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Spider-Man - Parker Brothers - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   


Rules (C) 1983 Parker Brothers, Beverly, MA 01915.  Printed in U.S.A.

SPIDER-MAN & GREEN GOBLIN TM & Copyright (C) 1982 Marvel Comics Group

Spider Man: "New York City--at the mercy of the GREEN GOBLIN!  He's 
booby-trapped the city's skyscrapers with SUPER BOMBS!  I must save the city
NOW.  But the GOBLIN will try to stop my every move.  Criminals and time
bombs--even the GREEN GOBLIN himself--stand between me and the SUPER BOMBS!
Can I save the city in time?"


The object of the game is to defuse as many Super Bombs as possible--and to 
score the most points along the way.


1. To select a game number (see Game Selection Box), press down on the GAME
SELECT switch.  The game number will appear at the top of the screen.

2. Press down the GAME RESET switch--and you're ready to start the action!


Make sure you plug the Joystick controllers firmly into the jacks at the back
of your video system.  use the LEFT controller jack for one-player games.

Use the Joystick and the red "fire" button to move SPIDER-MAN up the side of
the skyscraper.  First, press the fire button.  Then push the Joystick up, to
the left, or to the right.  A line of web fluid will shoot up diagonally to the
left or right, depending on the direction you move the controller.

(NOTE: You can also shoot a web down to move SPIDER-MAN down the building, but 
only after you've moved SPIDER-MAN up the building from his starting position.)

Release the fire button at the desired web length.  The web line goes from short
(by quickly releasing the button and controller at the same time) to long (by
pressing the button and holding the controller in one direction until the web
line stops).  Once you shoot a web, you can lengthen or shorten it by pushing
the Joystick controller up or down.  You can also cancel the web before moving
SPIDER-MAN by quickly pressing and releasing the fire button.

Once you've made your web line, use the controller to move SPIDER-MAN up the
skyscraper.  If the web line is directly above SPIDER-MAN, move the Joystick
controller UP.  SPIDER-MAN will make a vertical "climb" UP to the end of the
web line.  If the web line is diagonal to SPIDER-MAN, he'll swing back and
forth at the end of the line until you move the Joystick controller UP.
SPIDER-MAN will then swing UP to the end of the line.

During a climb, you can stop SPIDER-MAN before he reaches the end of the web by
quickly pressing and releasing the fire button.

The end of the web line must land on the building(not a window) or the tower.
If it lands on a window or on any portion of the sky, SPIDER-MAN will fall.
To catch him, shoot another web fast!

Green Goblin: "Let's see what your super-hero powers can do against me,
SPIDER-MAN.  I'm far more dangerous than you think, web-slinger!"


This illustration shows the entire skyscraper--and its high voltage tower--that
SPIDER-MAN must climb to get to the Super Bomb.  This view is given for 
information only.  You will never see everything pictured here at the same time
on your screen.  Instead, as SPIDER-MAN advances up the building--or falls DOWN
to the street--you'll see sections of what is shown here.

You'll start the game with 3 "SPIDER-MEN."  The first one is shown on the side
of the building, ready to begin the climb to the top.  The remaining 
"SPIDER-MEN" are shown at the lower left-hadn corner of the screen.


Each SPIDER-MAN has only a limited amount of web fluid which decreases with 
time.  The web fluid is monitored by the red line located in the lower 
right-hand corner of the screen.  To gain web fluid, SPIDER-MAN must capture
criminals and bombs.  If SPIDER-MAN's web fluid runs out, he'll fall.  The
game then continues with a new SPIDER-MAN.


When the tune starts to play, SPIDER-MAN starts his mission on the side of the
first skyscraper.  But watch out for the criminals!  Their job is to stop
SPIDER-MAN from reaching the high voltage tower.  The criminals will randomly
pop up in windows.  If SPIDER-MAN's web line crosses a criminal, the criminal
will cut the web, causing SPIDER-MAN to fall.  Shoot another web fast, or
you'll lose this SPIDER-MAN!

However, SPIDER-MAN can capture the criminals by crossing his body over them.
For every criminal captured, you earn 30 points--and SPIDER-MAN gets more web


Once SPIDER-MAN moves to the top of the building, he's faced with some tricky
maneuvering to scale the high voltage tower.  Remember, if SPIDER-MAN's web
lands on any part of the sky, he'll fall!

He's also faced with another danger on the high voltage tower: time bombs
planted by the GREEN GOBLIN!  The time bombs count down toward explosion,
changing from black to red.  SPIDER-MAN can defuse a bomb by crossing his body
over it.  For every black bomb he defuses, you earn 50 points; for every red
bomb, 80 points.  And SPIDER-MAN gets more web fluid, too.

BUT if SPIDER-MAN's web crosses a bomb, or if a bomb explodes near SPIDER-MAN,
he'll fall.  Shoot another web fast, or you'll lose this SPIDER-MAN!


The GREEN GOBLIN doesn't want SPIDER-MAN to capture his criminals or defuse his
tiem bombs.  So he's decided he'll make SPIDER-MAN's mission even harder!  He's
set limits on how many criminals and time bombs (red or black) he'll let 
SPIDER-MAN capture...but he won't tell what those limits are.  If SPIDER-MAN
captures too many criminals and time bombs, the GREEN GOBLIN will start the
timer on the Super Bomb.  As you move SPIDER-MAN up the building, listen
closely.  When you hear a low-pitched sound, that means the timer has started
on the Super Bomb.  Get set to move SPIDER-MAN tyo the Super Bomb--and fast!


At the top of the high voltage tower is the Super Bomb--and the GREEN GOBLIN!
To get to the Super Bomb, first you'll have to move SPIDER-MAN past the
GREEN GOBLIN.  If the GOBLIN touches SPIDER-MAN or any part of his web,
SPIDER-MAN will fall.  Shoot another web fast, or you'll lose this SPIDER-MAN!

Get SPIDER-MAN past the GREEN GOBLIN, and get set to difuse the Super Bomb.
Pass any part of SPIDER-MAN's body over the Super Bomb before it explodes--and
you've defused the Super Bomb!  You'll earn bonus points equal to the number of
points scored while scaling that building and tower.

SPIDER-MAN then moves onto the side of another building to begin the action
again at a different level (see Game Difficulty).

If SPIDER-MAN doesn't defuse the Super Bomb before it explodes, you'll lose
that SPIDER-MAN.  However, the action will continue at the base of the same
building with a new SPIDER-MAN.


Each time you defuse the Super Bomb, you'll hear a short tune.  Then the game
will continue at a more difficult level with your remaining "SPIDER-MEN."  The
building and high voltage tower will either increase or decrease in size (see
illustration in "Approaching the Super Bomb").  The web fluid will run out more
quickly.  And the GREEN GOBLIN will move faster and will be anywhere--ready to
dog you every step of the way on your mission to defuse the SUPER-BOMB!


The game ends when no "SPIDER-MEN" are left.

To Play Again: In a one- or two-player game, press the GAME RESET switch to
play again at the same game number.  To play at another game number, use the


SPIDER-MAN has 6 game variations.  Games 1, 3, and 5 are one-player games;
2, 4, and 6 are two-player games.  The left player goes first; players then
alternate turns.  Your turn ends when you lose a SPIDER-MAN; you begin your
turn with your remaining "SPIDER-MEN."  Each player's score is displayed
throughout his or her turn.  The game ends once both players have lost all
their "SPIDER-MEN."  At the end of the game, the 1st player's score shows at
the top of the screen; the 2nd player's score shows at the bottom.


Your score is displayed throughout your turn.  Points accumulate as follows:

Capturing a criminal..................30 points & web fluid
Defusing a black time bomb............50 points & web fluid
Defusing a red time bomb..............80 points & web fluid
Defusing a Super Bomb.................double the points scored
                                      on the last building and 
                                      high voltage tower.

Every time you score 10,000 points, you'll get another SPIDER-MAN!


Game Numbers                 Game Levels
1          2                 Easiest
3          4                 More Difficult
5          6                 More Difficult

If you should have any difficulty operating or playing SPIDER-MAN, call our
Electronic Service Department at these toll-free numbers:

In Massachussetts           1-800-892-0297
All other states            1-800-225-0540
(not available in Alaska,
Hawaii, or Canada)

Lines are open 8:30am to 4:30pm (EST) Mon.-Fri. (excluding holidays)

If you are unable to reach us via the Answer Service Line, write to the
Consumer Response Department in the location nearest you:

In the USA: Parker Brothers, P.O. Box 1012, Beverly, MA 01915

In Australia and New Zealand: Parker Games, 104 Bourke Road, Alexandria, 
N.S.W. 2015.

In the United Kingdom: Parker Games, Owen Street, Coalville, Leicester
LE62DE England.

This document typed and converted to html by [email protected].

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance