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RealSports Volleyball - Atari - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

RealSports Volleyball
ATARI 2600 TM Game Manual  



     It's a gorgeous day at the beach. You and your friends have
been playing a friendly little game of vollellball. At least it
started out friendly. The higher the sun gets, the hotter the

     Your team has slowly been slipping in points. It's time to
get serious. The team that loses buys lunch.

     It's your turn to serve. You gauge your opponents carefully.
The sun is on your side, and you spot a weak point in the other
team's formatlon. You raise your fist quickly and connect. The
ball speeds directly to the opening for the winning point.

     You're the hero. The other team's members come over to shake
your hand. They may be smiling, but you hear a low grumble as
they approach. After all, thanks to you, lunch is on them!

Getting Started

1.   Insert the RealSports Volleyball cartridge into your Atari
     2600 or 7800 as explained in your Owner's Manual.

2.   Plug a controller into the left port for one player; plug
     another controller into the right port for two players.

3.   Switch on your television. Push the console's [Power]
     switch to the ON position. The RealSports Volleyball title
     screen appears.

4.   Press [Select] to choose the game you want to play. Games
     1 and 3 are for one player; games 2 and 4 are for two.
     Games 1 and 2 include the setup feature. The game number
     appears on the left and the number of players appears on
     the right.

5.   Set the difficulty switches to determine the speed of the
     players. When a switch is set at A, that player moves more
     slowly than when the switch is set at B.

6.   Press [Reset] or player one's fire button to begin the

7.   During play, press [Reset] to restart the game.

Playing the Game

     As in a traditional volleyball game, two teams hit the ball
back and forth over the net. If the serving team misses the ball
or hits it out of bounds, the other team is awarded the serve.
If the receiving team misses the ball or hits it out of bounds,
the serving team scores 1 point.

     The computer randomly awards the first serve to either team.
To pick up the ball, move your directional control until your top
player connects with the ball. Press the fire button to serve.

     Note: A player can move only sideways on the court when
holding the ball.

     There are two players on each team. Use the controller to
move both players around the court. The players move in the same
direction as the directional control.

     Move your players to meet the ball as it comes over the net.
In games 1 and 2, your team sets up the ball by passing it back
and forth between themselves before hitting it over the net. In
these games, a set up consists of three hits unless you spike the

     To spike the ball, press the fire button as your player
meets the ball. Spiking will make the ball move faster and lower
over the net. A player must be at least halfway to the net in
order to spike.

     A team must score 15 points with a 2-point lead to win the


     Use the shadow of the ball as a point of reference. The
shadow indicates where the ball will land, so try to keep your
player's feet on the shadow.

     Once the sun sets, the shadow disappears. Your best strategy
then is to keep your player's head under the ball.

     Take advantage of your ability to go outside the court. You
can often salvage a set up hit out of bounds by your teammate.


     In each volley, the serving team receives 1 point for every
ball the other team misses. When a point is scored, a bell
sounds. Each time the ball lands out of bounds, a buzzer sounds.
Scores appear at the bottom of the screen during game play.

     Note: If a player hits an out-of-bounds ball before it
lands, the ball stays in play.

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