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Rules (c) 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly MA 01915.  Printed in 

POPEYE game graphics (c) 1983 King Features Syndicate, Inc., and 
(c) 1983 Nintendo of America, Inc.  POPEYE is a registered 
trademark of and is licensed by King Features Syndicate, Inc.


In this game, you're POPEYE! And your goal is to catch all of 
Olive's hearts, notes, and "Xs"  (smooches!) before they hit the 
water and sink--or before Brutus or the Sea Hag's bottles knock 
you overboard.  Each time you complete a round, you'll 
automatically proceed to the next--and more difficult one.


1. Since this is a one-player game, plug the joystick controller 
firmly in the LEFT controller jack.

2. Turn the power ON.

3. Press down the "FIRE" button on the joystick, or the GAME 
RESET switch and you're ready to start the action.


Hold the joystick in your hand so that the red "FIRE" button is 
on the top, left-hand corner.  The joystick moves left, right, 
up, down, and diagonally.  These are the directions in which may 
move POPEYE.


Press the "FIRE" button whenever you want Popeye to punch the 
Sea Hag's bottles or grab hi spinach.  With each press of the 
"FIRE" button, Popeye will swing his fist once.  NOTE: Holding 
down the "FIRE" button will not repeat this action.


You'll start the game with 4 Popeyes.  The first Popeye will 
appear on the left, topmost ledge as soon as you hit the "FIRE" 
button or the RESET switch.  The remaining Popeyes are briefly 
displayed, at the top of the screen and are then replaced by 
your score.

In each round, Popeye must win Olive Oyl's affection by catching 
all of her hearts, notes, or "Xs" depending on the which round 
you're playing.  To do this, you must guide Popeye up and down 
stairs, off ledges--even bounce him on a trampoline--t reach 
these tender tokens.  But Brutus and the Sea Hag do their best 
to knock Popeye overboard--Brutus with his fists, and the Sea 
Hag with her fast-flying bottles!  When either one hits Popeye--
or if any of Olive's tokens fall into the water and are pulled 
out in time--you lose him and the next Popeye appears on the 
left, topmost ledge ready to try again.


In each round, Brutus chases Popeye from platform to platform 
trying to knock him overboard.  (Brutus can even reach up or 
down between platforms and knock Popeye over!)  If Brutus 
catches up with him, Popeye turns light blue and disappears.  If 
have a remaining Popeye, he will appear at the top ledge, ready 
to try again.

The Sea Hag

Although you never see this nasty ol' biddy--she's there, hiding 
on the sides and ready to pelt Popeye with a bottle.  But she'll 
only let one fly when she's on the same platform as Popeye.  If 
Popeye's not fast enough with his fists to punch the bottle, and 
it hits him, Popeye turns light blue and disappears.  If you 
have a remaining Popeye, he will appear at the top of the ledge.


Throughout the rounds, Popeye's spinach will randomly flash in 
specific places on the screen (See "Spinach" section under each 
round).  When it does, move Popeye over to it and press down the 
"FIRE" button.  If you reach the spinach in time, Popeye will 
turn read you'll hear the "POPEYE THEME."  This means it's you 
chance to knock Brutus overboard.  If you do, Brutus disappears 
and you gain 3,000 points!  In addition, if you catch any of 
Olive's tokens while the tune is playing, you receive double the 
score for each.  Once Popeye uses his spinach in any of the 
rounds, it will not appear during the same round again.



In this round, you must catch all 20 hearts before they fall 
into the water and sink--and without being knocked into the 
water by Brutus or the Sea Hag.  Each time you catch a heart, a 
"brick" will appear on the side of Popeye's house, located at 
the top of the screen.  Once there are 20 "bricks," you'll 
automatically begin the next round.

[Imagine a picture of screen here, showing the SWEET HEARTS 

"Thru" Ledges

When the round begins, Popeye appears on the left, topmost 
ledge.  You may move Popeye off this ledge and land him safely 
onto the platform below.  Or you may move him in the opposite 
direction and he will travel around to the other ledge.  You may 
move Popeye back and forth between ledges or off either side and 
onto the next platform at any time.  Brutus cannot walk on 
either of these ledges, but he can jump up and knock Popeye into 
the water!  Popeye turns blue and disappears.


On each platform, there are sets of stairs which Popeye and 
Brutus must use to move from one platform to the next.  Use you 
joystick to guide Popeye up and down any of these sets of 


Popeye's spinach will randomly appear on the stairs to the left, 
either on platform #2 or platform #3.

"Down" Ladder

In the center of the screen, there is a ladder which connects 
platform #2 and platform #3.  Popeye is the only one who can use 
this ladder and only to move down from the 2nd platform to the 
3rd platform.  However, Brutus can reach up or down this ladder 
and knock Popeye overboard.



Similar to round #1, you must catch all 20 love notes before 
they sink into the water, and without being knocked overboard.  
Each time you catch a note, a "brick" will appear on the side of 
Popeye's house, and when you caught all 20, you'll begin the 
next round.

"Thru" Ledges

In this round, the "thru" ledges are located on platform #2.  
Again, Popeye can move off the ledge and land safely onto the 
platform below, or he can travel around to the opposite ledge.  
Brutus can also move about on these ledges, but not to travel 
around to the opposite ledge like Popeye.


At the bottom of the screen, there are two trampolines, one on 
either side.  When Popeye is on the 3rd platform, he can jump 
off either one of the ledges and onto the trampoline.  When he 
hits it, he'll bounce up and land on either the 2nd or 1st 
platform!  Brutus can only bounce to the 2nd platform.

[Imagine a picture of the screen here, showing the LOVE NOTES 


Popeye's spinach will randomly appear on one of the trampolines 
during this round.  He cannot pick up the spinach, however, 
while bouncing.  Popeye must be on platform #4 in order to do 

Xs, Xs, AND MORE Xs! - Round #3

This time Olive Oyl is blowing Popeye 20 smooches (Xs) and he 
has to catch them all!  Each time you catch an X, a DASH will 
appear up in the upper, left hand corner of the screen.  When 
you've caught all 20 Xs, you automatically return to round #1, 
at a greater level of difficulty.

Sliding Platform

In the center of platform #1, just on either side of the ship's 
mast, there is a sliding floor.  When Popeye steps onto it, 
he'll be whisked to the other side of the mast.  This sliding 
floor moves in both directions, and Popeye is the only one who 
can use it.  If Popeye misses the sliding floor, he falls to the 
next platform.

[Imagine a picture of the screen here, showing the Xs, Xs, AND 
MORE Xs round]


You'll notice that there are two openings in the floors of 
platform #2 and #3, one on either side of the ship's mast.  If 
Popeye jumps through one of the openings on the 2nd platform he 
will "slide" down through the opening on the 3rd platform and 
safely land onto the bottom of platform #4.  Only Popeye can 
"slide" down through these chutes.


In this round, Popeye's spinach will randomly appear at the 
bottom of the screen--on either the extreme left-hand or right-
hand sides.


The round ends when you successfully collect all of Olive's 
tokens.  As long as you have a remaining Popeye, you will 
automatically advance to the next round.


When you complete all of the first three rounds, you will begin 
again at round #1, but at a greater level of difficulty.  

The following things will happen as you advance from level to 

- The speed at which Olive's tokens fall will increase.

- The Sea Hag's bottles will fly across the screen more often 
and at a faster rate.

- Brutus will chase Popeye more closely and at a faster pace.


The game ends when you run out of Popeyes.  To play again, press 
down the "FIRE" button or the game RESET switch.  The game will 
begin at round #1, the beginning level.


The number of points for each heart, note, or X (smooch) caught 
depends upon which platform Popeye is on when he catches it.

EXAMPLE:  If Popeye is on platform #2 when he catches any kind 
of token from Olive, you gain 300 points.  If he is on platform 
#4, the token is worth 50 points.


Platform #1.....................500 points
Platform #2.....................300 points
Platform #3.....................100 points
Platform #4......................50 points
Tokens in Water..................50 points
Punching Bottles................100 points
Knocking Brutus Overboard.....3,000 points

Bonus Popeye

You'll receive a bonus Popeye after the first 20,000 points 

Double Points

Remember, you'll receive double the point value of a token if 
Popeye catches it while the "POPEYE THEME" is playing (after 
Popeye picks up the spinach).

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance