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Sea Hawk
Sea Hawk(TM)

Sea Hawk

   Sea Hawk is a full-color action game for one player.  It is
designed to be played on the ATARI(R) Video Computer System(TM) VCS 2600 and
   A steady hand and quick wits are crucial if you are going to win this
action packed air-sea battle!  You must constantly dodge enemy fire and
possible collisions with enemy helicopters and ships.
   As the game begins, you have eight Sea Hawk fighter planes in your
defense arsenal but can only use one at a time.  Your weapons include a
machine gun and an unlimited supply of torpedoes.  The black AtakLaunch
ships and E-Gull helicopters are the enemy and you must eliminate them.
If your plane is hit by enemy fire, your pilot will parachute to safety,
but he needs your help to reach one of your Red Hawk aircraft carriers.  If
he lands in the ocean or on an enemy ship, he's dead.  For now only one
enemy helicopter will appear on screen at a time.
   You graduate to Level 2 when you score 10,000 points.  The battle grows
more furious as two enemy E-Gull helicopters appear on screen to do battle
with you.
   The intensity increases when you score 30,000 points and enter Level 3.
Here you will be attacked by three E-Gull helicopters that boldly
challenge you, determined to down your planes!

Instructions for Setup

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the ATARI Video
Computer System to your TV.

2. Install only the Left Joystick control.  The Right Joystick is not used.

3. Make certain that the ATARI power switch is OFF, then insert the game

4. Set the TV TYPE switch to the proper setting.

5. Set the DIFFICULTY switch to A (slow) or B (fast).

6. Set the CHANNEL 2-3 switch to the proper setting for your TV.

7. Set the POWER switch to ON.

Instructions for Play

1. Push RESET to start or restart Sea Hawk action.

2. The action begins immediately.  You start with eight (8) red Sea Hawk
planes and will receive one more plane as a bonus every time you hit 20
enemy E-Gull helicopters.

3. The red button performs two functions.  It is the torpedo and the
machine-gun firing controller.

   (NOTE: The Joystick controls the direction of your Sea Hawk plane.)

4. To fire a torpedo, press the red button once.  There are three (3)
torpedo sizes.  To select the size you prefer, press the selector switch
on the machine.

5. To fire the machine gun, press the red button and, at the same time,
turn the Joystick either left or right.

6. If your plane is hit, your pilot will parachute to safety.  But you must
help him land on one of your Red Hawk aircraft carriers.  If your pilot lands
in the ocean or on an enemy ship, he is dead.

7. There are three (3) levels of difficulty in Sea Hawk.

   Level 1: Only one enemy E-Gull helicopter will appear at a time in this
level.  You receive 100 points for each E-Gull you destroy, and 500 points
for each enemy AtakLaunch ship.

   (NOTE: You will lose 500 points if you destroy one of your own ships.
So be careful!  When you score 10,000 points, you will advance to Level 2!)

   Level 2: The odds increase in Level 2.  Now your pilot must fight two
enemy E-Gulls at a time.  You receive 200 points for each E-Gull you destroy,
and 1000 points for each enemy ship.

   (NOTE: You will lose 1000 points if you destroy one of your own ships.
So, use caution!  When you score 30,000 points, you will advance to Level 3!)

   Level 3: You will really test your mettle here when three (3) E-Gull
helicopters begin to hunt down your plane at a time.  You receive 300 points
for each enemy helicopter you destroy, and 1500 points for each enemy ship.

   (NOTE: You will lose 1500 points if you destroy one of your own ships.
So, watch out.  This gets really tricky!)

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This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance