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Wizard of Wor - CBS Electronics - Atari 5200     HTML Manual   



  • Welcome to the mystical kingdom of Wor! You have been placed in command of an elite squadron of Worriors assigned to the task of outwitting the sinister Wizard of Wor! As you descend further and further into his diabolical dungeons, you will encounter deadly Worlings and maybe even the Wizard himself! Your only weapons are your trusty laser, your radar sanner and your agility and cunning. You will need them all as you attempt to beat the Wizard on his own turf and earn the title of Worlord Supreme! Prepare now, and let the battle begin!


  • The object of WIZARD OF WOR is to accumulate points by destroying the Worlings you encounter as you pass through numerous dungeon mazes. Bonus points are allotted for successfully battling the Worluck and the Wizard himself. In the two-player version you can work with or compete against another Worrior commander.


  • You begin each game with a squadron of three Worriors but can opt to start with five or seven by pressing the keypad square marked Worriors. Only one worrior may enter and move about a dungeon at a time. Push up on the joystick and a Worrior will enter the dungeon from the vestibule below.

  • Use the joystick to maneuver the Worrior through the dungeon maze. To fire the laser, press one of the two bottom trigger buttons on the sides of your controller. A laser will fire only in the direction that your Worrior is facing. You have an unlimited supply of ammunition. However, after a Worrior fires a shot, he cannot reshoot until that bullet makes contact with either a Worling of a wall.

  • You will be awarded one extra Worrior should you be expert enough to reach the fourth dungeon, called the Arena. You will be awarded another one the first time you make it to the Pit. (Dungeon 13)


  • Each dungeon is filled with different kinds of Worlings, those whose one purpose in this life is to destroy your Worrior. They will try to shoot him down or devour him. As each dungeon is cleared, a new, more complex dungeon takes its place, filled with faster, nastier and craftier Worlings. The species of Worlings are:


  • Six of these blue meanies appear at the beginning of each dungeon.


  • These yellow beasties are invisible, but will materialize for a few seconds from time to time.


  • These red devils are particularly nasty. They're not only invisible most of the time, but they're extra fast & tricky.


  • Starting iin the second dungeon, Worluk - The Wizard's winged beast - appears after the last Worling is shot. Worluk will try to devour you before he escapes from the dungeon. Shooting Worluk doubles the point values for all Worlings shot in the next dungeon.


  • After Worluk escapes or is shot, the Wizard himself may engage you in battle. This is a fight to the finish, with the Wizard teleporting from one position to another, hurling lightning bolts in your direction. Hitting the Wizard also doubles the point values for all Worlings shot in the next dungeon. If you're sharp enough to beat the Wizard, consider yourself a Dungeon Master!


    The Arena - The fourth, most difficult of the basic dungeons with an open area in the midle of the maze. Worlord Dungeons - Dungeon 8 and up are still more challenging mazes in which your Worrior, now called a Worlord, is more likely to encounter the angered Wizard.

    The Pit - The thirteenth dungeon, and the most awesome. It is an entirely open field of battle with no place to hide. If you're able to clear this one without losing a Worrior, you earn the title of Worlord Supreme! Every sixth dungeon from this one on will take the form of the pit.


    Radar Scanner - The Radar Scanner located below each dungeon depicts the location and movement of all beings in that dungeon except for your Worrior. This holds true for both visible and invisible Worlings, as well as Worluk and the Wizard. The Radar scanner is invaluable in keeping track of fast moving Worlings.

    Escape Doors - Escape doors are located on opposite sides of each dungeon. Simply stepping into one when an arrow appears in it will automatically beam your Worrior to the other side. The doors open and close at random intervals. Be careful, though. Worlings have a habit of using them too, especially when they're invisble.

    Worrior Countdown - Pick a safe moment and put your Worrior into play as soon as possible. Otherwise, after 10 seconds, as indicated by the Worrior Countdown, he'll be ejected into the dungeon which may leave him in a bad position.


  • The game ends when your last Worrior succumbs to the supreme power of the Wizard's forces and is destroyed.


  • Two players may travel through each dungeon at the same time. Both controllers are used in this version. The right one controls the Yellow Worriors and the left on controls the Blue Worriors. Players may work together to destroy Worlings or they may fight against each other. Each Worrior destroyed by an opposing Worrior is worth 1,000 points to the survivor.


    BURWORS          100 points
    GARWORS          200 points
    THORWORS         500 points
    WORLUK          1000 points plus double score 
                         in next dungeon
    WIZARD OF WOR   2500 points plus double score 
                         in next dungeon
    WORRIORS        1000 points (Two-player version)

    1 - In the early dungeons, Worlings will remain slow for a longer period of time than in later dungeons. Therefore, it is to your advantage to get your Worrior into the dungeons as fast as possible and blast away Worling after Worling before they speed up.

    2 - Learn to use your radar scanner and rely on it to locate invisible Worlings and track their movements.

    3 - Don't shoot without having a plan to hit something. Otherwise, you may not be able to shoot when you have to.


    Typed by Todd DuBrey

    for Atari Gaming Headquarters

    Used with permission from Atari Gaming Headquarters