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Sky Skipper - Parker Brothers - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Sky Skipper
	A video game cartridge from Parker Brothers
	for the Atari 2600 and Sears Video Arcade

Sky Skipper graphics copyright 1981 Nintendo of America
Rules copyright 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915
Printed in the U.S.A.

It's a high-flying, action-packed adventure!  You're the pilot chosen for
this most unusual mission: to rescue the animals held captuve by the
dangerous gorilla.  But it won't be easy.  You'll have to pilot your plane
through all kinds of flying hazards.  To make matters worse, you only have a
limited amount of fuel to accomplish your mission.  Can you save the animals
in time?

The object of the game is to rescue as many captured animals as you can --
and to score the most points along the way.

To set up the game:

1. Insert the cartridge into your unit, then move the ON/OFF switch to ON.
You'll hear the introductory music for the game and see the scene that
begins the game's action.

2. Refer to the GAME SELECTION BOX for a description of the game numbers.
Then press down the GAME SELECT switch at any time after you turn the game
on to select a game number.  The game number will show on the right side of
the 00000 score.

3. Set the DIFFICULTY SWITCH.  In Position A, the plane flies at a faster
speed.  In Position B, the plane flies at a slower speed.  NOTE: If you're
playing on a Sears Video Arcade unit, you may find that the difficulty
switches are called SKILL SWITCHES (NOVICE and EXPERT).  In the NOVICE
position, your plane flies at a slower speed.  In the EXPERT position, your
plane flies at a faster speed.

4. Press down the GAME RESET switch - and you're ready to start your
high-flying mission!

This is a one-player game, so plug one Joystick controller firmly into the
LEFT jack at the back of your video system.
Use the joystick to fly your airplane up, down, to the left, and to the
right through the mazes on the screen.  Press the red Fire Button to drop
"bombs" on the gorilla.

[diagram of the correct orientation of an Atari Joystick).

This illustration shows the entire maze through which you fly your airplane.
Also shown are the same animals you need to rescue.  (This view is given for
information only.)  You will never see everything pictured here at the same
time on your screen.  Instead, as you fly up or down the maze, you'll see
sections of what is shown here.
[full "map" of the first playing level.]

You'll start the game with 4 airplanes.  The first one is shown at the top
of the "hangar" in the lower centre of the screen.  The remaining airplanes
are shown as red squares at the bottom right of the screen.

Each airplane begins its flight with a full tank of fuel.  However, the fuel
will gradually decrease with flying time.  The fuel level is monitored by
the yellow fuel bar in the lower center of the screen.

Every time you rescue one of each type of animal consecutively - for
example, one cat, one turtle, one rabbit, and one duck - you'll completely
refill your fuel tanks!  If you run out of fuel at any time during your
flight, you'll lose that airplane.  If you have any remaining airplanes,
you'll begin play again with a new airplane and a full tank of fuel.
[screen shot pointing out the reserve Airplanes and Fuel Gauge.]

To release the animals from their cages, you must first knock a gorilla off
its feet.  To do so, fly above a gorilla, then press the Fire Button.  If
you hit a gorilla, he'll be knocked over.  This "hit" will also spring open
the cage doors for each set of animals.  You'll also see the released
animals jumping out of their cages, waiting to be rescued.

To rescue them, quickly swoop your plane down and fly on level with the
animals.  Once you pick an animal up, you won't see it again.  However, you
have only a limited amount of time in which to do this.  Once the gorilla
gets back on its feet, the animals pop back into their cages.

For each animal you rescue, you score 100 points.  If you rescue all the
animals in one game, the game play will begin again with another set of
animals at a more difficult level.
[screen shot showing a toppled gorilla and the animals popping out of their

You'll need ace piloting skills to avoid some of the hazards you'll
encounter.  Depending on the game number at which you're playing, here are
some of the hazards you'll see.

1. FLYING COURSE: Be sure you fly your plane within the flying course.  If
you hit any part of the sides of the course or the obstacles inside the
course, you'll crash.

2. WHITE CLOUDS: White clouds will appear from time to time in your flying
path.  Fly around these clouds; if you hit any part of them, you'll crash.

Each time you rescue all the animals, you'll move to a more difficult round
of play.  Clouds will appear in the flying course, your plane will fly
faster, and your fuel will be used up more quickly.

The game ends when you have no more airplanes left.

To Play Again: Press the GAME RESET switch to play again at the same game
number.  To play another game number, use the GAME SELECT switch to choose
another number.  Then press the GAME RESET switch to begin again.

Your score is displayed throughout your turn at the lower center of the
screen.  Points accumulate as follows:
	Knocking a gorilla off its feet		10 points
	Rescuing one animal			100 points
	Rescuing one of each type of animal consecutively
	(1 cat, 1 turtle, 1 rabbit, 1 duck)	500 points

	Every time you score 10,000 points, you'll get another plane!




1		Easiest		Tricky flying course

2		Difficult		Tricky flying course,
					clouds in the sky

3		More Difficult	Tricky flying course,
					clouds in the sky,
					faster plane

If you should have any difficulty operating or playing SKY SKIPPER call your
Electronic Service Department at these toll-free numbers:
In Massachusetts		1-800-892-0297
All other states		1-800-225-0540
(not available in Alaska, Hawaii or Canada)
Lines are open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (EST) Mon.-Fri.
(excluding holidays)

If you are unable to reach us via the Answer Service Line,
write to the Consumer Response Department in the location nearest you:

In the U.S.A.:  Parker Brothers, P.O. Box 1012, Beverly, MA 01915.

In Australia and New Zealand: Toltoys Pty. Ltd., 104 Bourke Road,
Alexandria, N. S.W. 2015

In the United Kingdon: Palitoy Company, Owen Street, Coalville, Leicester
LE62DE England.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance