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Superman - Atari - Atari 2600     HTML Manual   


	Copyright DC Comics Inc. 1979
	Model CX-2631
	A Warner Communications Company

	ATARI, INC., Consumer Division
	1195 Borregas Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086
	Book copyright 1979 ATARI, INC.

Use your Joystick Controllers with this ATARI Game Program.  Be sure to plug
the controller cables firmly into the jacks at the rear of your ATARI Video
Computer System.  Hold the controller with the red button to your upper left
toward the television screen.  See section 3 of your owner's manual for
further details.

For a one-player game, use either the right or left controller.

Note: Turn the console off when inserting or removing a Game Program.  This
will protect the electronic components and prolong the life of your ATARI
Video Computer System.

You are Superman.  Receiving a tip on a bomb scare, you rush to the
Metropolis waterfront.  Dropping into a nearby phone booth, you change into
Clark Kent, mild- mannered reporter for the Daily Planet, and continue east
(right) toward the Metropolis Memorial Bridge.

As you approach the bridge, it explodes!  Lex Luthor, arch enemy of
Superman, is seen leaving in a hell-pack.  Some of the Lex Luthor henchmen
rush from the scene.  A helicopter flies by carrying Lois Lane.  Is she in
trouble, or has she hired the helicopter to scoop the story?  Another crook
sneaks away.

This is a job for Superman!  You rush back to the phone booth and emerge as
the Man of Steel.

"Up, up and away" you fly to capture Lex Luthor and his gang.  But beware!
Lex Luthor has released three Kryptonite satellites that will seek you out.
If any touch you, you become weak.  You will lose your ability to fly, and
to capture and hold on to things.  Only a touch from Lois Lane will revive you.

The destroyed Metropolis Memorial Bridge is important to the economy of the
city.  Besides catching Lex Luthor and his gang, you must find the three
pieces of the Bridge and rebuild it.

The helicopter may try to help, but more than likely it will be a
hindrance... sometimes even removing parts of the Bridge that you have put
into place.  Other times it is a definite ally by snatching away the
Kryptonite satellite that Lex Luthor may be hiding behind.

After putting Lex Luthor and his gang behind bars, and rebuilding the
Bridge, you return to the phone booth and change back into Clark Kent.  Then
you catch a subway to the Daily Planet and turn in your story.

[Screen Shot of Jail, Superman, Lex Luthor, Markers, and Timer Minutes and

The object of this game is to put all the crooks behind bars, rebuild the
Bridge, change back into Clark Kent and go to the Daily Planet in the
shortest amount of time.

There is a timer at the top of the playfield that is incremented in minutes
and seconds.  It will start when you move the Joystick after depressing
either Game Reset or Game Select, and stops when Clark Kent enters the Daily

There are six markers at the top of the playfield; the largest represents
Lex Luthor, the other represent his henchmen.  As each crook is put into
Jail, one of these markers will disappear.

Each "frame" denotes a city block of Metropolis.  They are connected at each
of the four adjoining sides.  You can pass through all the city blocks of
Metropolis by flying either east (right) or west (left).  Flying north (up)
or south (down) continually will miss the phone booth and the Bridge.

You can enter the Metropolis Subway System through the "doorway" of any of
the four subway stations.  Once inside, to stay within the Subway System,
you must move upward (north), as each of the four different colored areas
are connected at the top.

To exit into the city from the Subway System, move east (right), west
(left), or south (down).  Each of the four different colored areas will exit
into a different portion of Metropolis.  For example, exiting west from the
pink section will bring you to the Jail; exiting west from the yellow
section will bring you to the Daily Planet.

There is a room inside the Daily Planet that is entered by passing through
the "doorway" of the building.  Once inside, you must go through the Subway
System before you can exit into the city.

If you lose Lois Lane into the Daily Planet, she will tend to stay there.
But... if the Helicopter goes by outside the building, she will come out to
see what is going on and wander off.

If you are above or below "street level", you can fly in any direction by
moving your joystick as shown in the diagram.

[Diagram of Joystick directions.]

If you have been "zapped" by a Kryptonite satellite or are in your guise as
Clark Kent, you can only walk to the right or left, unless you are in the
Subway System or inside the Daily Planet.  Then you can walk in any direction.

To land, return the Joystick to the center or "neutral" position.  If you
are above "street level" you will float down to "street level", where you
can walk.  If you are below "street level", you will float down to the city
block below.

To capture a crook, or to carry Lois Lane or pieces of the Bridge, you must
touch them while flying.  To release them, land by returning the Joystick to

To rebuild the Metropolis Memorial Bridge, all three pieces must be between
the two buildings.  As the third piece of the Bridge touches the other two,
the Bridge will be complete.

To put Lex Luthor or one of his henchmen in Jail, fly through the bars of
the Jail while carrying the crook.  When you do this, the crook's "marker"
at the top of the playfield will disappear.

If you land while carrying a crook, he will try to escape.

X-Ray vision enables you to see into one of the four adjoining frames.
Press the red controller button and move the Joystick in the direction in
which you wish to see.  Be careful!  You will not move while using your X-
Ray Vision, but the Kryptonite Satellites will, and they can "zap" you when
you are looking elsewhere.

Note: The Superman Game Program can be played by one or two people.  As a
two-player game, teamwork is required between the players for Superman to
avoid the Kryptonite Satellites and to capture Lex Luthor and his gang.  The
player using the left Joystick Controller will have priority over the left
and right movements of Superman, while the player using the right controller
will have priority over the up and down movements of Superman.

	HANDICAP (Difficulty Switches)
The right difficulty switch controls the speed of Lex Luthor and his gang
and the speed of Kryptonite Satellites.  In the A position the Kryptonite
Satellites will go after you twice as fast as in the B position.  The crooks
will also run from you twice as fast.

When the left difficulty switch is in the B position, Lois Lane will appear
whenever you are "zapped" by a Kryptonite Satellite.  When it is in the A
position, you must find Lois Lane before you can get "revived".

After beginning, the game can be stopped by depressing the Game Select
switch.  To resume play and restart the tim, push the Joystick in any

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance