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2600 TAPPER Game Manual 

You are a frenzied bartender trying to keep the never ending flow of
thirsty customers well watered.  You'll have to keep slinging sodas 
and occasionally guess which cans of soda the Soda Bandit has shaken.

As if that's not enough work for one bartender, try covering four different
bars with a different crazy crowd in each bar.  There's the Old West Saloon,
the Jock Bar, the Punk Rock Bar, and the Space Bar.

Keep the sodas coming, but not too fast.  You'd better be sure you've got a
customer without a drink at the bar or the drink will slide right off the bar
and no self-respecting bartender throws drinks away.  Keep your eyes open 
for the empties the customers sling back your way.


1.  Insert the game cartridge while the power is OFF.

2.  Turn the power ON and you'll hear the Tapper theme music as the first game
screen (Old West Saloon) appears.

3.  You have the option of choosing the difficulty level at which you wish
to play.  There are two difficulty level switches.  If both are set at "B"
you'll play a Beginners game.  If the left switch is on "B" and the right
switch is on "A" then you'll play an Intermediate game.  If the right switch
is on "B" and the left switch is on "A" then you'll play an Arcade level game.
If both right and left switches are on "A" then you'll play an Expert level
game.  Here's how each game level differs:

Beginner -- five lives with slow-moving customers
Intermediate -- three lives with slow-moving customers
Arcade -- five lives with fast-moving customers
Expert -- three lives with fast-moving customers

4.  You then have the option of choosing a one-player game or two-player
game.  You can push the Fire Button on joystick 1 for a one-player game or
push the Fire Button on joystick 2 to start a two-player game.  Or you can
use the game select switch to select a 1 or 2 player game.  Select 1 finger
for one-player game or 2 fingers for two-player game.  If you are playing a
two-player game, after player one suffers a defeat, player two has his or her
turn.  The score will swap in and out player 1 blue player 2 gold.

5.  Use your joystick control to move your Bartender accordingly:

Up -- Bartender moves up to next bar.
Left -- Bartender moves left along bar.
Right -- Bartender moves right along bar.
Down -- Bartender moves down to next bar.

If you move your Bartender down all the way to the bottom bar and you
continue to press the joystick down, he will automatically wrap around to
the top bar.  If you move your Bartender all the way to the top bar and
continue to press the joystick up, he will automatically wrap around to
the bottom bar.
Push the "Action Button" for the Bartender to fill the mugs.

6.  You have to keep the Bartender in place while filling mugs.  The mugs
will not go to customers unless they are full.


{screenshot of Old West Saloon}


Tapper consists of five separate game screens.  The Old West Saloon, the
Jock Bar, the Punk Bar, the Space Bar, and the Bonus Round which occurs
between each of the four bar scenes.

The score for player 1 is displayed in blue at the upper left corner of the
screen.  The number of lives that player has remaining is indicated by up to
five mugs (one for each life) next to the 1 finger.  Each time a player loses
a life, one of the mugs is emptied.

If you are playing a two-player game, the score for player 2 appears in gold
at the upper left corner of the screen and that player's number of lives is
displayed next to the 2 fingers.


In the Bonus Round, The Soda Bandit challenges the Bartender to a soda 
can version of the old fashioned shell game.

{screenshot of Soda Bandit doing his thing -- there's a Mountain Dew logo
 behind the Bartender.  Product placement!  Product placement!}

The Bandit will shake five of the six soda cans on the bar and shuffle the
cans around.  You'll have to keep a close eye on the one he has not shaken.
When the Soda Bandit has stopped shuffling the cans around,
using the joystick, move the Bartender over to the can you think was not
shaken by the Soda Bandit.  Push the ACTION button to open the can you
have chosen.  If you have chosen the unshaken soda can, you receive a
3,000 point bonus to the sound of the Bonus Tune.  If, however, you have
mistakenly opened one of the cans the Soda Bandit has shaken, you'll get
a shot of soda sprayed in your face.

{screenshot of Jock Bar}


In order to advance through each of the screens comprising the different
bar scenes, you must successfully serve each of the customers as they
approach you at each bar.  When a customer finishes his soda, he'll sling
his mug back to the bartender.  The Bartender must catch the empty mug, or
you lose a life.  At the end of a round, a trio of dancing girls appear on the

In order to survive the demands of tending bar, there are three things you
must avoid.

1.  Do not allow a customer to get all the way to the Bartender's end of
the bar without a drink.  If you do, the disgruntled customer will sling the
Bartender down the bar.

2.  If the Bartender jumps the gun and slings a soda where there is no
customer to grab it, the mug will crash at the end of the bar.

3.  After customers at the bar have gulped down their sodas, they sling
their empty mugs back to the Bartender, if he is still on the screen.  
Do not let the mugs get by.  If they do, it will crash on the floor.

Each time any of these three events occur, your Bartender will lose one
of his lives.

{screenshots of Punk Bar and Space Bar}



Get Cowboy/girl out of Door.................50 points
Get Sportsperson out of Door................75 points
Get Punk Rocker out of Door................100 points
Get Space Creature out of Door.............150 points
Catch an Empty Mug.........................100 points
Complete screen (get all customers out)..1,000 points
Complete Bonus Rack......................3,000 points


Earn one extra life after your first 20,000 points and another life 
for each additional 50,000 points.


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Operations Simulator, Congo Bongo, Up'n'Down and Spy Hunter}

manual typed in by Jeff Coleburn, [email protected].  Sell me your children.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance