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Subterranea - Imagic - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   


[Blurb from back of box]
The hideous HEXUPLEX guards the dark tunnels.  Its evil genius tracks
your Ranger, wherever you fly.  The creature sends up lethal Aerobots,
one after the other.  Grab the Treasure Crystal and slide into the
underworld.  You're in for an unforgettable adventure!

If you survive flocks of flying enemies, escape through the high powered
flash pulses of the Electro-Gates.  It takes steady nerves to make it!
Then, go even deeper to more wild battles.  Keep shooting, and never give

Use joystick controllers to fly the Cave Ranger through tunnels and
caverns.  1 or 2-Player game versions with Standard and Advanced Skill

* Fight off attacking Aerobots and swoop down to seize the Treasure
* Descend to the tunnels, blasting the flying foes.  Don't let the
  Ranger touch tunnel sides...especially any skulls!
* Clear a tunnel and find the Electro-Gate.  Move the Ranger through it
  safely in 3 attempts or less.
* When you've cleared the bottom tunnel, descend through the glowing
  transit port and enter a big cavern.  Keep going if you can!

* In 1-Player games, use the left hand controller.
* In 2-Player games, the player with the left controller has the first
* To change from 1-Player, Level 1 variation, pull GAME SELECT switch
  before game starts.  Display at top right of screen indicates:
    1 1 -- 1 Player, Skill Level 1 (Standard game)
    2 1 -- 1 Player, Skill Level 2 (Advanced game)
    1 2 -- 2 Players, Skill Level 1
    2 2 -- 2 Players, Skill Level 2

* Move joystick in direction you wish the Cave Ranger to fly.
* Press the red button to fire.  Keep pressing for automatic fire.

* To start, press and release button on left controller.

* You must first fight off a series of deadly Aerobots sent up by the
  evil HEXUPLEX.
  -- Shoot down each Aerobot before it collides with you.  A collision
     costs you one Ranger!
  -- The bar at the bottom of the screen shows how many Aerobots remain
     in this attack.
* Destroy all Aerobots and the hideous HEXUPLEX crawls away.  A Treasure
  Crystal apears!
* Fly the Cave Ranger down to the Crystal and touch it until a shaft
  opens up through the cavern floor.
* Move the Ranger down the shaft to the first tunnel.  Get ready for
  some fast and furious action!

* Tunnels are filled with flying foes.  If any of them collide with you,
  you'll lose one Ranger.
  -- In some tunnels, foes can shoot at your Ranger.  Get out of the
* BEWARE!  Don't touch either side of the tunnel.  It'll cost you score
  points while contact lasts.  And be sure not to touch any of the skulls;
  if you do, you'll lose a Ranger!
* Shoot all the flying foes in a tunnel without being hit, and you'll
  win an extra Ranger (up to a maximum of 7).
* When a tunnel is cleared of flying foes, the bar at the bottom of the
  screen disappears and you hear a short "ALL CLEAR" signal.  It's time to
  move on down again.

* Clear a tunnel of flying foes and an Electro-Gate will appear.
  Descend through the gate without touching it or being hit by a flash
  pulse.  If you can't get through in three tries, you'll have to clear
  the same tunnel again, without scoring any more points!
  -- Electro-Gates become more difficult and require more precise timing
     as the game progresses.  Don't take too much time!  Your score goes
     down until you get through the Gate!

* When you've cleared out the bottom tunnel in each series you can exit
  through a glowing transit port.
  -- Fly the Cave Ranger to the left or right until you see the port in
     the tunnel floor.
  -- You can touch the tunnel floor just beyond the transit port,
     without losing score points.
* When you've moved the Ranger down through this port you'll be in
  another big cavern.  The HEXUPLEX is back with more (and "smarter")
  Aerobots.  Try to capture another Crystal!

* Each Aerobot you shoot.		100 points
* Each flying foe you shoot.		25 to 99 points (increases as the
                                        game continues)
* Each Treasure Crystal you capture.	1000 points
* Each contact with tunnel sides.	Minus points during contact
* Clear tunnel without being hit.	Win 1 extra Ranger (maximum
                                        reserve Rangers: 7)
* Touch a skull.			Lose 1 Ranger

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance