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Mr. Do! - Coleco - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Mr Do!

        For use with the GEMINI, Atari 2600 VCS and
        other compatible game systems.


        Guide Mr. Do as he tries to harvest his orchard before the evil Badguys
can catch him.  Quick!  Mow a path to the cherries and start picking!  But 
watch out - here comes a Badguy!  Throw your Power Ball to squelch him.  But
another one is on the way, so run until your Power Ball comes back.

        You're not completely defenseless, though.  You can push apples on top
of the Badguys to quash their pursuit.  Sometimes when you're not looking, a
Badguy changes into an Alphamonster.  Don't let it near Mr. Do!  Eliminate all
five Alphamonsters to spell E-X-T-R-A and win an extra Mr. Do!



        Choose your Challenge.

        Insert the cartridge, then turn your game system on.  Press GAME RESET.
        The Title Screen for MR. DO will appear on your TV.

        If you would like to play a game at the easiest level (Skill 1) right
        away, press the Play/Action Button on your hand controller.

        If you would like to select a harder level, press GAME SELECT until the
        number of the skill level you want apppears in the center of the 
        screen.  Then press the Play/Action Button.

           Skill 1:  The easiest level, suitable for play by beginners.  Your
                     opponents move slowly and track you poorly. 

           Skill 2:  The action is harder, but not as demanding as the arcade
                     version of the game.  The opponents move more quickly and
                     track you a little more accurately.

           Skill 3:  The action approximates the difficutly of the arcade
                     version of MR. DO!

           Skill 4:  The game is the toughest challenge of all!

        Player 1 uses the left controller.

        Be sure the B-W/Color switch is set to the "Color" position on your
        game system if you have a color TV.


        1.  Left Controller:  Hold the left controller with the Play/Action
            Button to your upper left (toward the TV).

        2.  Control Stick:  Push the Control Stick up (away from you), down
            (toward you), left or right to move Mr. Do in that direction.

        3.  Play/Action Button:  Press the Play/Action Button to start each new
            screen, and to make Mr. Do throw his Power Ball.  Mr. Do must face
            an opponent to eliminate it successfully this way.


        Getting started.

        To start a game immediately after turning on your console, just press
        the Play/Action Button on your hand controller.  The game comes up in
        Skill 1.  To start another game, press GAME RESET.

        Harvest time!

        Mr. Do begins at the bottom center of the screen, ready to harvest his
        cherry orchard.  Use the Control Stick to move him toward a row of
        ripe-red cherries.  Mr. Do mows as he goes!  But watch out:  the mowed
        paths leave him open to trouble.

        Here come the Badguys.

        Soon after game start, evil Badguys begin to appear at the Badguy spot,
        then set out hunting for Mr. Do.  They can't mow, but they can follow
        Mr. Do's open paths.  Don't let them get too close!  If a Badguy
        contacts Mr. Do, Mr. Do is eliminated.

        Mr. Do fights back.

        If a Badguy gets too close for comfort, Mr. Do can throw his Power
        Ball.  Use the Control Stick to turn Mr. Do toward his opponent.  Then
        press the Play/Action Button to throw the Power Ball.  Kapow!  The
        Badguy is eliminated and you earn points.  But be careful.  Mr. Do must
        get his Power Ball back before he can throw it again.  Sometimes it 
        returns quickly, but sometimes it takes its sweet time.

        How do you like them apples?

        Mr. Do can bonk a Badguy - even more than one - with an apple.  Mow a
        path up toward either side of an apple, but not directly beneath it.
        Then cut across under the apple and move on for a bit.  The apple falls
        into your path and blocks the pursuers.  Now turn around and push the 
        apple on top of the Badguys.  The more Badguys you squash, the more 
        points you earn!  Careful, though.  If you mow a path all the way up 
        and directly beneath an apple, the apple will fall on Mr. Do and he
        will be eliminated!

        They can dig it.

        Badguys are not all that defenseless.  They can transform into Blue
        Chompers if they want to get at Mr. Do in a hurry.  Watch for the
        change.  Then keep an eye on the Blue Chomper as it digs through the
        grass.  If it gets too close, hit it with the Power Ball or an apple.
        Be careful, though.  Early in the game, sometimes a Badguy will change
        into a Blu Chomper as you push an apple against it.  If this happens, 
        retreat from the apple for a second.  The Blue Chomper starts digging
        down.  When it does, quickly push the apple over it.  Crunch!  But 
        you're only safe for the moment!

        Spelling Wins!

        Alphamonsters can be deadly, too.  An Alphamonster can sometimes appear
        in the paths when:

           1.  your score reaches a multiple of 1000 points, and
           2.  the Alphamonster in the E-X-T-R-A Mr. Do Register is over a 
               letter you haven't won yet.

        Hit the Alphamonter with a Power Ball or bonk it with an apple to earn
        the letter on its chest.  Be quick!  If the Alphamonster starts to
        change into a Badguy, you might not get credit for earning the letter.
        When you spell E-X-T-R-A, you win an extra Mr. Do!  But be careful.
        If an Alphamonster touches Mr. Do, Mr. Do is eliminated!

        Completing a screen.

        There are three ways to complete a screen and go on to the next:

           1.  Pick all cherries in the orchard.
           2.  Eliminate all enemies on the screen.
           3.  Eliminate all Alphamonsters to spell E-X-T-R-A.

        Completing any one of these three take you to a new orchard and a
        chance to boost your score.

        Starting Over.

        The adventure ends when all your Mr. Do's have been eliminated.  Press
        GAME RESET or the Play/Action Button to replay the game option that
        you've just played.  Press GAME SELECT to select another challenge.

         ______________________| SCORING |________________________       
        |                      |_________|                        |
        |   ACTION COMPLETED                      POINTS EARNED   | 
        |                                                         |
        |   Each cherry picked...............................50   |
        |   Group of 6 cherries in succession...50 each cherry,   |
        |                                       plus 500 bonus    |
        |   Each Enemy hit by Power Ball....................500   |
        |   Each enemy crushed by an apple.................1000   |

        Hit an Alphamonster with the Power Ball or bonk it with an apple for
        500 points.

        Each player begins with five Mr. Do's in Skill 1 games and three 
        Mr. Do's in all games played at other skills.  The plalyer earns 
        an extra Mr. Do for each spelling of E-X-T-R-A.


        This instruction booklet provides the basic information you need to 
        start playing MR. DO, but it is only the beginning!  You will find that 
        this cartridge is full of special features to make MR. DO exciting
        every time you play.  Experiment with different techniques - and
        enjoy the game!

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance