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Spiderdroid (TM)


   Spiderdroid is a full-color, single-player action game designed to be
played on the ATARI(R) Video Computer System.(TM)
   It's the future, when droids do battle.  You send your Spiderdroid in
to capture a building by covering the structure with its unbreakable
Droidweb.  Your Spiderdroid lays down a web strand as it crawls along each
girder.  Once you have strung a web strand completely around an opening,
the Spiderdroid flings a web over that opening.  Your objective is to
travel all the building's girders so the entire structure is caught in
your Droidweb.
   But watch out!  The building is swarming with Birddroids out to have
your Spiderdroid for lunch.  If you get cornered, use your secret weapon!
Press the Joystick's button to cast a magic spell that makes the Birddroids
invisible and unable to eat you...but only for a few seconds.  And remember -
each of your Spiderdroids can cast only four magic spells.
   Once you capture the first building, it's time to send your advanced
Mummydroid to capture the next one, which is guarded by a horde of Skeledroids!

Instructions for Setup

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the ATARI Video Computer
System to your TV.

2. Install the Left Joystick control.  The Right Joystick is not used.

3. Make certain that the ATARI power switch is OFF, then insert the game

4. Set the TV TYPE switch to the proper setting.

5. Set the DIFFICULTY switch to A (slow) or B (fast).

6. Set the CHANNEL 2-3 switch to the proper setting for your TV.

7. Move the POWER switch to ON.

Instructions for Play

1. To start or restart Spiderdroid action, push RESET.

2. You get three Spiderdroids at the start of the game.

3. Points are scored each time you cross a length of girder.  The longer the
girder, the more points you get.  At DIFFICULTY a, you face five Birddroids;
at DIFFICULTY B, you face six faster Birddroids.

4. When you reach 1200 points, the Birddroids get terrified and turn into
quivering "droidids" which can be eaten by the Spiderdroid to gain extra
points.  But the droidids last only a few seconds before mutating back into
hungry eat them fast.

5. When you totally cover the first building with Droidweb, you advance to the
next objective - a new building guarded by horrible Skeledroids.  Here, you
have an advanced Mummydroid to use in weaving a web over the structure, but
the Skeledroids are faster.  So watch out, and use your magic spells carefully.

6. As you capture buildings in Droidweb, you move on to new structures with
more able droid opponents.  Spiderdroids and Mummydroids alternate in 
successive battles.

Spiderdroid Game Variations

Game No.        Droids          Droid Opponents
   1          Spiderdroid        Birddroids
   2          Mummydroid         Skeledroids
   3          Spiderdroid        Birddroids
   4          Mummydroid         Skeledroids

(Alternating games continue through 16 levels of more advanced play.)

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Mountain View, CA  94043

ATARI(r) and Video Computer System (TM) are trademarks of ATARI, INC.

FG 1002 (C) Froggo Games Corp.   Printed in U.S.A.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance