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Tron Deadly Discs
M Network

Tron Deadly Discs +


(For 1 Player)

The ultimate in futuristic adventure!  Based on the Motion Picture from
Walt Disney Productions.  Move TRON safely through battle against warriors
attacking in waves of three against one.  Lethal saucers are the weapons.
Score points by knocking them out before they get TROM!

For Your Atari* Video Game System

+ TRON DEADLY DISCS is a trademark owned by and used under license from Walt
Disney Productions.

* ATARI is a trademark of ATARI, INC.

Game inspired by TRON, the futuristic adventure Motion Picture from Walt
Disney Productions.



TRON is alone, standing in the center of an arena with walls on all
sides.  Three doors open and three computer-controlled attackers
enter the ring.  The contest is on!  Warriors more around throwing
destroyer discs.  Split-second reflexes keep TRON in motion, dodging
their deadly aim.  Keep him moving...he can only withstand 5 hits
before he is "de-rezzed" (that is, he dies).  Try a fast exit... "teleport"
(in one door and out anohter) and surprise his attackers.  Fire back and
hit as many of them as possible.  Warriors destroyed by TRON's disc are
replaced every 10 seconds, unless you clear the board by getting them
before they get him.  If you succeed in knocking down all of his op-
ponents before the replacements arrive, you advance a scoring level.
This increases the point value of each opponent hit.  As your score
goes higher, warriors become faster, more aggressive, their discs speed
up, and they throw them more often.  It's an action packed game in
which only the swift survive.


Use your joystick controller with this
game to move TORN around the
arena.  Be sure your controller cable
is securely plugged into the back of
the game console.  Hold the con-
troller so the red FIRING BUTTON is
to your UPPER LEFT.


TRON's disk is thrown by depressing the red FIRE BUTTON on the 
Joystick controller.  It travels in one of the eight directions as indicated
by which way the joystick is being held at the time the button is
pushed.  The disc returns to TRON after it travels far enough to reach
one of the walls.  It can also be recalled to TRON at any time while it is
in flight simply by depressing the FIRE BUTTON a second time.

                            * Push joystick LEFT to make TRON
                            run yoward screen LEFT.

                            * Push joystick RIGHT to make TRON
                            run toward screen RIGHT.

                            * Push joystick FORWARD to make
                            TRON run UP.

                            * Push joystick BACK to make TRON
                            run DOWN.

                            * Press red FIRE BUTTON to throw
                            TRON's disc; press a second time to
                            recall disc.


The only console switch used by this game is the LEFT Difficulty Switch,
which can be set to either "A" or "B".  The "A" position is the faster,
more challenging game.  The "B" position starts at a slower, easier level
and gets faster.  Warriors start out farily ineffective and gradually in-
crease their skill depending on the number TRON has knocked down.




There can be a maximum of three opponents on the screen at any one
time. Move TRON directly in line with an attacker and fire away!  Hit as
many warriors as possible, wihtout risking TRON's life in the process.
Dodge those oncoming discs!  TRON weakens and fades in color each
time he is hit (five times maximum).  Whenever you clear the screen of
opponents before replacements arrive, TRON recovers from one
hit and darkens in color (five is still the maximum after recovering).  If
ou hit the last warrior at the same time he hits TRON, TRON does not
recover from the hit.

Keep in mind that TRON's disc is dangerous to opponents only
while it is travelling away from him.  This part of the travel is depicted
by a thin picture of a disc.  It is not harmful on the return path, when
the disc is depicted as a square.  Opponents hit are replaced after a
short delay.  If you succeed in knocking down all of his opponents
before replacements arrive, you advance a scoring level, which in-
creases the point value of each opponent hit.

                Whenever an opponent enters the arena,
                he comes in via an entrance created 
                just for him.  An entrance may be locked 
                open by TRON if he strikes it with his
                disc; this locked open condition is in-
                dicated by a color change.

TELEPORTING:  Often there will be two entrances opposite each other
across the arena which will have been locked open.  Together they
provide a mechanism with which TRON can "teleport" himself across
the screen, disabling enemy shooting for about two seconds.  Simply
direct TRON into one of the par of entrances.  The entrance from
which he is "teleported" is then closed.



Your schore is displayed at the top of the screen at all times.  Every
screenful of attackers is worth more than the preceding group.  At the
lowest scoring value, you score twn points each time an enemy is 
hit.  This value gradually increases each time you advance a scoring
level, which is indicated by the color of the opponents


   LIGHT GREEN       DARK GREEN         BLUE            WHITE

        10               20              40              75
      POINTS           POINTS          POINTS          POINTS


      YELLOW            BLACK           RED              GOLD 

        150              300            500              800
      POINTS           POINTS          POINTS          POINTS



* Keep TRON on the run!  A moment's hesistationmay cost him his life!
Dodge oncomng discs while trying to hit as many warriors as posible.

* Be careufl in the conrers.  It's easy to get trapped there!

* Lock as many doors open as you can.  "Teleport" to escape being hit
or to surprise your attackers.

* When "teleporting" TRON, think ahead and watch out!  Don't run
smack into a warrior or group of warriors on the other side.  That
could prove deadly!

-------------------Atari 2600 Instructions Archive-------------------

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance