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River Patrol - Tigervision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

Dark Cavern
Atari 2600 VCS


You are captain of the boat trying to make it upriver while saving
the drowning people lost in one of the nine rivers. The more
people you save the more points you score, but your boat leaks
so watch your water gauge. 

First insert the cartridge into the game console. Turn the game
console to the "On" position. Push the reset switch to start a new
game. After each game is over, the high score will be displayed
until a new game is started.

Control the movement of the River Patrol Boat up the river. Press
the "fire" button to accelerate. Carefully maneuver the boat to
save the people. Steer away from the obstacles that can sink your boat. 


There are 9 different rivers to navigate. After completion of the ninth
river, the next cycle will start at 7th river and finish at 9th river
until the end of the game.

Goal Gauge (the Green Bar)
This gauge indicates how close you are to the dam (end of course).

Water Gauge (the Violet Bar)
This gauge indicates how much more water your boat can take on
before it sinks. It will move according to how much water you have
taken on. Its speed depends on how many rivers you have completed.
If this gauge goes to zero, your boat sinks.

Whirlpool and Alligator
Water will flood into your boat faster when it hits an alligator
or caught in a whirlpool. When your boat is caught in a whirlpool,
escape by pushing the engine button when the boat points up river.

Drift Wood, Rocks, Shore, Another Boat and TNT
When your boat hits these objects, it will sink.

Drowning People 
When a drowning person is saved, bonus points will be scored.

You get 4 leaky river patrol boats. After all of the four boats
have sunk, your game will be over.


There are 3 ways to score.
1. When your boat passes a certain mileage in the course,
   10 points will be awarded.
2. A bonus is awarded when you reach the dam. The final state of
   the water gauge determines the size of this bonus.
3. For each drowning person your boat successfully saves. You are
   awarded an increasing bonus. The bonus Starts at 50 points and
   increases by 50 points for the next person, i.e. 50, 100, 150,
   200 etc. If you fail to save a person, the bonus is reset to 50 points. 

909 Orchard, Mundelein, IL 60060
(C) 1984 Tiger Electronics, Inc.
Atari and VCS are trademarks of Atari, Inc.
River Patrol is a trademark of Orca, Inc.