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Frostbite - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

                       Frostbite Bailey's (TM)
                     ARCTIC ARCHITECT'S HANDBOOK

                           Activision (R)

The object of the game is to help Frostbite Bailey (TM) build igloos 
by jumping on floating blocks of ice.  Be careful to avoid these 
deadly hazards: clams, snowgeese, Alaskan king crab, grizzly polar 
bears, and the rapidly dropping temperature.


1. Insert game cartridge into your video game console with power OFF.
   Then, turn power ON.

2. Plug in Joystick Controller/s.  Solo player uses left Joystick.

3. The difficulty switches are not used.

4. Select game with game select switch.

   Game 1 - Regular      Game 2 - Regular, Two Players
   Game 3 - Advanced     Game 4 - Advanced, Two Players

   Regular games start at level 1.  Advanced games start at level 5.

5. The Joystick Controller is held with the red button in the upper
   left position.

   * To move Frostbite Bailey left or right, move Joystick left or

   * He'll move up when you push the Joystick forward, and move down
     when you pull it back.

   * To reverse the direction of the ice floe [sic] you are standing
     on, press the red button.  But remember, each time you do, your
     igloo will lose a block, unless its completely built.

6. To begin a new game, press the game reset.  The ice will start to
   move and Frostbite can start jumping.

7. Reserves.  You begin the game with one active Frostbite Bailey
   (TM) and three on reserve.   With each increase of 5,000 points,
   a bonus Frostbite is added to your reserves (up to a maximum of

8. Frostbite gets lost each time he falls into the Arctic Sea, gets
   chased away by a Polar Grizzly, or gets caught outside when the
   temperature drops to zero.

(Picture of the game)


Building Codes.  Each time Frostbite Bailey (TM) jumps onto a white 
ice floe, a "block" is added to the igloo.  Once jumped upon, the 
white ice turns blue.  It can still be jumped on, but it won't add 
points to your score or blocks to your igloo.  When all four rows are 
blue, they turn white again.  The igloo is complete when the door 
appears.  Frostbite may then jump into it.

Work Hazards.  Avoid contact with Alaskan King Crabs, snow geese, and 
killer clams, as they will push Frostbite Bailey into the fatal 
Arctic Sea.  The Polar Grizzlies come out of hibernation at level 4 
and, upon contact, will chase Frostbite right off-screen (note: 
actually left off-screen:).


Fresh Fish swim by regularly.  They are Frostbite's only food, and, 
as such, are also additives to your score.  Catch 'em if you can.

Night and Day.  Frostbite works the day shift and the night shift.  
He must build four igloos per shift.

A Magic Fish will appear near your score when you've racked up a 
certain high number of points.  Watch for it!


                                                         Points For
Level                   Points per Iceblock            Entering Igloo
  1                              10                          160
  2                              20                          320
  3                              30                          480
  4                              40                          640
  5                              50                          800
  6                              60                          960
  7                              70                         1120
  8                              80                         1280
  9                              90                         1440

Scoring remains constant after the ninth level.

* Fish are worth 200 points each.

* Also, each degree remaining when Frostbite Bailey (TM) enters his 
igloo will add points to your score as follows:

                     10 * Degree * Level Number


Getting into any builder's association requires paying your dues.  
Score 40,000 points or more, and we'll figure you paid yours.  If you 
find the magic fish, we'll be really impressed!  Send us a photo of 
the TV screen showing your qualifying your score, along with your 
name and address, and we'll send you the official Arctic Architects 
emblem.  Be sure to write the name "Frostbite" and your score on the 
bottom corner of the envelope.  (Picture of the Emblem)


The Arctic probably ranks as the area least chosen by homebuyers, and 
most of us know little, if anything, about this amazing land.  Yet, 
the Arctic has been home to some of the happiest and healthiest 
members of humankind for thousands of years--the Eskimos!

Traditional Eskimos believe that nature's gift belong to everyone.  
There is no private property except for tools and clothes.  
Everything else is shared--not only with community members, but with 
any stranger that travels by!

It is only while traveling that Eskimos live in their famous snow 
houses.  All houses are called "igloos" whether they are made of 
wood, fur, mud, or snow.  The snow variety can be built in about one 
hour.  Here's how:

A knife with a long, wife blade is used to cut snow into blocks 
measuring 36" x 18" x 6".  These are piled in a continuous spiral.

The entrance is a tunnel under the snow or, when the ground is 
frozen, a long hall, above-ground.  This keeps out the cold wind, and 
keeps the warm air inside.  A hole is made in the roof for 

There are fascinating things to learn from our Arctic sisters and 
brothers.  Find out more at your library.


Tips from Steve Cartwright, designer of Frostbite (TM)

/Steve Cartwright is an Activision senior designer.  His prolific 
talents have already brought you Barnstorming (TM), Megamania (TM), 
Seaquest (TM), and Plaque Attack (TM).  Aside from video games, Steve 
enjoys motorcycle touring and photography./

"Here are my favorite tips for high scoring:

"Learn to use the red button sparingly.  The best time to use it is 
to 'fake out' the bear by drawing him to the middle of the screen and 
quickly changing direction.

"Don't be greedy with the fish.  Get them if they come by.  However, 
going out of your way often uses too much time.

"Another thing: You can move Frostbite Bailey in mid-air and, at the 
higher levels, you can really hook him around.  Check out just how 
far he'll go.

"Notice that hazards only get you when both feet are planted.  
Therefore, it's possible to jump 'around' hazards since they can't 
hurt you in mid-air.

"Now here's a secret tip I've decided to share: If you jump up onto 
the extreme left of the shore, the bear can't get you.  It's 
Frostbite's emergency hide-out.

"Now that you know the inside scoop, I'm expecting some really high 
scores.  But don't stay on the ice too long: You can't write when 
your hands are cold.  And, at the very least, I'm expecting a 

Steve Cartwright
(signature with picture of him huddling for warmth in his parka)

Let us get to know you!  If you have questions or comments about our 
games or clubs, or want to be added to our mailing list, drop us a 
note or call the "Game Hotline" toll-free at 800-633-GAME.  In 
California, please call 415-940-6044/5.  (Note: These numbers 
probably don't work anymore, so don't call them.  They are here for 
historical reasons only.)

Activision, Inc., Drawer No. 7287, Mountain View, CA 94039

Atari (R), 2600 (TM), and Video Computer System (TM) are trademarks 
of ATARI, Inc.

(C) 1983 Activision (R)  AX-031-03  Printed in the U.S.A.


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The newest Activision release is "Activision 2600 Action Pack I" for 
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Activision does read our group!

This 2600 video game manual has been reproduced electronically due to 
the rareness of finding the game, much less than finding it with the 
manual.  The intent behind reproducing this document is having it 
available for non-profit use.  This document has been stored so 
others who find FROSTBITE cartridges can be able to play and enjoy 
the game as well.

--- Atari 2600 Manual Archive, NGS3 ---

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance