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Tigervision 7-003


A one or two player game for
the Atari Video Computer System
or Sears Tele-Games
using joystick controllers

You are patrolling an unknown sector of the galaxy, armed only with your ship's phaser and your skill as a flyer when suddenly you are fired upon by unidentified alien attackers. Quickly you maneuver to avoid their missiles as you return their fire. You fight them off, six against one, to find they were only the vanguard. Wave after wave of aliens attack, each more threatening than the first.


Use your joystick controllers with this TIGERVISION(tm) game cartridge. For a one player game, use the left joystick only. Hold the joystick with the red button to your upper left.


Make sure the console unit is turned off when removing or plugging in the game cartridge


Turn the console unit on. A '1' will be displayed in the upper right corner of the TV screen. This is the game number. The '1' displayed to the left of the game number is the player number and indicates that this is a one player game. There are 3 game variations. Game one is the most difficult, game two is moderately difficult and game three is the least difficult. Press the game select switch to select game two for one player. Press again to select game three for one player, then game one for two players, game two for two players, etc.


The aliens can fire two types of weapons, regular missiles or guided missiles. The regular missile will fly in a straight line. The guided missile will alter its course in mid flight to home in on the player's ship making for a more formidable attack. the left and right player skill switches select the type of missiles fired by the aliens. Skill A selects regular missiles. Skill B selects guided missiles.


When you are ready to play, press the game reset switch. The score for player one will be displayed at the upper left of the TV screen. Below and right of the score a one will be displayed, indicating that player one is up. The selected game number is also displayed. A bonus gauge is displayed at the lower left. Three player ships are displayed at the lower right.

After a short pause the first wave of aliens will begin their attack. There are different waves of aliens, each wave having six aliens. Your ship will be destroyed if it is hit by an alien missile or an alien ship. The game ends when you have lost three ships.


Use your joystick to maneuver your ship within the lower half of the screen, left, right, up and down. Press the red button on the joystick to fire your phaser weapon. If you Press the red button again before the current phaser shot has hit an alien, or has gone off the top of the screen, your phaser will refire immediately. In this way you can produce a short range, rapid fire barrage.


You score points by destroying the alien ships with your phaser weapon. See the score chart for the number of points awarded for each alien ship in each of the 11 waves of alien attacks. The bonus gauge at the lower left of the TV screen is worth 3200 points at the start of each wave. As the gauge moves, the number of bonus points decreases. When all six aliens in a wave are destroyed the number of points remaining in the bonus gauge is added to the score. The faster you are able to destroy all six aliens in a wave the higher your bonus score will be. An additional bonus of 50 points is awarded after each wave, even if the bonus gauge has reached zero.

When your score reaches 20,000 points you will be awarded an extra ship, up to a maximum of three. When your score reaches 40,000 points, again, you will be awarded an extra ship. In addition, the aliens will use their guided missiles regardless of the setting of the skill switches, making their attack more challenging.


       SCORE CHART                GAME FEATURE CHART

+-------+----------------+    +--------+--------------+
| WAVE  | POINT SCORE OF |    |  GAME  |     GAME     |
|       |   EACH ALIEN   |    | NUMBER |  DIFFICULTY  |
+-------+----------------+    +--------+--------------+
|       |                |    |   1    | MOST         |
|   1   |   50 POINTS    |    |        | DIFFICULT    |
|   2   |   80 POINTS    |    +--------+--------------+
|   3   |  100 POINTS    |    |   2    | MODERATELY   |
|   4   |  130 POINTS    |    |        | DIFFICULT    |
|   5   |  150 POINTS    |    +--------+--------------+
|   6   |  180 POINTS    |    |   3    | LESS         |
|   7   |  200 POINTS    |    |        | DIFFICULT    |
|   8   |  250 POINTS    |    +--------+--------------+
|   9   |  300 POINTS    |
|  10   |  400 POINTS    |
|  11   |  500 POINTS    |
|       |                |


909 Orchard Mundelein, IL. 60060
(C)1982 Tiger Electronic Toys, Inc.

ATARI(R) and Video Computer System(tm) are trademarks of

Tele-Game(tm) and Video Arcade(R) are trademarks of Sears,
Roebuck and Co.

King Kong is trademark of Universal Studios Inc.
(C)1982 Universal City Studios Inc.

Printed in Taiwan

(oops, did someone use the King Kong manual as a template for this manual and forget to take that last trademark notice out??)

Manual typed in by Albert Yarusso, [email protected], 11/12/98