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Lock 'N Chase
(Typed in by Corey Stup ([email protected]) on 11/9/93)

M Network

Lock 'N' Chase (TM) 

(For 1 or 2 players)

The object of the game is to keep your thief one jump ahead of the
police...and pick up as many gold bars as you can!!!  The police
are trailing close behind.  You'll need fancy footwork to dodge 'em.
Don't get cornered.  Slan a door to block their way.  Keep running!

For Your Atari* Video Game System

(C)Mattel, Inc. 1982.  Hawthorne, CA 90250.  Printed in USA.  All
  Rights Reserved.

t Lock'N'Chase is a trademark of DATA EAST, Inc. used under licence.
(C)1981,1982 DATA EAST, Inc.     *ATARI is a trademark of ATARI, INC.

-- The Game --

It's a cops and robbers chase at your local bank.  You have five
thieves.  They enter the vault one at a time.  Four police officers
are hot on the thief's trail.  Direct the thief down the corridors.
Keep him away from the law!  The thief is "caught" when he collides
with a policeman.  The action stops.

Your thief picks up gold bars as he runs.  When all the gold bars are
gone from the vault, the red door opens and you can escape at the top
of the screen.  Push the RED BUTTON and you have a whole new set of
gold bars to pick up.  Points are mounting!

Get extra points for picking up the "treasures".  They randomly appear
in the center of the screen.  You have to be fast!  They only appear
for a short time.
The game ends when all your thieves are "caught".  The final score
flashes.  Reset the game and start again.

-- The Controllers --

Use your joystick controllers with this game.  Be sure the controller
cables are securely plugged intro the back of your game console.
Hold the controller so the red button is to your upper left.

Choose level of difficulty: Before the game beginds, set your
Difficulty Siwtch to "A" or "B".  "A" gives you a fast game, "B"
starts a slow game, and gets faster.  Be sure to set both Difficulty
Switches in a two-player game.

Choose 1 or 2 players: Before the game begins, press down on Game
Select.  If you do not see any thieves at the bottom of the screen,
it's a 1-player game.  But if you see two thieves at the bottom,
you have selected a 2-player game.  The left joystick controls the
red thieves.  The right controls the green.

Set up the game: You need to restart the game after a thief is
"caught", or after your thief picks up all the gold bars and runs
through the red door.  To do this, press the RED BUTTON.   Look
at the bottom of the screen and see how many thieves you have left!

Move your thief: Move your thief by pushing on the JOYSTICK.  You
can make him move in four different directions.  You can quickly
change the direction the thief is running.

Your thief can escape the clutches of the police by running through
open doors on the left and right sides of the vault.  When he runs
out one side, he quickly enters on the other side.  Be careful!
Don't run smack into a policeman on the other side.

Slam Doors:  You can slam a door behind a thief and diver the cops'
pursuit.  To do this, press the RED BUTTON.  Doors only slam
horizontally at the black lines in the corridors,  Only two doors
can be slammed at a time.  After a few seconds, the door opens
again.  Watch out...the thief cannot run through a door either!

-- Winning Tips --
o  Keep your thief on the run!  Always look for an escape route, the
   police are right behind you.
o  Try to trap police between two doors on the lower left or right
   vertical corridors.  Get extra points for this feat.
o  Don't stay around open side doors for long...the police can come
   through here too!
o  Be careful in the corners.  It's easy to get trapped there!

-- Scoring --
Gold Bars               20 points each
Upper Treasure          500, 1000, 2000 then 4000 points
Lower Treasure          250, 500, 1000, 2000, etc., doubling each time
Trap a Cop              2000 points each time (once per screen)

Important: Be sure to turn your game unit off when not in use.

-- 90 Day Limited Warranty --
Mattel Electronics warrants to the original consumer purchaser of any
cartridges or cassette it manufactures that the product will be free
of defects in material or workmanship for 90 days from the date of
purchase.  If defective, return the product along with proof of the
date-of-purchase to either your local dealer or, postage prepaid, to:
  Mattel Electronics Service Center (West)
  5000 West 147th Street
  Hawthorne, California 90250

  Mattel Electronics Service Center (East)
  10 Abeel Road
  Cranbury, New Jersey 08512

for repair or replacement.  This warranty give you specific legal
rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to
state.  This warranty does not cover damage resulting from accident,
misuse, or abuse.


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