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King Kong

Tigervision 7-001


A one or two player game for
the Atari Video Computer System
or Sears Tele-Games
using joystick controllers

King Kong(tm)

King Kong has captured the girl and put her on top of the Empire State Building. You must climb up and save her. But watch out, King Kong is throwing bombs. If you're quick, you can jump over them and score points. But if you miss, you'll be blown to bits. Some of the bombs are magic. if you jump them, you'll score extra points and get boosted to the next higher floor. There are holes in some of the floors too. You have to take a running jump to get over these, or else you'll fall through...and splat.


Use your joystick controllers with this TIGERVISION(tm) game cartridge. For a one player game, use the left joystick only. Hold the joystick with the red button to your upper left.


Make sure the console unit is turned off when removing or plugging in the game cartridge.


Turn the console unit on. The game number will be displayed at the top of the TV screen. See the game feature chart for the particular features associated with each game number. Press the game select switch to select the desired game number.


When you are ready to play, press the game reset switch. King Kong will jump up to the seventh floor of the building and put the girl on top of the building. You will start with three men, displayed at the lower left of the TV screen for player one: at the lower right for player two. When your man is killed, the number of men you have left will be displayed. When you've lost your third man, the game is over. At the end of a two player game, the players' scores will be displayed alternately. Player one's score will be displayed with a man at the lower left, player two's with a man at the lower right.


You control the man with your joystick. Move the handle left and the man will walk to the left. Move the handle right and the man will walk to the right. When the man is at the foot of one of the ladders, push the handle forward and the man will climb up. Pull the handle back and the man will climb back down. When the man is standing, press the red button on the joystick and the man will jump straight up. if the man is walking, press the red button and the man will jump in an arc. When the man is climbing, he can't jump. Also, when the man is on the top floor of the building, he can't jump.


Jumping over a bomb will add 25 points to your score. Jumping over a magic bomb will add 125 points to your score. Bonus points are displayed at the top right of the TV screen. The bonus points start at 990 and count down at 10 points per second. When the man reaches the top of the building, the bonus points will be added to your score. The faster you get the man to the top, the higher your bonus. If the bonus points reach zero, your man is killed.


|   1    |     1     |  YES  | SLOW  |
|   2    |     2     |  YES  | SLOW  |
|   3    |     1     |   NO  | SLOW  |
|   4    |     2     |   NO  | SLOW  |
|   5    |     1     |  YES  | FAST  |
|   6    |     2     |  YES  | FAST  |
|   7    |     1     |   NO  | FAST  |
|   8    |     2     |   NO  | FAST  |



909 Orchard Mundelein, IL. 60060
(C)1982 Tiger Electronic Toys, Inc.

ATARI(R) and Video Computer System(tm) are trademarks of

Tele-Game(tm) and Video Arcade(R) are trademarks of Sears,
Roebuck and Co.

King Kong is trademark of Universal Studios Inc.
(c)1982 Universal City Studios Inc.

Printed in Taiwan

Manual typed in by Albert Yarusso, [email protected], 11/12/98