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Sea Hunt - Froggo - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Sea Hunt manual, by Froggo


Sea HuntTM


Sea Hunt

            Sea Hunt is a full-color action game for one player.  It is designed to be played on the ATARI� Video Computer SystemTM VCS (sic) 2600 and 7800.

            You are diving for treasure in perilous waters infested with man-eating fish and vicious sea monsters!  You must be careful to choose just the right moment to dive into the water because you cannot defend yourself while you are diving.

            As the game begins, you have four divers but can only control one at a time.  Each diver receives 60 seconds� worth of oxygen for every dive he makes.  Your only defense against the dangerous man-eating fish is a harpoon gun�use it well, for those fish are devious!  You must harpoon all of the fish in the water and enter the sunken Spanish galleon before another fish appears.

            Once inside the galleon, you will be confronted by three vicious sea monsters who jealously guard the galleons�s three treasure chests.  Your harpoon gun cannot help you now because the sea monsters are invincible.  You must swim quickly to avoid them!  Keep your wits about you as you dodge these clever monsters because they can trick you by passing right through the walls of the ship!  But you can escape them by entering one of the ship�s many narrow passageways!

            To retrieve the treasure chests filled with gold doubloons and valuable pieces of eight, you must reach the treasure and touch it.  But watch your oxygen level!  When the level is low, youmust return to your boat for more oxygen or drown.  And the way back to your boat is just as dangerous as the journey down because more man-eating fish await you in the waters between your boat and the sunken treasure ship!

Instructions for Setup

1.                  Follow the manufacturer�s instructions to connect the ATARI Video Computer System to your TV.

2.                  Install only the Left Joystick control.  The Right Joystick is not used.

3.                  Make certain that the ATARI power switch is OFF, then insert the game cartridge.

4.                  Set the TV TYPE switch to the proper setting.

5.                  Set the DIFFICULTY switch to A (slow) or B (fast).

6.                  Set the CHANNEL 2-3 switch to the proper setting for your TV.

7.                  Set the POWER switch to ON.

Instructions for Play

1.                  Push RESET to start or restart Sea Hunt action.

2.                  The music will stop and the game will begin immediately.  You begin with four (4) divers who you are able to control one at a time with the Joystick.

3.                  When the water is clear beneath the boat, push the RED button.  Your diver will jump into the water.  Your diver must reach a certain deapth before you can control hist movement again with the Joystick.  But be careful, those man-eating fish are fast and will try to attack your diver before he can harpoon them.

4.                  Once the diver reaches the correct water level, you can push the RED firing button to activate the harpoon he carries.  Your diver must harpoon all of the fish before he can enter the sunken Spanish galleon to search for the treasure.  But he must enter the galleon quickly before more fish appear and try to attack him.  When your diver uses his harpoon, he cannot move until the harpoon returns to him.

5.                  Divers only have 60 seconds� worth of oxygen on each dive, so remember to watch the oxygen supply and return to the boat when the level gets low.  Divers can reenter the boat through the bottom center panel.

6.                  The number of divers remaining appears in the bottom left corner of the screen.  The score appears in the middle of the screen at the bottom.  While you diver is in the water, the score will disappear.  In its place you will see the 60 second oxygen supply countdown.

7.                  At level 2 when your diver enters the treasure ship, the screen will change.  To retrieve the three (3) treasure chests, all your diver needs to do is touch them.  But beware!  Three (3) vicious sea monsters guard the treasure chests and will attack when you least expect it.l  And when you reenter Level 1 to return to the boat for oxygen, you will be attacked once again by the man-eating fish!

8.                  Your diver�s harpoon is useless against these fierce sea monsters, so you must use your wits and move quickly.  The sea monsters can go through the walls of the ship while your diver cannot.  But he can escape the sea monsters by entering the narrow passages in the ship.  To enter these passages, you must push the RED firing button and move the Joystick at the same time.

9.                  Be careful not to let your diver touch the sticky walls of the treasure ship.  They act like flypaper and can hold him prisoner in a watery grave.  If he gets stuck, move the Joystick very hard to release him.  And remember to watch your oxygen supply!  The game continues until you have lost all of your divers.


1.                  For each fish harpooned you receive 500 points.

2.                  When you retrieve one treasure chest you receive 500 points.

3.                  When you retrieve two treasure chests during the same dive you receive 1500 points.

4.                  When you retrieve three treasure chests during the same dive you receive 11,500 points.

(NOTE:  Whenever you reenter your boat after harpooning the fish or capturing the treasure chests, your score will increase.)

Sea Hunt has four game variations:

Speed Variations






Sea Monster









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Transcribed by Derek Christenson, on the Fourteenth day of June in the year 2000,

for SOLE use by those who have legal ownership of the Froggo game Sea Hunt�.