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Stampede - Activision - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   

- ---------------
1. Plug in left Joystick Controller (it's the only one you'll need). When 
   playing, hold the Controller with the red button at upper left.
2. Set difficulty switch at (b).
3. Select game with game select switch.
	Game 1: Sidekick	Game 2: Pilgrim
	Game 3: Cowpoke		Game 4: Wrangler
	Game 5: Top Hand	Game 6: Trail Boss
	Game 7: Rancher		Game 8: Cattle Baron
   (see explanantion under 'Games')
4. Use of Joystick Controller: Use left joystick controller to move horse
   and rider up and down on screen. Press the redd button to throw the rope.
5. Difficulty Switch: Left difficulty switch at (a) shortens rope; switch
   at (b) lengthens rope. Right difficulty switch has no effect.
6. To Begin Play: Press Game Reset.
7. Scoring: You score points by roping cattle. Each dogie (?) is worth points,
   depending on its colour, as follows:
	Black Angus....................	100 pts
	Light Brown Jerseys............	 25 pts
 	Medium Brown Guernseys.........	 15 pts
	Dark Red Herefords.............	  3 pts
   The numbers on the upper right side of the screen indicate the player's 
   score. The number on the upper left side of the screen indicates the number
   of dogies which you can allow to stray behind you before the game ends.
   The number starts at 3 - and decreases by one each time a dogie strays off
   the left side of your screen. When the last one strays behind your horse, the
   game is over.
8. Object of the Game: To score as many points as possible by roping as many
   dogies as you can before too many stray behind you.

- --------------------
Climb into your saddle and start ridin'! You'll want to practice playing your
horse and rider in the right position to rope and herd those dogies without
letting any get by you - and to dodge any surprises on the trail.

To rope: position your horse directly behind the dogie you wish to lasso. The 
rope will always be thrown directly in front of your horse, and the loop 
*must* touch a dogie in order to rope him. If you attempt to rope a steer
which is too far away or too close, you'll come up empty. When you get more
at home on the range, you'll know the right time to throw your rope. It's
impossible to score well if you can't keep the game going long enough to rope
a passel (?) of dogies. The only way to do that successfully is to keep the
cattle in a herd in front of you. Herding is as important as roping in helping
you run up your score. When you ride just behind one of the dogies, you'll
notice he'll speed up and run further out in front of your horse. Since all
dogies do not run at the same speed, you will have your work cut out for you
to keep them all together and ahead of you.

- -----
Each game of Stampede offers a different pattern, speed and movement of the 
dogies, providing new challenges every time you play.

Game One / Sidekick Level: When  the game begins, dogies lop along, gradually
running faster as the game progresses. They will run only straight ahead, and
they travel in a specific pattern. Dark Red Herefords are first. After you
rope these critters, the Light Brown Jerseys appear, followed by the Medium
Brown Guernseys. Keep your eyes peeled for an occasional Black Angus.

Game Two / Pilgrim Level: Same as Game 1, except all dogies try to avoid
your lasso by moving up and down the screen.

Game Three / Cowpoke Level: Same as Game 1, but there is no set pattern of
appearance of dogies on the screen.

Game Four / Wrangler Level: Same as Game 3, but all dogies try to avoid your 
lasso by moving up and down the screen.

Games Five through Eight: Same patterns as Games 1 through 4, except all
dogies start out at a full gallop.

- ----------------------------
Dangers on the Trail: The cattle drives of the Old West had their share of
hazards - and Stampede does too. Occasionally, you'll come upon an old
bleached skull on the trail, and your horse will rear if you attempt to ride
over it. If that happens, some of the dogies you are herding and roping could
stray by, so look out and be prepared to ride around the skulls. There's also
a Black Angus who pops up every now and then (worth 100 points if you rope him),
and he can be a bum steer. Since he's sitting still and facing you - and
can't be hered - he's tough to rope. Worse, if you bump into him, not only
will he have strayed out of the herd, but your horse will rear, slowing you
pursuit of other dogies.

A Well-trained Horse: Your pony's no stranger to a roundup. When you throw
your lasso, he won't move. This keeps you firmly in the saddle - but you
can't change your mind and chase another dogie once you've decided to throw
your rope.

No Time Limit: You can keep on ridin' and ropin' as long as your "stray count" 
(the number on the left side of the screen) is 1 or more. The better you get
at roping and herding dogies, the longer your roundup will last.

Inceasing your Stray Allowance: After you reach 1000 pts., you'll notice
your stray count will increase by one, giving you more of a chance to rope
and ride. The number, however, will never get larger than 9.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance