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Mouse Trap (Coleco)
 Exidy's MOUSE TRAP     CARTRIDGE INSTRUCTIONS                  Guide No.78086
        For use with the Atari Video Computer System and Sears Video Arcade.
                                * For color or black-and-white TV
                                * Select from four skill levels

        Here's your home version of the fun-filled Exidy arcade game!  MOUSE
        TRAP(tm) for Atari features a cheese-chomping mouse that you dash 
        around a dangerous maze.  Open and shut maze doors to escape the 
        pursuing cats.  Eat a bone, then turn your mouse into a cat-biting dog
        for a few moments.  Gather points by eating the cheeses that line the 
        paths of the maze.  Devour them all and move on to even harder action!

        * Make sure the Video Computer System(tm) is connected to the TV and 
          the power adapter switch is plugged in.
        * Be sure the B-W/Color switch is set to the "Color" position.

          To play a fun game variation, Invivsible Maze MOUSE TRAP(tm), set the
          B-W/Color switch to "B-W".  This variation features the same game play
          as MOUSE TRAP(tm), but the maze, cheeses and bones are invisible.

        * Be sure you have plugged a joystick controller into the left jack at
          the rear of the Video Computer System(tm).

        * Insert cartridge as shown, then turn On/Off switch ON.

        [ATARI(R) Video Computer System(tm)(show a digram of the VCS, front and
        back with joysticks and a TV set.  Also, shows a COLECO Cartridge 
        correctly inserted into the VCS, Label side UP.)]

        NOTE: Use only the left controller for MOUSE TRAP(tm).

        1. CONTROL STICK: Push the Control Stick up, down, left or right to
        make the mouse or dog move in that direction.

        2. RED BUTTON: Press the Red Button With a quick, sharp tap to change
        your mouse into a dog.  Press the Red Button for a longer period to 
        move the doors.

        STEP 1: Choose your skill level.
        Set the Difficulty Switches to choose the amount of challenge you want!

        Left Difficulty Switch          Right Difficultly Switch
          Smart Cats:   A                    Fast Cats:   A
          Dumb Cats:    B                    Slow Cats:   B

        Then press the Game Reset Button.
        STEP 2: The race is on!
        After you select your Game Option, the first of your three mice appears
        in the maze.  Move the mouse through the maze and try to eat all the


                            0   <- score indicator x <- bones remaining indicator mm <- mice remaining indicator _________ _________ |. .|. .|___|. .|. .| |_ | | _| |. x .|. . . .|. x .| | ____| _____ |____ | |.d. . .d.|.d. . .d.| c="cat" | | | | |-- m="mouse" |.|. .|. .|. .|.| x="bone" c | | __| |__ | | c .="cheese" |. . .d.|.d. . .| d="door" |d--- d|-- |. x .|. m .|. x .| | ___ | | ___ | |. .|.d. . . .d.|. .| | _____ | |.|. . .| c |. . .|.| @@ @@ @@ @@@@@@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@ @@@@ @@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@ @@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@@ @@ @@ @@@ @@ @@ @@ @@@@ @@@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@ @@@@@ @@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@@@@@@@@@@@@ @@@@@@@ @@@ @@@ @@@ @@ @@@@@ cat mouse [NOTE: instead of c and m, the cat and mouse look like this] STEP 3: Cat and mouse. Watch out for the pursuing cats! Open and close maze doors to block their paths. Become an expert at pressing the Red Button for just the right amount of time to foil their chase. STEP 4: Dog gone it! Are the cats ganging up on you? Get your revenge! Your mouse can become a cat-biting dog if it has eaten a bone. Check the Bones Remaining Indicator. (Notice that the mouse has already eaten one bone at game start.) If you have a bone, press the Red Button for just the right short period to turn your mouse into a cat-biting dog for a few happy moments. Remember, each time you change your mouse into a dog, you use up one bone. So eat more bones and save them up for emergencies. But be careful. You can save only up to four bones at a time. The game ends when all your mice have been eliminated. _____________ | SCORING |----------------------------- | | | Eating a cheese: 1 point | | Biting a cat: 10 points | | Clearing the maze: 100 points | You get three mice at game start. Each time your score reaches a multiple of 500, you earn a bonus mouse. THE FUN OF DISCOVERY This instruction booklet will provide the basic information you need to get started playing MOUSE TRAP(tm), but it is only the beginning! You'll find that this cartridge is full of special features to make MOUSE TRAP(tm) exciting every time you play. Experiment with different techniques and enjoy the game! 90-DAY LIMITED WARRANTY [Warranty Information Omitted] C O L E C O MOUSE TRAP(tm) is the trademark of Exidy, Inc. (c) 1981 Exidy Incorporated Atari(r) and Video Computer System(tm) are trademarks of Atari, Inc. Sears Video Arcade(tm) is a trademark of Sears Roebuck & Co. Package, Program and Audiovisual (c) 1982 Coleco Industries, Inc. Amsterdam, New York 12010 Printed in U.S.A. Atari 2600 Instructions Archive------------------- 

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