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Blueprint - CBS Electronics - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   



� CBS Electronics


That nasty old troll, Ollie Ogre, is at it again. He is chasing poor Daisy Damsel all across the neighborhood! So what are you waiting for, hero? Get out there and stop him! You have the blueprint (plans) for the only contraption that can knock him off. All you need now are the parts with which you build it and they're hidden in the houses of the neighborhood. What you don't need are the bombs you may pick up and encounters with fiendish Fuzzy Wuzzy! But if you complete your contraption in time you'll be able to stop Ollie and save Daisy!

So get a move on already! Daisy's counting on you!


The object of BLUEPRINT is to accumulate points by finding the parts of your contraption hidden within each neighborhood and successfully placing them in their propper positions on the blueprint for the contraption. Once the contraption is rebuilt, players must use it to stop the persuit of Daisy Damsel by Ollie Ogre. By doing so they will score bonus points and uncover clues to the hidden Password.


In BLUEPRINT, you play the part of our gallant hero. You begin each game with three lives. The solid squares on the bottom of your screen indicate how many of your lives are left.

Use your Joystick Controller to enter each neighborhood you encounter and to move from house to house. Hold the Joystick with the red button to your upper left toward the screen. As you search for the parts to fit the blueprint, the red button acts as your speed control. Once your completed contraption is activated, however, the red button becomes your triggering device, enabling you to fire off a shot at meen old Ollie Ogre.

After having saved Daisy for the third time you will be awarded one extra life for being a true hero!


Your sweetheart, the fair Daisy Damsel, is being chased throughout the game by that dastardly villain, ugle Ollie Ogre! If at any time during the game, Ollie catches up with Daisy, a distress signal will sound. This is your cue telling you that you have only a few seconds left to stop Ollie before he finally grabs Daisy.


As the game begins, watch carefully. You will see each of the top three components of your contraption travel to one of the ten houses that make up the first neighborhood. All the other houses contains deadly bombs.

To progress to the next neighborhood, you must find the missing parts, position them on the blueprint in their propper sequence form the bottom up and then use your completed contraption to stop Ollie Ogre and save Daisy.

Neigborhoods increases in difficulty as follows:

Nighborhood # of Parts hidden # of Entranceways Fixed EW   Randomly chang. EW
1 3 3 *  
2 5 3 *  
3 8 3 *  
4 8 2 *  
5 8 2 *
6 8 1 *  
7+ 8 1 *


When you enter a house that contains a part, a short victory signal will sound. Use your Joystick to maneuver the part down to the blueprint, but remember: the parts must be replaced in sequence from the buttom of the blueprint up.

If you pick up a part that you cannot place on the blueprint yet because it is out of sequence, you must return that part to the house from which you took it before continuing on. You will not be able to leave the part anyplace else but in the correct house.

Points are scored only for parts successfully placed on the blueprint.


When you enter a house that does not contain a part or return to a house from which you already taken one, you will automatically pick up a bomb. A brief warn signal will sound indicating that you have a limited amount of time to defuse the bomb before it blows. To defuse a bomb you must use your Joystick to maneuver it to the Bomb Pit located at the lower right corner of your screen.You must drop the bomb directly into the Pit! Once the bomb has been defused, you may resume your search for the missing parts as time permits.

Note: If you are attempting to replace a machine part in the house from which you took it and you accidentally enter the wrong house, you will not pick up a bomb.

Bombs appear in three different colors indicating fuse lenght as follows:

Yellow Long: slow burner
Blue Medium: hot stuff
Red Short: powder keg!


Every neighborhood has ist own Fuzzy Wuzzy, a troublesome little fellow who was once in love with Daisy. Of course, Daisy never returned his affections and, as a result, Fuzzy now wanders around the neighborhood getting in your way and making lifr difficult. If he should get hold of you, regardless of whether you have a part, a bomb or are empty-handed, you'll forfeit the life in play.


The moment you start your contraption, the "START" button at the lower left corner of your screen will turn green. Press it and you will activate the contraption and cause the neighborhood screen to disapper.

Use your Joystick to move your contraption back and forth along the bottom of the screen. The meter in the upper right corner indicates at what power level your contraption is set at. Push up on the Joystick to set your Gun Power level before pressing down the red button to release at shot. The lower the Gun Power level, the slower the bullet speed, but the higher the bonus point value for hitting Ollie. Only one bullet may be fired at a time.

Have no fear; you cannot ever hit Daisy by accident. That would be most unheroic.

If you hit Ollie, he'll be knocked out cold and you will have saved your sweetheart! Bonus points will be scored based on the neighborhood completed and the Gun Power level used to fire the successful shot. You will the proceed to the next neighborhood with Ollie commencing his persuit of Daisy all over again.

IMPORTANT: As you successfully save Daisy through the first eight levels of play, you will uncover the letters to the hidden BLUEPRINT Password. This is no small feat as it requiers a perfect mastery of the intricacies of BLUEPRINT. The Password is your key to exciting new surprises from CBS Electronics.

If you miss Ollie, your Gun Power level will return to "L" and you'll have another chance to stop him, time permitting.


Speed Control

As you go from house to house searching for the missing parts, you may use the red button of your Joystick Controller to increase your speed of movement. Hold down the button to speed up; lift up to return to normal speed. This feature stays in effect for eachneighborhood until you activate your completed contraption.

You have only a limited amount of speed to use per life. As you deplete your supply, the neighborhood background color changes as follows:

Green All systems go! You have plenty of juice.
Yellow Preceed with caution! You're dipping into your reserves.
Red Too late! You're out of gas.

Your speed level will automatically recharged to the next highest level every time you successfully position a machine part on your blueprint.

Bonus Time

If you begin a neighborhood and manage to complete your contraption and knock off Ollie without losing a life, bonus time will be added to the amount of time it will take Ollie to catch Daisy on the next neighborhood level.

Should you lose a life while playing on a neighborhood that has bonus time added to it, you will begin your next life on that same level but without the bonus time.


When a life is lost, you will witness ist ascent to ist heavenly reward. You will also be reminded of how many of your lives are left by the number of solid squares appearing on the bottom of your screen.

A life may be lost in any one of three ways:

In a bomb explosion.
In an encounter with Fuzzy Wuzzy.
When Ollie Ogre finally gets hold of Daisy Damsel.

Your next life will start on the neighborhood already in progress. All parts that had been successfully placed on the blueprint will remain intact. Any part that may have been in transit when the previous life was lost will have been returned to the house from which it was taken. And, most importantly, Ollie will begin chasing Daisy all over again.

Note: If you complete your contraption but fail to stop Ollie in time and lose a life, your new life will start on the neighborhood display screen. You will have to press the "START" button again in order to reactivate your contraption.


The game ends when you valiantly lose your last life in the effort to save Daisy form the clutches of Ollie Ogre.


Score is display at the top of the screen throughout the game.

Point values - All Neighborhoods:

Part placed on blueprint 100 points
Defused bomb 25 points


1 200 points LO 500 points
2 400 points LO-MED 400 points
3 600 points MED 300 points
4 800 points HI 200 points
5+ 1000 points X-H 100 points


Two players may compete in BLUEPRINT, alternating turns. Both Joystick Controllers are used in this version. Player One uses the Left Controller and his/her score appears on the left side of the screen. Player Two uses the Right Controller and his/her score appears on the right side of the screen.


Save your speed supply for times when you'll really need it like maneuvering through the houses on the upper blocks of the neighborhood or when you unexpectedly pick up a bomb with a short fuse.

Once you pick up a part, you'll be able to avoid Fuzzy Wuzzy by ducking into any nearby house. As long as you have the part you won't be able to pick up anything else.

BLUEPRINT is, most of all, a memory game. Younger players (as well as absent-minded ones) might find it easier to play as a team. One member moves through the houses while the other member keeps track of where they've already been.