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Mega Force - 20th Century Fox - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Mega Force

by 20th Century Fox
c 1982

A Game By Dallas North

Deeds Not Words


Set up your video computer system and left joystick controller as
instruced in your manufacture owner's manual.  Move the Color/B-W lever
to the correct setting.  Turn the power OFF and insert MEGAFORCE game


Turn the power ON.  Use the Game Select lever and Difficulty Switches
to choose a play level.  Press the Game Reset lever to begin an action-
packed adventure from start to finish.


Because of your reputation as a clever and daring memeber of the
MEGAFORCE, you have been sent to Sardoun, a strategically important
Democratic nation currently under attack.  Your mission is to destroy
the Enemy Headquaters.  Armed with the world's most advanced fighting
machine, the Moto-Fighter, you are dropped off just outside Sardoun. 
You must pass the city and make your way across the barren desert to
the Enemy Headquarters on a limited supply of fuel.  You'll be
challenged the entire way by heavy air and ground attack.  Should you
travel too far into the barren desert, flashing arrows will direct you
back toward the enemy--that's the only help you can expect.


Tilt the joystick forward, backward, left and right to maneuver the
Moto-Fighter around the screen.  The Moto-Fighter fires missiles at a
downward angle when on the ground.  When the Moto-Fighter takes to the
air, it fires straight foward.  Either way, the Moto-Fighter can fire
while moving forward or backward or while stationary.


All game information is displayed in a bar at the top of the screen. 
The first line displays the current scome and warming messages. 
"ALERT" warns that deadly Enemy Aircraft are approaching from the
right.  "DEFEND" lets you knoe that Enemy Aircraft are close to, or are
attacking Sardoun.  The information bar will flash from blue to BLACK
when Sardoun has been totally destroyed.  Your Fuel supply and extra
Moto-Fighters are tallied on the second line.

[Image of the playing screen at the start of the game.  The Play Level
(Demo Mode Only) is centered at the top of the screen.  Just below
that, is the Fuel Remaining, a number next to a "F:".  The Moto-
Fighters Remaining is the number next too the little man.  The Moto-
Fighter is the ship that you contol.  The Bullet is what comes out of
the Moto-Fighter when you press the fire button.  The Exploding Enemy
Aircraft is what the enemy ships look like after a bullet hits it.  The
Flashing Arrow directs you from the left side of the screen to the
right side (which is the direction to the enemy headquarters).  Sardoun
is the cluster of white buildings at the bottom of the screen.]


Each game of MEGAFORCE is made up of several, increasingly difficult,
"rounds."  A round ends when the Enemy Headquarters had been destroyed. 
Reamaing Moto-Fighters are carried over into each new round.  All
Objects, Prizes and Fuel are replenished.  You must use the Game Select
lever to advance to another play level.

LEVEL 1--NORMAL GAME PLAY: You begin the game with 39 gallons of Fuel
and 4 Moto-Fighters.  You can gain up to 59 gallons of Fuel during

LEVEL 2--ADVANCED GAME PLAY: You begin with 29 gallons of Fuel and 3
Moto-Fighters.  You can only gain up to 59 gallons of Fuel during play.

LEVEL 3--EXPERT GAME PLAY: You begin with 19 gallons of Fuel and 4
Moto-Fighters.  You can gain up to 59 gallons of Fuel during play.

LEVEL 4--EASY PARACTICE GAME: You begin with 99 gallons of Fuel and 8
Moto-Fighters.  Also, Enemy Aircraft do not shoot at you.

LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH A: Prizes under Fuel Depot appear in random

LEFT DIFFICULTY SWITCH B: Prizes appear in fixed order.

RIGHT DIFFICULTY SWITCH A: Enemy Aircraft allowed to pass you will head
for Sardoun and attack it.

RIGHT DIFFICULTY SWITCH B: Enemy Aircraft allowed to pass you will stay
and protect Fuel Depots.  They will occassionally go to Sardoun.

[Image of the game during the middle of a round.  The Warning Message
is at the top center of the screen.  The Palm Tree and Lake are at the
bottom of the screen.  The Ground Rockets are also at the bottom of the
screen, and they are the things that shoot up at you.  The Fuel Depots
are also at the bottom of the screen, and if you shoot them, you gain
fuel and prizes.]


One gallon of Fuel is lost for every second of game play.  Your Moto-
Fighter will flash when its tank is almost empty.  Running out of Fuel
causes you to lose one Moto-Fighter, as does allowing Sardoun to be
destroyed.  Moto-Fighters are also lost by carashing into or being shot
by Enemy Aircraft and Ground Rockets.  Points, Fuel and extra Moto-
Fighters are earned by destroying various Objects and Prizes (see
IN THAT "ROUND" OF THE GAME.  The game ends when you run out of Moto-
Fighters.  Don't forget to write down your high scores on the back of
this booklet.

[Image of the game at the end of a round.  The Current Score is at the
top center of the screen.  The Prize is the gold-colored item at the
bottom of the screen.  The Enemy Aircraft are the UFOs that fly around. 
Endmy Headquarters are the black buildings at the bottom of the


PALM TREES, LAKES AND ARROWS: Blasting these will have no effect on the

GROUND ROCKETS: These can be destroyed only BEFORE they are launched
from the ground.  You receive 300 points for each one shot to pieces.

ENEMY AIRCRAFT: These are worth 100 points each.  Any allowed to pass
by may head straight for Sardoun on a bombing raid.  Every time an
enemy bomb blows up a Sardounian tower, the information bar will flash
to white and you will hear a muffled explosion.

SARDOUN (WHITE): Each tower destroyed is worth 100-400 points and adds
10 gallons of Fuel to your tank.  Remember, however, once Sardoun is
destroyed you cannot earn nay more points during that round AND you
lose a MOto-Fighter at the end of the round.

ENEMY HEADQUARTES (BLACK): Each tower exploded is worth 300-600 points. 
Total destruction of the Enemy Headquarters ends that round and adds on
1 additional point.

FUEL DEPOTS: Each tank demolished is worth 80 points and 10 gallons of
Fuel.  If the entire Dpot is destroyed, a Prize will appear in that
area which you can also shoot.

PRIZES: If allowed to scroll off the screen, they will disappear.  Make
sure they are "safe" Prizes, then shoot them right away.  Don't shoot
Enemy Aircraft or Ground Rockets found under the Fuel Depots.  The
consequences are severe.

|                  |          |          |                          |
|       PRIZE      |  POINTS  |   FUEL   |       CONSEQUENCES       |
|                  |          |  GAINED  |                          |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|      MISSILE     |    300   |    10    |            ---           |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|   MOTO-FIGHTER   |    300   |    10    |            ---           |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|                  |          |          |   Adds 7 Enemy Aircraft  |
|  ENEMY AIRCRAFT  |    100   |     0    |   and 3 Rocket Bases to  |
|                  |          |          |        The Screen        |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|   GROUND ROCKET  |     70   |     0    |  Same As Enemy Aircraft  |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|    YELLOW PALM   |    400   |    20    |            ---           |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|        MAN       |    600   |    20    |   Adds One Moto-Fighter  |
|                  |          |          |                          |
|       ARROW      |     0    |     0    |            ---           |


Ground Rockets are able to rise to the top of the screen in order to
reach you.  You can elude them (unless they are directly under you) by
quickly reversing the Moto-Fighter's direction.  At the higher levels,
however, it is safer to avoid the Ground Rockets and go on to the next

If you need to rest for a bit, head for the desert area left of Sardoun
or right of Enemy Headquarters.  Enemy Aircraft cannot fly into these
areas and while you are there they will not bomb Sardoun.

|                            |         |         |
|            NAME            |  LEVEL  |  SCORE  |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |
|                            |         |         |

And of course, this game was made by Fox Video Games in 1982.  This game 
manual was typed in by me!  Who am I?  I am Eddie Beiles.  I can be 
reached at [email protected] if you have any questions about 
this game manual.  Or you can email me and thank me for typing it in.  
Anyway, enjoy the game and this wonderfully typed in manual.    4/9/95

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance