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Notes From A Nightmare....Megamania

Copyright 1983 Activision, Inc. FZ-003-03

  • Wave after wave of the most unlikely obijects invade your celestial dreams. For you, sleep becomes a space nightmare. Outrageous enemies drop bombs and collide with your mobile blasters. One hit and your blaster disintegrates. Shoot as many of the violators as you can before your fleet is destroyed, and return to restful dreams.


    1. Insert cartridges into your Atari 5200 console with power OFF. Then, turn power ON.

    2. Plug in controller(s). Solo player uses left control. Uses no overlay.

    3. To select 1 or 2 players, press the (#) key.
    * Player 1's mobile blaster and score are blue.
    * Player 2's mobile blaster and score are green.

    4. To choose straight or guided missiles, press the (*) key.
    (Both players must use the same type of missiles.)

    5. Begin a new game at any time by pressing the START key.

    6. Pause the action whenever you like by pressing the pause key on your controller. To resume the game, press the pause key or either lower red button on the controller.

    7. Turn power OFF before removing MegaMania cartridge.


  • Your mobile blaster glides to the left and right when you move the controller left and right. To fire its missiles, press the lower red button. Hold the red button down for continuous fire. Each blaster is equpied with an unlimited number of missiles. Blast away!

    Energy bar and Alarm. Your blasters use up a constant rate of energy no matter how much you move them or fire their missiles. Even so, always keep a keen eye on the energy bar. If all the energy is exhausted before you destroy an attacking wave, your blaster disintegrates. Fortunately, an alarm alerts you when your energy is low and you haven't much time.

    Reinforcements. You begin each game with three blasters in reserve. For every 10,000 points you score, you are awarded one additional blaster up to a maximum of six on-screen at any one time.


    MegaCycle. There are eight waves of different enemy obijects that infiltrate your dreams. When you have destroyed all the objects in all eight waves, the nightmare not only continues, it gets worse! Enemy waves repeat their sleep assault at a quicker pace, and their patterns of motion are more sophisticated.

    MegaSphere. All the enemy objects travel in an orbital path. When an object disappears off the bottom of the screen, it reappears at the top. If it leaves your field of vision on one side, it returns to haunt you on the other side.

    MegaPoints. Every time you destroy an enemy object, you score points. Each object within an enemy wave has the same point value.

    Scoring System

    Enemy Object                  Point Value
    Deluxe Hamburgers                 20
    Ice Cream Sandwiches              30
    Refrigerator Magnets              40
    Radial Tires                      50
    Diamond Rings                     60
    Steaming Irons                    70
    Party Bow Ties                    80
    Dreaded Space Dice                90
  • These point values apply to the first MegaCycle only. After that, each object in all successful waves is worth 90 points. At the end of each game, the highest score registers on-screen in black.

    MegaBonus. You receive bonus points for every "unit" of energy remaining on the Energy Bar at the moment you destroy the last object in any enemy wave. So, the faster you destroy a wave, the more MegaBonus points you'll earn. And you'll need all you can get.


  • If you reach a score of 45,000 points or more, then we know that you weren't day-dreaming out there. You defeated some of the craziest space flotsam and jetsam to interrupt anyone's sleep. And that means you're eligible to become an official MegaManiac. Just send us a photo of your mega-mastery (TV Screen), along with your name and address, and we'll send you an outrageous MegaManiac emblem. Be sure to write "Megamania 5200" on the bottom left corner of the envelope.


    Tips from Glyn Anderson and Steve Cartwright.

  • Glyn Anderson enjoys playing wind and string instruments, with his speciality being keyboards. Steve Cartwright is an enthusiast of motorcycle touring and photography.

  • "Megamania is no slumber party. Here are some tips we use to battle the madness and ensure a good night's sleep.

  • First off, keep your mobile blaster in the center of the screen as much as possible. This will enable you to more effectively guide your blaster when you need to. Plus, it minimizes your chances of getting caught in a corner.

  • Also, don't try to `catch-up' with any enemy objects that have flown past your blaster. Your blaster is quick, but the enemy objects are just a bit faster.

  • Finally, don't let the steam from the Steaming Irons touch your blaster, or you'll get burned. And when you are battling the steam irons, be sure to knock out at least one iron from each of the three columns before they descend to the bottom of the screen. If you don't, you'll suffer the consequences.

  • When you are wide awake, and you feel that you're safe, drop us a line. We'd love to find out which enemy wave gave you the most trouble, and if your dreams have returned to normal".

    Steve Cartwright
    Glyn Anderson

    Activision Video Game Cartridge Limited One-Year Warranty

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    Atari and Atari 5200 are trademarks of Atari, INC.

    (C) 1982, 1983 Activision, Inc. FZ-003-03. Printed in U.S.A.


    Typed by Dan Reinholtz

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters