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Video Jogger
Video Jogger

By Exus 

When you are ready to start exercising, step on the Foot Craz Activity Pad GREEN dot. It starts the pace
symbols moving around each track.

There are two tracks displayed on the screen. To start moving the jogger figure, jog alternately on the 
ORANGE and BLUE dots on the Foot Craz Activity Pad. The faster you jog, the fast the jogger figure moves 
around the track. Lap count, time and score are displayed on the bottom of the screen. Once around the 
track is equal to approximately thirty-five yards.

To add variety and greater challenge to JOGGER, you may at any time, switch the jogger figure to the lower, 
faster track by stepping on the RED dot of the Foot Craz Activity Pad, and back again to the upper, slower 
track by stepping on the YELLOW dot.

JOGGER is more effective at the slower pace. The length of time jogging is more beneficial to your 
fitness than moving at sprint speed.

Track laps are counted, giving JOGGER a competitive feature for increased family pleasure. After 2,000 
points are accumulated, the pace symbol speed increases and challenges you to jog faster.

Five minutes into your run, a second pace symbol appears on each track, making JOGGER even more spirited 
among participants.

Bonus points may be earned by passing the pace symbol when it is GREEN. If you pass when it is RED, you 
loose a "life." JOGGER gives you three "lives" before the sequence needs to be repeated.

There are four levels of difficulty. The chart below shows the mile rate for each level on each track:

		Level		Track #1		Track #2
		1		13 1/2 minutes		11 1/2 minutes
		2		11 1/2 minutes		9 1/2 minutes
		3		9 1/2 minutes		7 1/2 minutes
		4		7 1/2 minutes		6 minutes

When you exercise on JOGGER, it is beneficial to remember that you are running in place. Maintain an erect 
posture and you will get more out of your workout. Make certain that you jog on the BLUE and ORANGE dots.

JOGGER is an excellent trainer for those who want to begin a jogging program, or trim off pounds.

This document obtained from the History of Home Video Games Homepage, �1997-1998 by Greg Chance