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Thunderground - Sega - Atari 2600    Manual Scan icon HTML Manual   

	For the Atari 2600 and all compatible systems

	T H U N D E R G R O U N D
	official arcade version

	S E G A
	Video Game Cartridge

Tunnel your way upwards.  Closer and closer to the enemy targets, vicious
Vector nuclear bases which you must destroy at all costs.

Suddenly, atomic cannon fire obscures the blackness.  Dreaded "Core Ranger
Tanks" have discovered your presence.  But there's no turning back.

Vaporize them with your atomic laser cannon.  Better yet, trick their blue
"Digger Tanks" into eliminating their own forcefield.  The only thing
standing between you and the enemy bases.  It worked!  Now FIRE!

Thunderground is played with the LEFT JOYSTICK.  Moving the joystick up,
down, right or left will cause your capsule to move in the same direction.
The fire button will cause the capsule to fire its laser cannon in the same
direction the capsule is facing.

Push the Thunderground cartridge into your system, turn on the system, push
the fire button on the joystick or the reset button on your system and go.
No other switches on your system affect this game.


Mission Objective: Destroy all enemy nuclear bases located on the planet
surface.  Bases are protected by two deadly "Core Ranger Tanks" standing
guard beneath the enemy base force field.  You must outmaneuver or eliminate
tanks, strip away the force field with your core capsule, then shoot the
bases with your atomic laser cannon.  Careful planning can force the blue
enemy "Digger Tanks" to strip away the force field for you.
But you must hurry.  You only have a limited amount of time to complete the
mission or you'll lose one of your reserve core capsules.

Battle Plan: You are faced with 12 levels of difficulty with four rounds per
level.  A round ends when all six bases on the surfaces have been
eliminated.  After level 1, the difficulty increases with bases appearing
one at a time.  The last or sixth base in a round is displayed in multiple
Enemy supplies are hidden on the playing field during each round.
Uncovering these supplies with your core capsule will give you bonus points.
Their location is random.  But, careful observation may reveal a secret as
to their position.

Obstacles: There are two types of "Core Ranger Tanks" determined to destroy
you.  White "Sentry Tanks" which can only move in existing tunnels.  And
blue "Digger Tanks" which can dig their own tunnels to pursue you.

Either tank can destroy your core capsule with their atomic cannons or by
ramming into you.  You can eliminate tanks by blasting them with your laser
cannon, but be careful, destruction of both tanks results in the appearance
of a replacement tank that could catch you off guard.

Once a tank is destroyed you can drive through the remaining tank debris.
But neither you nor the remaining tanks can shoot through it.

At the bottom of the playing field a third enemy tank begins moving towards
your remaining capsules as soon as a round begins.  You must destroy all six
enemy bases before this tank reaches and destroys the first capsule in its
path.  You begin with only six capsules, although only three are displayed
at a time.  A bonus capsule is awarded after completion of each level (every
4 rounds).  Your last capsule is displayed as an outline for timer purposes.


1. Don't destroy enemy tanks unnecessarily.  There may be far better ways to
score points.

2. Watch enemy tank movement carefully.  Strategic placement of your core
capsule can lead them away from the bases.  It can also cause enemy blue
tanks to strip away sections of the force field lying in front of the bases.

3. Don't risk yourself in search of enemy supplies in early rounds.  It is
much more important to stay alive in order to score bonus points for the
destruction of bases in higher rounds.

Points are scored by destroying tanks (always 50 points), destroying bases
(see table 1) and by capturing enemy supplies (see table 2.)  And by the
timer (movement of the third enemy tank at bottom of screen).  40 points are
awarded for every "tick" left on the timer when all the bases have been
The two digits at the bottom right of the screen show the round you have
achieved in the game.

Table 1
The Bases Score The Following:
Round	Without		With
		Token		Token
1		50			150
2		50			250
3		150			350
4		250			450
5		50			250
6		150			350
7		250			450
8		350			550
9		150			350
10		250			450
11		350			550
12		450			650
13		250			450
14		350			550
15		450			650
16		550			750
17		550			1550
18		550			2550
19		1550			3550
20		2550			4550
21		550			2550
22		1550			3550
23		2550			4550
24		3550			5550
25		1550			3550
26		2550			4550
27		3550			5550
28		4550			6550
29		2550			4550
30		3550			5550
31		4550			6550
32		5550			7550

Rounds 33 and up score the same as rounds 17-32.

Table 2
The Tokens Score The Following:
Shovel = 1000
Walkie Talkie = 2000
Key = 3000
Flag = 4000			

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance