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Tapeworm - Spectravision - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

Tape Worm
	Video Game Cartridge

	T A P E
	W O R M

	One or Two Players
	For the Atari and Sears Video Game Systems
	Instruction Manual

You don't know what a SPECTRAWORM is?  Well -- we ar ethe little critters
who clean up the fruit left over in your television from that other video
game that you play!  And we do all this for "BEANS".  To see me at work, and
help me out -- just plug me into your game console.  By the way, if you see
"SPANKY" the spider, or "BEEKY" the bird don't tell them where I am!

Additional version for young children.
For the Atari and Sears Video Game Systems.

1.	Hook up game console.
2.	Insert Cartridge - make sure power switch is always in the "OFF" position
        installing cartridges.
3.	Turn console "ON"
4.	"A" = Diet Bean
	"B" = High Calorie Bean
5.	Demo Mode
	A chance to get acquainted with our friends.
6.	Set Game Selector
	Game 1 = 1 Player Beginner
	Game 2 = 2 Players Beginner
	Game 3 = 1 Player Advanced
	Game 4 = 2 Players Advanced
7.	Game Reset
	Now hit the "GAME RESET" lever and find those beans.
8.	Joystick Controller.
	[Diagrams showing the proper way to hold an Atari- type joystick, and a
Spectravision Quickshot joystick.]

	"A Look at the Bean Patch"
	[Screen shot of Tape Worm's play screen.  It looks very much like Atari
Surround, except there are Beans, Beetles, a Spider, a Bird, an Apple and a

When you start the game "SLINKY" and the first bean appear on the screen.

The idea is to eat each of the ten beans (they appear one at a time) before
the mystery beetle moves across the screen from left to right.

If you eat the bean before the beetle gets to the fruit, the beetle moves
back to the left and the bean counter is reduced by one.  If however, the
mystery beetle gets to the fruit first, then 2 additional beans appear on
the screen and the bean counter is increased by 2.

A maximum of 8 beans will appear on the screen at any one time.  And the
bean counter can hold up to 30 beans at a time.

You start the game with 4 chances to eat the fruits.
You lose a chance (worm) if --
1.	You touch the edges of the bean patch.
2.	You get tangled up.
3.	You touch an obstacle in one of the advanced patches.
4.	"SPANKY" or "BEEKY" eats you.

At any time these guys can appear on the bean patch.  They will only catch
"SLINKY" if they touch his head (yellow square).  So when you see them...Get
out of the way!!

As you advance from patch to patch, different obstacles appear in the middle
of the screen.  If you touch any part of them you lose one chance.

1. Apple Bean Patch
2. Orange Bean Patch
3. Grape Bean Patch (Night)
4. Strawberry Bean Patch
5. Banana Bean Patch

The third patch is at night.  In order to see the patch you must push the
red button on your joystick.  This will give you approximately 2 seconds of
light.  When you eat a bean you get additional 2 seconds of light.  Each
time you press the fire button, you are penalized 1 bean.  So try to use it
as seldom as possible.



Apple 		(1)		 5 pts				 50 pts
Orange 		(2)		10 pts				100 pts
Grape (Night)   (3)		15 pts				150 pts
Strawberry	(4)		20 pts				200 pts
Banana		(5)		25 pts				250 pts

Maximum Score: 9,995 pts.
A bonus worm for each 1,000 points.
A maximum of 4 worms can be saved at any one time.

    0 -   995			FISH BAIT
1,000 - 2,995			EARTH WORM
3,000 - 4,995			SILK WORM
5,000 - 7,995			BOOK WORM
8,000 - 9,995			TAPE WORM

	copyright 1982 Audio Visual by

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance