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Riddle of the Sphinx
[General notes:  All of the text is here.  There weren't really any
"picture" oriented instructions, except for the pictures of the objects,
which I hope I described well enough.  The words in <> describe
pictures.  The beginning/end of pages are marked by a "---------"
Excuse the crummy formatting]
                           RIDDLE OF THE SPHINX (TM)
                           GAME PROGRAM INSTRUCTIONS
>> Hieroglyphics on an ancient obelisk tell a strange tale:
     These are dark times.  Death's long shadow rests across the Valley of the
Kings.  Anubis, jackal-headed god of the dead, has cast his curse over all  of
Pharaoh's kingdom.  A plague of scorpions and hordes of thieves lie thick upon
the  land.  O hear the thin whine of despair! 
     Sing  of  Pharaoh's Son, all hail the Prince of Egypt!  Deliver  us  from
this  curse!  Brave the dangers of the desert.  Seek the answer to the  Riddle
of  the Sphinx.  Pay Anubis' ransom with your treasures, O cunning  Prince  of
Wiles.   Reach the Temple of Ra, source of light and life. 
     Pharaoh's heir--be wise, be wily--and beware!
                          TRAVEL BACK TO ANCIENT EGYPT
>>    Pharaoh's kingdom languishes under a vile curse.  his son, Egypt's heir,
travels  across the Valley of the Kings.  To lift the curse he must reach  the
Temple  of  Ra  with priceless treasures.  He must solve  the  Riddle  of  the
>>    He barters with nomad traders.  Some give him gifts and artifacts useful
to him on his journey.  Some steal.
>>   Armed  only  with a sling and rocks, the Son of Egypt  combats  marauding
thieves  and  deadly scorpions.  His trials earn him  inner  strength.   Oases
refresh his thirst.  Time heals his wounds.
>>   Approaching  sacred monuments--Pyramids, the Temples of Isis and  Anubis,
the  inscrutable Sphinx--Pharaoh's Prince seeks to make the correct  offering.
if he fails to do so, he may not be able to move further or receive  priceless
objects  in exchange.  If he pleases the gods, his inner strength points  grow
greater  and his store of treasures increases.  He advances toward the  Temple
of Ra, source of light and life.
>>   Once there, he hopes to possess the treasure that will open the Temple to
him, liberating Egypt of Anubis' fierce curse.
>>   These things weigh on the young Prince.  He reviews his purpose:  to lift
the curse and prove himself a worthy successor to Pharaoh, he must:
     > gain as many inner strength points as possible
     > complete his quest as rapidly as he can
     > collect all the treasures he can find
     > reach the Temple of Ra
>>   The Son of Pharaoh girds his loins.  He prepares to confront his fate  on
the timeless sands that are Egypt.     
>> Insert cartridge in console, label up.  Turn power switch to on.
>> Flip  Game Select Lever to choose one of the three Riddle  of  the  Sphinx
>> Game number appears in a black box at bottom of screen, left of center.
>> Hit  Game Reset Lever to begin action.  Game begins again  whenever  Reset
Lever is tapped.
NOTE:   Black and White/Color lever does not affect the color display on  your
television set.
     >> To see how much time has elapsed during a game:           
           > set Black-White/Color Lever to Color;                
           > set Right Difficulty Lever to position A.            
     >> To find out the Prince's inner strength score:            
           > set Black-White/Color Lever to Color;                
           > set Right Difficulty Lever to position B.            
     >> To find out Prince's wound and thirst scores:             
           > set Black-White/Color Lever to Black-White.          
     >> To slow action, set Left Difficulty Lever to position B.  

>> The Prince appears at the bottom of the game screen, above
the score.
>> The Prince's progress is controlled with the left joystick.
   > To move ahead:  press joystick away from you.
   > To move back:  pull joystick toward you.
   > To move right:  lean joystick right.
   > To move left:  lean joystick left.
   > To move at an angle:  angle joystick in that direction.
The prince of Egypt sees many camels, palm trees and obelisks on his trek.
   > The Prince must move around these obstacles.
   > He sometimes darts behind them to avoid enemies, or to surprise them.
   > Neither the Prince's nor a thief's rocks can usually penetrate  a  solid
The Son of Pharaoh embarks on his quest armed only with a sling from which  he
can throw an unlimited supply of rocks.
   > To throw a rock:  press left joystick button.
   > When wounded or thirsty, he cannot throw them as far.
   > He can only sling rocks forward (that is, up, toward top of screen).
   > When moving back, he is defenseless until enemies move past him.

>>  One foe of the Son of Egypt travels with him always:  thirst.  The  longer
he  goes without refreshment, the greater his thirst grows.  As it  increases,
he  slows down.  he cannot throw rocks as far.  He must seek water  or  become
easy prey to thieves, scorpions and the dread god Anubis!
Pharaoh's Son seeks release from his ragged thirst.  Six oases offer him  just
that.  No mirage, they float forward.  he must stop.  he must drink.  To drink
at an oasis, the Prince:
   > approaches from below
   > heads directly toward the water at the center of the oasis
   > drinks deeply.  When he has satisfied his thirst, a bell sounds.
   > He regains vitality--moving well and throwing far.
To  find  out the Prince's thirst level, set Black and  White/Color  Lever  to
Black  and White.  The number representing the Prince's thirst appears on  the
right.  Certain objects and treasures also quench thirst.  Read on!
Wounds, like thirst, slow the Prince of Egypt down and make rocks difficult to
throw.  The Prince sustains wounds when he is:
   > robbed by a thief         1 wound
   > struck by a thief's rock  1 or 2 wounds (depending on level of 
   > stung by a scorpion       2 wounds
   > touched by the evil god   3 wounds
>> If he sustains enough wounds, the Prince dies.  The game ends.
>> Time, we know, heals wounds.  As long as the Prince can avoid  an  enemy's
   assaults, his injuries will heal.  
   > The number of the Prince's wounds appears when the Black and  White/Color
   Lever is set to Black and White.  The number of wounds appears on the left.
   > Certain  objects and treasures protect Pharaoh's Prince from  a  thief's
   rocks.  other cure wounds he has received.  (See Useful Objects,  Treasures
   and Artifacts.)
   > The goddess Isis can also gently cure the Son of Pharaoh.
Who  are they who wound, heal, barter and sometimes betray the persistent  son
of Pharaoh?  Whom should he attack, and whom avoid? What gifts does he receive
and which find?  In what way, and towards what end, does he use them?  Proceed
and be enlightened.  Ancient Egypt's ways will yet be known to you.
Son of Pharaoh must practice caution.  Among those he meets on his journey:

Thieves:   They  pelt  the  royal heir with rocks and  attempt  to  steal  his
possessions.   Should  the  Prince come in contact with a thief,  one  of  his
treasures or artifacts will disappear.  The Prince attacks or avoids thieves.
   > Prince hits thief with a rock: he gains 60 inner strength points.
   > Thief hits Prince with a rock:  Prince receives 1 or 2 wounds,  depending
     on level of difficulty.
   > Thief touches Prince:  Prince receives 1 wound.

Scorpions  pursue the Prince.  They can seriously wound him should he come  in
contact with them.  He attacks or avoids them.
   > Prince hits scorpion with rock:  he gains 60 inner strength points.
   > Scorpion  touches Prince:  Prince receives 2 wounds and loses  20  inner
     strength points.  

Nomad  traders  give--or  steal--objects useful to the  Son  of  Pharaoh.   he
barters with them when his possessions are few, and thinks twice about dealing
with  them  when he carries many precious items.  To trade with a  nomad,  the
Prince  approaches  from  below  and  touches him.   A  noise  sounds  when  a
transaction occurs.
   > Prince  accidentally injures a nomad trader with a rock:   he  loses  80
     inner strength points.
For many fast-moving thieves and scorpions:  set Left Difficulty Lever to A.
For  fewer and slower-moving thieves and scorpions: set Left Difficulty  Lever
to B.
The prince also meets--or avoids--two desert deities:
Isis,  goddess  of fertility and motherhood, seeks to comfort  the  Prince  by
quenching  his thirst and healing his wounds.  She sometimes bestows  precious
treasures on the young Son of Pharaoh.  To meet Isis, the Prince
   > approaches from below
   > kisses her feet to show his grateful respect.
When  he succeeds in pleasing Isis (and this is not always the case),  a  bell
sounds.  The Prince's wounds are healed, his thirst quenched.  When he pleases
her and he is not wounded or thirsty, she might then bequeath him a gift.

Anubis,  god  of  the land of the dead, faithful guardian of  tombs,  must  be
avoided  or  he  will  seriously wound the son of  Egypt.   The  merest  touch
results in a wound.  Anubis touches Prince:
   > Prince loses 20 inner strength points.
   > Prince receives 3 wounds.
The Son of Pharaoh must be careful not to hurl rocks at Isis or Anubis.   This
act constitutes excessive pride, and his inner strength score suffers for it.
   >  Prince strikes Isis or Anubis with a rock:  he loses 77  inner  strength
But what of all these gifts, these treasures?  The royal heir begins his  trek
with  nearly  nothing.  He must collect as much treasure and  as  many  useful
objects  as he can.  The treasures and objects serve many functions.  He  must
use them wisely.
The  Prince's  use of his new-found possessions is controlled with  the  right
>> Treasures, objects and artifacts come to appear in 2 rows across the bottom
of the screen.  A black box also appears.
>> Before a treasure, object or artifact can be used, the black box must cover
   > The right joystick controls movement of the black box.
   > To move the black box right:  lean joystick right.
   > To move the black box left:  lean joystick left.
   > Stop leaning on joystick when the black box comes to rest over the object
     you wish to use.
   > Objects are only in use as long as the black box covers them.
Once the black box covers an item, that item responds in the following way:

Shield:   Protects the Prince from a thief's rocks.  After  absorbing  several
hits, the shield disappears.

Staff:  Though a traveler's common support, this staff retains magical powers.
The Prince tries always to keep it from being stolen once he finds it.

Jug:   Quenches thirst.  Press red button on right joystick  for  refreshment.
Jug is used and disappears.

Tannis Leaf:  An herb with uncanny healing properties,  the tannis leaf  heals
all  wounds, however serious.  Press red button on right joystick  and  tannis
leaf heals Prince and disappears.  

Spade:  The space allows Pharaoh's Son to search for treasures as he  travels.
As a result, it operates differently.  The Prince digs in the desert with  the
spade.   He  tries to find objects and treasures that will speed  him  on  his
journey.  often he must dig long and far.  To use spade:
   > Cover spade with black box.
   > Press and hold button on right joystick to use spade.
   > Prince may move while digging.  To move and dig, lean on  left  joystick
     while pressing right joystick button.
   > When he finds an object or treasure, the spade disappears and is replaced
     by the newly-discovered item.
Pharaoh's Prince must practice caution, for while he digs he is vulnerable  to
Treasures  are  valuable  and magical.  The Prince receives  them  from  nomad
traders and the goddess Isis, or he finds them while digging.  Treasures  only
need to be covered by the black box in order to be used.

Disk of Ra:  Heals wounds.  When used, it is not consumed.  It can be stolen.

Goblet:  Quenches thirst.  Though it cannot be consumed, it can be stolen.

Necklace:   Shields Prince from rocks and scorpions.  It cannot  be  consumed,
but can be stolen.

Scepter:  Acts as a chariot in speeding Pharaoh's Prince on his way.  With it,
neither thirst nor wounds can slow the Son of Egypt.  He can hold the  scepter
indefinitely--unless it is stolen.
Still  other  treasures appear.  Their specific uses remain  unclear,  thought
they  appear to be valuable.  These the wise Prince of Egypt decides to  save,
hoping  to offer them at sacred monuments and temples in exchange for  passage
or for other, infinitely more valuable, gifts.

If you wish to drop an object from your collection:
>> Select it for use by covering it with the black box.
>> Pull the right joystick toward you.
>> Press button on right joystick.
>> The item will disappear.  Magic!
Despite  setbacks, the young Prince perseveres.  So much to remember, so  many
things to do!  But he is strong, and growing stronger.  All Egypt looks to him
for  relief from Anubis' curse.  He must solve the riddle of the  Sphinx.   he
must reach the Temple of Ra.  Before leaving his father's palace on the  Nile,
Pharaoh's  Prince received advice from the Royal Astrologer.   The  Astrologer
instructed the Prince concerning ceremonious offerings.  
    "Son of Pharaoh, avoid youthful folly.  Make offerings at sacred  places--
Pyramids,  the  Phoenix, the Temples of Isis and Anubis, the  Sphinx  and  the
Temple of Ra."
When making an offering:
>> Cover offering with black box before reaching a sacred monument or temple.
>> Approach reverently, from below.
>> Touch the bottom center of each sacred place.
 >> Present an incorrect offering:  the Prince loses 20 inner strength points.
 >> Present a correct offering:
    > Prince received 500 inner strength points.
    > The offering will disappear.
    > Often, a worthier treasure appears in place of the offering.
The  Royal Astrologer also gave the Prince curious lessons to study.  The  Son
of Pharaoh puzzles over the Seer's strange words.  He is certain they  contain
veiled clues as to which offering he should make at the many sacred  monuments
and temples he encounters.  The Son of Egypt consults the cryptic messages  as
he  reaches each sacred place.  These wondrous monuments and temples fill  the
Prince with awe.  Of them the Astrologer has written:

Pyramids:   "Rare  gifts  awaits he who unlocks the  age-old  mystery  of  the

Phoenix:  "The fire bird, newly risen from its ancient ashes, can provide  you
with a key to the riddle you seek to solve.  You will know what gift to  offer
if you unroll and read the writing on your heart."

Temple of Isis:  "Gentle Isis, goddess of all that is good.  her Temple in the
desert is as a precious jewel in Egypt's crown.  Offer her a gift worthy of an

Temple of Anubis:  "Temple like a tomb, vaulted home of Death.  You will  have
found  its  key in the circle that does not end, the sign  of  life's  eternal

Sphinx:   "Inscrutable marvel!  Find the offering it seeks and you  will  have
solved  its riddle.  A bird can fly over, a scarab crawl past or a lion  stalk
by--Son of Egypt, turn to these!  It is written as on stone."
Once  the Prince passes these grand obstacles, he strives to reach the  Temple
of Ra, revered by all Egypt as the source of light and life.

Temple  of Ra:  Upon reaching the Temple of Ra, Son of Pharaoh offers  all  of
his  treasures.  Ra sometimes accepts willingly.  he rewards the  Prince  with
great  stores  of inner strength.  Often, though, Ra insists  on  an  offering
before  consenting  to  accept  the Prince's  treasures.   his  quest  remains
unfinished.   All  Egypt remains accursed.  The Prince  loses  inner  strength
points  should  he  offer  the wrong object.   The  Prince  examines  all  his
possessions  for the correct offering.  He searches tirelessly in  pursuit  of
this  simple  object.  What is it?  Where can it lie hidden?  Son  of  Pharaoh
thirsts for the answer to this quandary.  Pharaoh's Astrologer has written:
     "Ra  has  all.   What need has Ra of wealth?  Offer  instead  that  which
stands  yet  cannot  stand;  that which journeys far yet  has  no  legs;  that
companion you rely and lean upon, yet never think to call friend."
>> Prince makes incorrect offering:  he loses 20 inner strength points.
   > Prince  makes  correct offering to the Temple of Ra:   earns  500  inner
     strength points.
   > For each treasure presents to the Temple of Ra:  Prince earns 700  inner
     strength points.
The game ends when the Prince either:
>> reaches the Temple of Ra, makes the correct offering (if necessary) and his
treasures are accepted
>> Pharaoh's Prince dies of wounds received on his journey.
Game 1:  Son of Egypt tries to get through Pharaoh's kingdom.
   > as quickly as he can
   > holding as much treasure he can find.
Ra  accepts  the Prince's treasures without asking for an  offering.   Son  of
Egypt begins he long trek holding a shield.
Game 2:  The journey grows more difficult.
   > The Sphinx won't let the Prince pass.
   > The  Prince  must make the correct offering, worth  500  inner  strength
   > The Temple of Ra requires an offering.
   > With the offering, no treasures will be accepted.
The Heir to Egypt's throne starts his journey holding a shield.
Game 3:  The supreme challenge.
The Son of Pharaoh must make 2 offerings at each of these sacred places.
   > Phoenix
   > Temple of Isis
   > Temple of Anubis
Of these offerings, this must is known:
   > a certain treasure or object will satisfy the gods and earn  the  prince
     500 inner strength points.  (See Astrologer's clues.)
   > a  certain object will lift the spell blocking the Prince's  passage  at
     each of the three sacred places.  The Astrologer has provided the  Prince
     with this clue:
"The  first is rooted in relief; The next you'll find well-found; The last  of
three is a cloak you wield when enemies abound."
For  making  the  correct selection, the Prince receives  500  inner  strength
points at each sacred place.  The Son of Egypt must also make a single correct
offering at:
>> Sphinx
   500 inner strength points.  Lifts spell blocking his passage.
>> Temple of Ra
   500 inner strength points.  Offer satisfies Ra.  Ra accepts treasures.
Pharaoh's Prince embarks on this quest carrying a spade.
>> Keep  track of which treasures are appropriate offerings at  each  of  the
sacred monuments and temples.  
>> When the Prince reaches a sacred monument or temple, he will want to  make
sure he defeats any thieves in the area before making an offering.  If thieves
disturb the ceremony, the Prince's offering may not be accepted, even if it is
>> Study  the  Astrologer's messages.  They can lead  the  Prince  to  making
correct offerings and locating the special item necessary to the Temple of Ra.
>> When backtracking across the valley of the Kings, the Prince may  want  to
keep  to  the extreme left or right.  The Prince will then be  surprised  less
often by thieves, scorpions and the vile god Anubis.
>> The Prince will want to become familiar with his entire kingdom.  he  will
want to visit every area and explore even the most mundane locale.
>>  Though unnecessary in Game 1, the Prince may still wish to make  offerings
at all sacred monument and temples.  He will receive inner strength points  as
a result of the consideration he has shown.
(The following in gray)
The Royal Astrologers clues, as they have been revealed here, tell the  Prince
all he needs to know--if he is clever and patient.  Even so, shortly after the
Son of Pharaoh embarked on his quest, the Astrologer when into a deep  trance.
he began to mumble.  An otherwise witless scribe took notes.  These  priceless
notes  contain  all the answers necessary to the Prince:  which  offerings  to
make at what temples--even where to seek the object that satisfies the  Temple
of  Ra.  If you despair of divining these answers yourself, or simply  wish to
possess so rare a treasure, write to:  Son of Thoth
                                       981 University Ave.
                                       Los Gatos, CA  95030
                         IMAGIC VIDEO GAME CARTRIDGE
                          TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY
     Imagic  warrants to the original consumer purchaser of this Imagic  video
game cartridge that it will be free from defects in materials and  workmanship
for  TWO YEARS from the date of purchase.  If this cartridge is discovered  to
be  defective  within the warranty period, Imagic, at is option,  will  either
repair  or  replace  this  cartridge  free of  charge,  upon  receipt  of  the
cartridge,  postage prepaid, with proof of date of purchase, at the  following
                               Customer Services
                              1875 Dobbin Drive
                             San Jose, CA  95133
     This  warranty  is limited to electronic and mechanical  parts  contained
within the cartridge.  It is not applicable to normal wear and tear and is not
applicable  and  shall  be  void if the defect  has  arisen  through,  or  the
cartridge shows signs of, misuse, excessive wear, modifications, or tampering.
     Some  states  do not allow limitations on how long  an  implied  warranty
lasts  or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential  damages,
so  the limitations or exclusions set forth above may not apply to you.   This
warranty  gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other  rights
which vary from state to state.
                            Designed by Bob Smith
Customer Services
Kathleen Boothe
P.O. Box 2055
Saratoga, CA  95070

(C) 1982 IMAGIC                                   Printed in USA
All Rights Reserved                               700606-1 Rev. A


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