Controller

The joystick controls Frogger's movement forward, backward, left or right.

[Image of a joystick with up, down, left, right, and the fire button identified.]


To get Frogger safely into the required number of home berths.  Home 
berths are dispersed among the three different screens:  underwater, 
on the water's surface, and in the air.  In Level 1, for instance, 
there are five home berths; three in the underwater screen, and one each 
in the surface and air screens.  Frogger need not reach any of 
the home berths in one screen before he goes to the next screen.  As 
you'll see, Frogger may travel from one screen to another without loss of 
life.  To advance to a higher difficulty level, however, Frogger must 
fill all open berths in each of the three screens.

There are bonus points to be had in each screen, too. But you'll collect them only if you take Frogger to an open berth on that same screen!


In this game, Frogger has five lives.  Remaining lives appear in the form 
of squares at the bottom of the screen.  As home berths are filled, they 
disappear from the top of the screen.  (The air screen is an exception to 
this rule.)  Frogger's got a time band to watch out for, too.  If he 
doesn't make it to a berth by the time the band runs down, it's bye-bye, 
Frogger.  Before this happens, however, you'll hear a warning sound and 
see the band at the bottom of the screen turn yellow.

When Frogger loses a life, he returns to the first screen with his remaining lives.

Screen I: Underwater Frogger

Deep down, Frogger knows he's got his work cut out for him on this first 
leg of the journey.  Here's what Frogger should know as he tries to reach 
the log berths at the top of the screen:

Fish and submarines: In a word, "deadly." Don't touch any part of them.

Floating off screen: This will finish Frogger in a flash, so be careful about drifting in the strong current.

Joe the diving turtle: Joe is pretty nice to frogs. When he gives Frogger a free ride on his back. Frogger is safe from everybody else. Also, when he's with Joe, Frogger can't be hurt by drifting off screen. The two of them will wrap around to the other side.

Bubbles: Catch the air bubbles that float up from the bottom, and you'll earn bonus points. Remember that the bonus points count only if Frogger gets home on this screen!

Larry the eel: Larry the eel likes to blow bubbles from the ocean floor. Watch out because Larry can 'eeliminate' you!

Log Berths: Once all the log berths are filled, one solid log appears on screen. As described below, a log is the means by which Frogger reaches the surface screen.

Getting to the surface: Frogger can reach the next screen in two ways:

    a) By jumping into a log berth that's already filled.
    b) By jumping onto the ends or wooden undersides of any log.

Remember: You do not have to fill any of the log berths in order to reach the next screen.

Screen II: Surface Frogger

Frogger can't swim very well on the surface.  Therefore, the only way he 
can make it the life preserver berth, is to hip from one creature or 
object in a row to another in the next row.

If Frogger falls into the water, he sinks all the way down to the bottom of the underwater screen without loss of life. Remember, however, he may lose valuable time!

Logs: Logs always make safe passage.

Lily pads: Lily pads are safe to pass on and you earn bonus points each time you do. (The bonus points count only when you take Frogger home on that screen.) The lily pad disappears when Frogger jumps off.

Baby ducks and Mama Duck: Baby ducks are happy to give Frogger a lift. But don't let Mama Duck catch him at it, or she'll come after him!

Hippos: Hippos mean well. They're perfectly safe to ride on, except for the moment when they rise up out of the water. If Frogger is on board when this happens, it's into the drink for our fearless friend.

Whales: Take a ride on a whale. It's fun! But if it dives, Frogger had better be riding on the spout--or else it's Frogger over and under!

Turtles: Frogger is perfectly safe riding turtleback--until it dives...!

Sharks: In higher levels, sharks skim the lily pads. Frogs beware when you hear the shark warning!

Tugboat: Try not to hit the tugboat. It's the life preserver berth Frogger is heading for.

Floating off screen: Don't let this happen if the RIGHT DIFFICULTY switch is set at A!

Getting into the air: The only way to get airborne is to jump onto Mama Duck who flaps her wings and flies Frogger there. Just remember that she won't do Frogger this favor when he's riding with her babies!

Screen III: Airborne Frogger

In this screen, our hero finds himself on a large cloud.  This cloud has 
a lot of spring, so start bouncing Frogger up and down, holding the 
joystick UP to bounce higher and higher.  Move the joystick DIAGONALLY to 
bounce sideways and DOWN to stop bouncing.  The trick is to hop onto a 
bird, then keep hopping from row to row until Frogger reaches the cloud 

Butterflies: Yum! Frogger loves to eat butterflies and each time he does, he receives bonus points (and keeps them when he makes it home on that screen). He pays a certain price for it, though, because when he gobbles a butterfly, two holes open up (or widen) in the cloud--holes that Frogger might fall through!

Clyde the flying dragon: Because Clyde loves those pretty little butterflies, he stays close by to protect them. He doesn't do this for Frogger, so don't run into him.

Birds and zeppelins: Frogger can catch a ride with any of the birds or zeppelins in the sky. If Frogger should miss a connection and fall, he may be caught by a cloud, unless, of course, he falls through a hole.

The Airplane: In higher levels, an airplane appears at the top of the screen. Stay away from it! Little frogs are not meant to ride airplanes.

Bonus Frogger: Every 2,000 points, Frogger earns another chance to stay in the game.

Juanita White Bat: Deadly by night. Deadly by day. Stay away from her!

Flying or bouncing off screen: Don't let this happen!

Falling through a hole in the cloud: If Frogger falls through a hole in the cloud, he ends up in the surface screen.

Difficulty Levels

As the game progresses from level to level, the speed and density of 
obstacles increase, making the game more an more challenging.  There are 
nine levels in all.

End of Game

The game ends when Frogger loses his last life.  To play again, press RESET.


Reaching a home berth....................................99 points

Advancing a row(underwater and 

surface screens only)......................................1 point

Time remaining....................................1 point per tick

Bonus points:
Eating an air bubble.....................................50 points
Jumping off a lily pad...................................50 points
Eating a butterfly.......................................50 points

Note: Bonus points are collected only when Frogger reaches a home berth on that same screen.
Bonus frog....................................1 every 2,000 points

And of course, this game was made by Atari in 1988.  This game manual
was typed in by me!  Who am I?  I am Eddie Beiles.  I can be reached at
[email protected] if you 
have any questions about this 
game manual.  Or you can email me and thank me for typing it in.  Anyway,
enjoy the game and this wonderfully typed in manual. 10/10/95

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance