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River Raid - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

River Raid
                    ACTIVISION: River Raid
                    PLAN OF OPERATION

----------------------------RIVER RAID BASICS----------------------------------
Your mission is to score as many points possible by destroying enemy tankers,
helicopters, fuel depots, jets and bridges before your jet crashes or runs out
of fuel.  Here's how to begin:

1.  Hook up your video game system.  Follow Manufacturer's instructions.

2.  With power OFF, plug in game cartridge.

3.  Turn power on.  If no picture appears, check connections of your game 
    system to TV, then repeat steps 1-3.

4.  Plug in Joystick Controller/s.  Solo player uses left Joystick.

5.  Set both difficulty switches to b to begin.

6.  Select game with the game select switch.
         Game 1:  One player
         Game 2:  Two players taking turns

7.  Use of the Joystick Controller.  Hold Joystick Controller with the red
    button in the upper left position.  Fire missiles by depressing red button.
    Hold the red button down for continuous fire.  Move the Joystick to the 
    left to bank left.  Move the Joystick to the right to bank right.  Move 
    Joystick forward to accelerate your jet.  Pull Joystick back to slow your

8.  To begin or start a new game.  Press game reset.  This will bring your jet
    up to the starter mark.  Then press the red button or move the Joystick to
    start the action.

9.  Difficulty Switches.  With difficulty switches in the a position, missiles
    streak straight ahead.  With switches in the b position, you can control
    the direction of your missiles after they have been fired by "steering"
    them with your Joystick Controller.

[Note to owners of Sears TeleGames Video Arcade:  Difficuly is called skill,
and a is expert, b is novice.]

10. Reinforcements.  You begin each game with a squadron of three jets in
    reserve.  For each 10,000 points you score, you're given an additional jet.
    You can only have nine reserve jets on the screen at one time.

11. Fuel.  You have a limited amount of fuel.  When you begin to run low, fly
    over a fuel depot to refuel (See "Fuel Gauge" under "Special Features").

12. Scoring.  Each time you destroy an enemy object, you score points.  The
    point values for each object are listed below:

                     River Raid Point System
                Enemy Object            Point Value
                ------------            -----------
                Tanker                   30
                Helicopter               60
                Fuel Depot               80
                Jet                     100
                Bridge                  500

-----------------------SPECIAL FEATURES OF RIVER RAID--------------------------
                                BY ACTIVISION

The River of No Return.  The river is divided into sections with a bridge at 
the end of each section.  Notice that the river is always changing.  You will
encounter islands, narrow channels, bays, and lots of enemy ships and aircraft
moving to block your path.  Also, the farther down the river you fly, the 
fewer fuel depots you'll find.  In some areas, fuel is quite scarce, so you'll
really have to move if you want to survive.

Fuel Gauge.  Always keep an eye on your fuel gauge.  Fuel is used up at a 
constant rate, regardless of speed.  When your fuel drops below 1/4 full, a
warning siren sounds to alert you--it's time to refuel!  The slower you fly 
over a depot, the more fuel you receive.  A bell will sound while you are
refueling.  The sound changes to a higher pitch when your fuel tank is full.

Losing a Jet.  You lose a jet when it collides with the river bank or one of
the enemy objects (except fuel depots), or when you run out of fuel.  If you
have a reserve jet left, you restart play at the same section of the river 
where you crashed.  However, if you've managed to destroy the bridge at the end
of that section, then you get to restart play at the beginning of the next 

-----------------------GETTING THE FEEL OF RIVER RAID--------------------------
                                BY ACTIVISION

To learn to fly successful missions, you'll need the sensitivity, touch and
sharpshooting skills of a precision jet pilot.  But that takes time and

At first, try jetting down the river at slow speed.  Practice banking your
plane, sharpening your aim, and dodging the enemy.  To win in this game, you'll
have to be just as good at dodging as you are at destroying enemy bridges and

Then accelerate your jet with bursts of speed to see how it reacts to the
controls.  Since you'll be making split-second decisions, you'll need to know
exactly how you and your plane will act in a pressure situation.

------------------------HOW TO JOIN THE ACTIVISION-----------------------------
                              "RIVER RAIDERS"

If you reach a score of 15,000 points or more, you are eligible to become an
official River Raider.  Simply send us a picture of your TV screen showing your
score along with your name and address, and we'll send you an official River
Raider emblem.  Score the maximum one million, and all points on the screen
will be replaced with exclamation points.  If you ever do manage to score the
ultimate, please send us a photo.  Such an achievement will certainly rank you
as one of the world's greatest video game competitors!

                        HOW TO BECOME A RIVER RAIDER
                Tips from Carol Shaw, designer of River Raid

     Carol Shaw is one of Activision's newest game designers, but isn't
     a newcomer to video game design.  She's also a scholar in the field
     of Computer Science.

"The River of No Return holds many special challenges and dangers for would-be
River Raiders.  You'll not only have to know your assault jet, but you'll need
to have a good idea of your basic fight plan before you start.

"By knowing the river, pinpointing areas with the highest concentration of
enemy, and the most fuel depots, you'll have a much better chance of surviving.
Since the river is in sections, try jotting down notes for each important 
section as flight aids.

"Fuel is also a critical factor.  When you're far up the river, fuel is scarce.
So, concentrate on flying to the next fuel depot, and don't try to destroy 
every object.

"When you become really skilled, you'll find you can actually blow up a fuel
depot right in the middle of refueling.  That way, you can gain the points and
some fuel at the same time.

"Finally, remember that your main targets are the bridges.  They're worth the
most points.  And, please, drop me a note and let me know how you're doing.  
I'd really like to hear from you!"

[Carol Shaw]

Look for Activision video games wherever you buy video game cartridges.  Drop
us a note, and we'll gladly add your name to our mailing list and keep you
posted on new Activision game cartridges as they become available.

Activision, Inc., Drawer No. 7287,
Mountain View, CA 94042

(c) 1982 Activision AX-020-03

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