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Malagai - Answer Software - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Malagai by Answer Software


ASC 1001

Help Commander Harrington Crag of the starship "Endless Search" escape the hot pursuit of the MALAGAI. A game that offers different playing speeds and strategy levels that is sure to challenge your mind and skills. Get ready to enjoy the action! This is the first of ANSWER SOFTWARE's new and exciting series of video game cartridges designed specifically for user programmability.

Copyright (c) 1983 Answer Software Corporation
All rights reserved


You are Harrington 'Harry' Crag, commander of the starship "Endless Search".

You have landed on a MALAGAI starbase to make emergency repairs to your ship.  The repairs are now complete but the MALAGAI are holding you for ransom...they need the secrets of your advanced civilization!!! You are allowed to roam about the ship as long as you are not away from your compartment too long and you do not try to escape. Your ship is located outside a series of three airlocks. The key to each airlock is held by one of the MALAGAI. You must catch the MALAGAI in the order shown at the top of the screen and get to the airlock before being captured. If you take too long, or catch the wrong MALAGAI, returning to your compartment will make the MALAGAI friendly again and give you another chance for escape.


1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect your Atari 2600 or compatible video game system to your television set.

2. Plug in your joystick controller(s). For a single player, use the left joystick. Set both difficulty switches to the "A" position.

3. Game select switch:
   a) There are three game strategy levels. Game level 1 is the easiest, level 3 the hardest.
   b) Depress the game select switch until the desired strategy level and number of players are displayed.

4. Hold the joystick with the red button in the upper left position.

5. Starting the game:
   a) If there is no game in progress, press the red button on the joystick. If there is a game in progress and you wish to start over, press game reset on the console.
   b) Observe the three MALAGAI displayed above the maze. The leftmost figure indicates which MALAGAI has the first key. The center figure indicates who has the second key, and the rightmost figure indicates who has the third and final key. When you are ready move the joystick to start the action.
   c) When you exit from one starbase level and enter the next, or lose a crew member, no action will take place until you move the joystick.
   d) If there are two players, the players rotate when the current player loses a crew member. As before - actions begin when you move the joystick.

6. Difficulty switches:
"A" position - 15 seconds to catch a MALAGAI (indicated by the time line at the bottom of the screen)
"B" position - 10 seconds to catch a MALAGAI.

7. Each time you exit from the third (blue) starbase level you obtain an additional crew member.

8. Point value Obtain for

50 Bonus if captured MALAGAI has the right key
100 Capture MALAGAI anytime when friendly
100 Open one of the three airlocks
150 Open last airlock of current starbase level
250 Open last airlock of third (blue) starbase level

9. Game is over when all your crew members have been destroyed by the MALAGAI or you exit from the third starbase into the infinite reaches of space.


All three MALAGAI have different shapes and colors. When you capture a MALAGAI the airlocks at the top of the screen will blink if you have the right key.

All three MALAGAI have the same shape but different colors.

FOR EXPERTS ONLY!!! MALAGAI are the same shape and same color - and the airlocks and compartment WILL NOT BLINK!!!


* When you are trying to catch a MALAGAI they will run from you. You can use this to your advantage by "herding" them towards the airlocks to increase your chances of reaching the airlocks before being captured.

* After you have captured a MALAGAI, they will begin to chase you. You may have to lead them away from your true destination temporarily to get them out of the immediate vicinity of the airlocks or compartment.

* Keep your eye on the time line at the bottom of the screen. If you are running out of time, return to your compartment quickly so as not to lose a crewmember - and you will regain additional time.

* When you capture (make contact on the screen) a MALAGAI, immediately point the joystick in the direction you wish to go in order to reach the airlock in time - you are only allowed a small head start and if you take too long you will be captured immediately!