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Task Force
Task Force(TM)

Task Force

   Task Force is a full-color action game, for one or two players, for
use on the ATARI(R) Video Computer System.(TM)
   Terrorists are at it again, and you command anelite anti-terrorist Task
Force.  Negotiations have failed, so it's up to you to "take out" the
terrorists.  They're holding several highrise buildings, and your Task Force
is in position outside.  You have wire-guided missiles to fire any time a
terrorist steps into view in a window.  You must fire quickly, because the
terrorists never miss you when they have time to get off a shot.  And the
terrorist leader on the roof has a neutron bomb that ends it for everybody
if he lets it go.  But look before you fire!  The terrorists sometimes push
hostages into view...don't shoot if the guy in the window doesn't have a gun.
And plan ahead!  You have to wait for new supplies after firing all of your
wire-guided missiles.
   Take out the 9 terrorists in the first building, then your Task Force
heads out to the next hot spot (held by 12 terrorists), and the next (held
by 15 terrorists).  Your fourth anti-terrorist operation is a treacherous
night raid...and the action only gets hotter after that!

Instructions for Setup

1. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to connect the ATARI Video
Computer System to your TV.

2. Install only the Left Joystick control for a single player.  Install
both Joysticks if two players are going to be involved in Task Force action.

3. Make certain that the ATARI power switch is OFF, then insert the Task
Force game cartridge.

4. Set the TV TYPE switch to the proper setting.

5. Set the DIFFICULTY switches to A (slow) or B (fast).

6. Set the CHANNEL 2-3 switch to the proper setting.

7. Move the POWER switch to ON.

Instructions For Play

1. Push RESET to activate Task Force.

2. Push SELECT to select the game variation you want:
   1. Single player, expert level
   2. Two players, expert level
   3. Single player, beginner level
   4. Two players, beginner level

3. Push RESET again to start Task Force action.

4. Use the Joystick to line up your gunsight on a terrorist and push the red
FIRE button to launch a missile.

5. As you start attacking each terrorist nest, you have six missiles unpacked
and ready to fire, plus three more crates containing six missiles each: a total
of 24 wire-guided missiles.  Once you fire all 24 missiles, you are at the
mercy of the terrorists for several seconds while more missiles are brought in
to your command center.

6. Each terrorist moves into a window, stops, and takes aim for several
seconds.  Whenever you allow a terrorist enough time to fire, one of your
commandos is dead for sure.  Terrorists never miss a shot!

7. Scoring
                        Bldg 1      Bldg 2    Bldg 3
   White Death             100         110       120
   Pirate                   50          60        70
   Gang Green               40          50        60
   Hoodman                  30          40        50
   Yellowbelly              20          30        40
   Hostage(LOSE POINTS!) -1000       -1000     -1000

NOTES: If you shoot a hostage when you have fewer than 1000 points, you lose
all the points you have.  As your anti-terrorist squad proceeds from one
building to the next, the number of points scored for taking out each terrorist
continues to rise.

8. Bonus points!  If you take out the nine hostages holding Bldg 1, you earn
140 bonus points as you move your anti-terrorist squad to Bldg 2.  You earn
additional bonus points each time you clean out another nest of terrorists.

9. Night Raids: When you take out the 15 terrorists holding Bldg 3, the video
screen will go black...because your next operation is a NIGHT raid!  Terrorists
are still moving around and getting ready to fire at you, even though you
can't see them.  But you can trick them into turning on their lights for a few
seconds by firing a missile at the building.  Just hope you don't hit a

10. Two Players:  Action switches to Player 2 after Player 1 is shot once by
a terrorist.  Player 2 controls Task Force action until he/she is shot by a

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ATARI(R) and Video Computer System(TM) are trademarks of ATARI, INC.

FG1003 (C)Froggo Games Corp. Printed in U.S.A.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance